Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford
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Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford

I was just passed this video that seems like an old comedy skit from the Saturday Night Live show. It basically revolves around these two characters who are in constant credit card debt and having a hard time grasping the concept on how you shouldn`t buy things if you don`t have enough money to do so. It is definitely over the top and I thought it was humorous. Here it is for those who haven`t seen it before:


  • Jasen 10/9/2007

    Not so much ‘over the top’, as true.

    Don’t have money, don’t buy stuff.

  • Daniel 10/9/2007

    so how can I order for this book? 😛

  • Alex 10/9/2007

    Ok first, very very funny.
    second, this isn’t all that old, it was on just a few months ago, Steve Martin was hosting, he wasn’t a cast member when they did this.
    third, I agree with Jason, it’s not really over the top, the only reason it’s funny is because it’s such a stupidly simple concept that the majority of America can’t figure out.

  • Alan Yu 10/9/2007

    I definitely agree that the message itself is normal. Just to clarify, I thought it was over the top in terms of how a person just doesn’t “get it” after all that.

  • Nick Borcherding 3/19/2008

    what is the link to this video. i want to blow it up on the screen and can’t figure it out.

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