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About Alan Yu

If you stumbled upon this page I guess that means you want to know a little more about me and what AL6400 Blog is all about!

I’m Alan Yu and I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC Canada. I would say for the most part I grew up like any other child would. However, one topic that seemed to always surround my childhood was the issue of money. I would constantly hear my parents talking about the subject where they would often get stressed over it which made me more aware on how much our finances affect our lives.

I became so aware of the topic that even as a child, before I was able to go to school, whenever my mom asked me if I wanted say some kind of snack or treat from a store I would respond by saying things such as “No mamma, save your money.” As a result, I have continued with the habit of always keeping up to date with my finances to stay debt free and this naturally nurtured me into a person who always tries to help others whenever possible.

Being good at managing money naturally molded me to think differently as I found you often have to resist urges that other people won’t while doing what you think is best for the long-term. Because of this I have often found myself getting involved in activities where stereotypically a person like myself should not be successful at. These success have encouraged me to be more entrepreneurial in life as well.

Like many people too, as I grew up this meant venturing into the real world. Being that kid that still wanted to help as much people as possible I realized through hardship as well that when it comes to money there are so many people that will work hard to take it away from you as well. It could be encountering a salesman that just wants your money or who you think is a lifelong friend that ends up trying to scam you. This always made me think too on how you can learn something new everyday from practical life experiences that sometimes a classroom does not teach you.

My Goal For This Blog

Helping others has always been a core value for me. One issue that I constantly hear that others have troubles with was with one’s personal finances. Back in 2000 I created my very own Internet presence with the domain name AL6400.com with the intent to list some basic resources to help educate people about the Internet. With blogs slowly becoming a new way for people to communicate their thoughts to a worldwide audience on a personal level, I thought that by sharing my personal financial strategies and experiences in life others may be able to benefit from it as well. As a result, AL6400 blog was born.

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On top of this, being entrepreneurial in life can be a challenge. Especially when you don’t have anyone to turn to for advice. Because of this, I decided to write about business topics as well based on my personal experiences and from what I have learned from others. From its simple beginnings the blog generated a small readership and has since then seen a tremendous amount of visitors. Whether it’s talking about financial management techniques, investigating money making opportunities or exposing scams I will blog about it and hope that my readers and visitors will participate in helping to educate others as well.

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Contacting Alan

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