Happy Christmas 2020
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Happy Christmas 2020

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Merry Christmas everyone. This year looks a lot different compared to previous years I guess you could say. With the limitation of gatherings more people are opting to stay home. That doesn’t mean there weren’t some more traditional events such as people lighting up their houses with a lot of Christmas lights.

Funny enough, during this time where more people should be experiencing tighter financial situations I found myself spending more money on gifts for people like my niece and nephew. For example, I know that my nephew wants to create music when he grows up and he didn’t have a high quality recording device for his piano. So for his present I actually got him a fairly decent portable recorder that has everything such a XLR inputs which should be exactly what he needs for now and in the future.

It makes me wonder if a teenager would appreciate it huh? But he did seem excited and told me today he even read the manual as a sign of eagerness to learn to use it. It just felt like the right thing to do in an effort to hopefully give the youth what they need to achieve their dreams when families today need to focus on putting food on the table.

Happy holidays everyone.

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