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Giving Away Stuff You Never Opened

Saturday, December 14th, 2013 by

I heard some funny conversations today in regards to items that people buy where they have yet to even open the box. This ranged from $200+ vacuum cleaners various clothing items. For the most part these sounded like purchases that were a result of product demonstrations that they saw which made the product look very good. Someone then mentioned since it was Christmas time maybe they should just give it to someone as a present.

That’s not too bad of an idea if you are one of those people with perfectly good items that you bought prematurely where they are still in its original box. Or maybe you bought it thinking that you would need it but it didn’t end up that way. For example, I remember one time I was getting ready to buy everything needed to hook up a new Internet service at a new place. Therefore, I did my research and bought things like a good wireless router. However, I ended up not needing it as the company was apparently now simply giving customers an updated router for free as long as you are subscribed with them.

Like in that example, as a result I had the item still sitting in the box. A few months later I knew someone who needed one and that it would make a good gift for them. As a result, I gave it as a gift. People usually say you should always just sell items like these, but thinking on who you can give them to as gifts can be just as good of an idea to help you save time and money. Either way, it’s better than simply doing nothing with it.

Buying More Gifts Than Intended

Saturday, December 7th, 2013 by

I had a friend tell me today how he has finished his Christmas shopping awhile ago. However, whenever he goes to the mall now he seems to always see something that would be a great gift as well and so he goes ahead and buys it. As a result, he is spending more money on gifts than intended. Kind of an ironic situation to happen as you would expect doing things like this earlier would help you save money.

Funny enough, I think when it comes to giving people gifts you shouldn’t think that the only time you can give people one are during special occasions. Example, if I see an item that I think a particular person would love I don’t see why I would need to necessarily wait for say a birthday to get them the item. If anything, I would treat that expense similar to people who say spend a lot of money on their morning coffee.

Would make it easier to budget too as opposed to spending so much extra money for a single month because of the mentality that all gifts can only be given during special occasions.

Gift Shopping During Sales Events Too

Sunday, October 27th, 2013 by

This was kind of a surprising remark to me. Basically, as we all know there are going to be some big sales events coming up. Most noticeably, for US residents it’s going to be Black Friday sales. I was talking to one person who was definitely excited about it and he pretty much has a general idea what he wants and which stores he is eyeing. I then asked if he was going to buy anything for gifts too as he will probably save a lot by doing it at the same time as opposed to waiting during the Christmas time. I basically got a funny look and a response where these sales events are more for yourself and you have no time to hunt down deals for others.

That doesn’t really make sense to me but I guess that’s how lot of people see it. I know for myself I usually plan and compare a lot when I am expecting big sales events. Recently I have doing most of my shopping online and so it’s more about having the faster Internet connection and knowing exactly which places to go. But with all that research to me it only makes sense to try and find deals on the gifts that you intend to buy people too.

It usually helps too where I want to get people certain item but many times the cost is simply out of budget to warrant the purchase. This way I can usually get the item for cheaper and get them exactly what I wanted. If you are just worried that looking for other stuff will result in you missing your deal that you really wanted then simply prioritizing which place to go first is probably better than outright ignoring the potential sale that can save you a lot of money.

I know for myself I usually get people a lot of electronics or high tech stuff for gifts and so it’s silly not to try and find all the stuff on these kinds of big sales dates at the same time.

Rather Buy A Restaurant Meal or A Lasting Gift

Friday, June 7th, 2013 by

It’s father’s day coming up and there was a funny conversation about what one would get for their dad. The interesting topic was how one person was interested in taking their dad out for dinner because budget wise they couldn’t spend that much money. At the same time, there was a piece of kitchen equipment that the dad apparently wanted which would cost about $20. So it was asked would that be a better choice if it is something that they wanted and it is probably less expensive than going to a restaurant?

Interestingly enough the person didn’t really have a response to that except this way at least the person knows that it wasn’t cheap per se. Kind of an interesting thing to quarrel over as to me I would think in this case the gift would be better unless we are talking about a crazy event like a graduation. Although, I guess a lot of people generally perceive going out to like a restaurant as more valuable financially. Why that is the case I am not exactly sure. Just one of those physiological things I guess where we pretty much convince ourselves that we need to spend more.

Companies Recommend The Most Profitable Items As Gifts

Sunday, May 12th, 2013 by

So today is Mother’s Day and like most people I spent the day with my mom. Funny enough, one of the thing she wanted to see was that new Target store where since there wasn’t a local store at the moment so we had to drive a little to a mall that did have one. Every mom must have a similar way of thinking as the place was packed with what seemed to be kids taking their mom to go shopping for the day.

What was interesting to me was that in some stores there were these signs on the shelves saying “This is a perfect gift for moms” where at first there didn’t seem to be any real theme to it. For example, at first you would see one on the shelf that sells candy and then the next one would be in the area that sells light-blubs. It wasn’t until I went to the computer section when it dawned on me.

Basically, I saw the same signage in the section that sold computer routers and of course my first reaction was “I’m sure every mother in the world wants a router for Mother’s day.” Having more knowledge in this space I was able to see that the product had a crazy markup on it. Hence, the company makes more money and so it would make sense that they are trying to convince people to buy it.

I guess that goes to show that if you are one of those people who are desperately looking for a gift the last minute and are solely relying on the store to give you knowledge on what’s best prepare to pay more than you should in a lot of cases. Always pays to do your own research as oppose to relying on like the salesmen.