Sun, 27 Jan 2008 16:27:58 -0700 (MST) Received: by (PowerMTA(TM) v3.2r23) id hjk9sg0g7asi ; Sun, 27 Jan 2008 15:29:07 -0800 Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 15:29:07 -0800 From: Princeton Premier Subject: Alan Yu's Selection Into Princeton Premier Alan Yu, It is my pleasure to inform you that you are being considered for inclusion into the 2008-2009 Princeton Premier Business Leaders and Professionals "Honors Edition" section of the Registry. The 2008-2009 edition of the Registry will…" />
Princeton Premier
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Princeton Premier

“What in the world is this?” I thought to myself when I got this e-mail recently. It just sounded so fishy right from the start. Apparently it is a directory type of service that implies that you have been selected for possible inclusion in some prestigious directory. Here is a copy of the e-mail:

Received: from ([])
by l-daemon (Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.2-7.05 (built Sep 5 2006))
with ESMTP id <0JVB007LBT6G3X50@l-daemon> Sun,
27 Jan 2008 16:27:58 -0700 (MST)
Received: by (PowerMTA(TM) v3.2r23)
id hjk9sg0g7asi ; Sun, 27 Jan 2008 15:29:07 -0800
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 15:29:07 -0800
From: Princeton Premier
Subject: Alan Yu’s Selection Into Princeton Premier

Alan Yu,

It is my pleasure to inform you that you are being considered for inclusion into the 2008-2009 Princeton Premier Business Leaders and Professionals “Honors Edition” section of the Registry.

The 2008-2009 edition of the Registry will include biographies of the world’s most accomplished individuals. Recognition of this kind is an honor shared by thousands of executives and professionals throughout the world each year. Inclusion is considered by many as the single highest mark of achievement.

Upon final confirmation, you will be listed among thousands of accomplished individuals in the Princeton Premier Registry.

For accuracy and publication deadlines, please complete your application form and return it to us within five business days.

You may access the application form using the following link:

On behalf of the Managing Director, we wish you continued success.


Jason Harris

Managing Director
Princeton Premier

23-35a Steinway Street
Astoria, NY 11105 United States

If you do not wish to receive future e-mail
from Princeton Premier, please use the link below.

For one thing, I was thinking to myself that if you were nominated for some kind of award shouldn’t the organization already have basic information about you? Kind of silly for you to have to fill out a form and provide information in that sense. It would kind of be like wanting to award someone for a lifetime achievement award and then asking the recipient on what it is exactly that they do.

Just from putting all the pieces together, my guess is that once you fill out the form you are then contacted by a person who tries to sell you say a premium membership fee of some sort to have yourself listed in it. I think I’ll pass and keep my wallet closed.


  • Derek Lane 1/29/2008

    Hi Alan

    I also received this offer and googled it to find your posting. Since when does an American organization have an MD this is a British title.

    President or VP but not MD.

    Sounds like a phishing scam to me.

    Derek Lane – WAGO Ltd

  • Jeff Doucette 1/30/2008

    I also received this email. It’s spam to promote new members to their site.

  • Rose DesRochers 1/30/2008

    Hi Alan

    I too received this offer and felt it was spam right off the bat. I Googled it and what do you know here is your posting. I wonder how many unsuspecting victims will sign up?

  • Kevin Bush 1/30/2008

    I also received this today, and then looked up the e-mail address that it came from. Here are the results of that search…

  • Liam S. 1/31/2008

    I too am one of those very special people, about to be inducted into the “Honors” society of the “Princeton Premiere.”

    How wonderful! All they need is all my personal information. What do you think? Should I give it to them?


  • Noel S. 2/2/2008

    Well here we all our together. Now we can set up a competing directory. I too googled and came here after receiving the request.

  • Michelle S 2/4/2008

    Seems we are all sceptics at heart and rightly so. I’m another who googled it after receiving the request and came here

  • Matthew S. 2/4/2008

    Ditto folks. Thanks for posting this originally.

  • Todd 2/4/2008

    You guys all missed the awards ceremony last night. it was great! Sean Young was there drinking and heckling. Britney couldn’t make it but sent her kids unchaperoned. I applied numerous times via the spam but somehow didn’t pay any membership fees so i was automatally disqualified.

    OK. I got the letter, too. Thanks for the info. Now off to get that Macy’s $100 gift certificate.

  • Wendy K 2/4/2008

    It’s always nice to know you’re not alone in the world. Seems Princeton Premier has been very busy with bogus emails lately! Thanks, everyone, for posting as it helped me avoid making an idiotic move.

  • Kenny G 2/5/2008

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this post! I also google them while I was on the phone with one of their reps. I was impressed and honored until he said $789.99!!! What??? Why would I pay to be listed and honored??? I thought the purpose you were honoring me, was that I was smart??? Duhhhh? Heck no you can’t have any money!

  • Bruce 2/5/2008

    I got the e-mail from them online then one of their account managers named Richard Wellington called me to congratulate me for being selected. He then proceeded to interview me and said that I would be an excellent candidate. He then asked for $789.00 for the life time membership! I asked why I should be paying for something that I had been selected for and said that I would investigate the company. Thanks for the confirmation. Don’t touch this one. I also alerted the BBB about this company.

  • justine 2/6/2008

    Where are you all from>… I am down here in Australia.
    Yes I am a pretty good sales consultant but hey lets not get too excited about that occupation…
    Selected for an award…in real estate maybe but thats about it. I am definately hanging onto my $$$ for my holiday in New York… Jimmy Choos await!

  • Sandy 2/6/2008

    After receiving their congratulatory email, I went straight to Google News. All of their press releases appear on which is a media service for PAID press releases, I believe at a cost of $400 each.

  • Jen 2/6/2008

    I am honored to have been selected by Princeton Premier as well! I am so proud to be among my colleagues and accomplished business people right here in this blog! Thank you for this opportunity. I have been hoping that after years of struggling as a middle manager and small business owner that I would be recognized! I just cannot afford the recognition.

    Thank you to all on this page who have unveiled the mystery of this email. I am like others – I Googled the company and found you! Thank you so much!

  • Heather 2/6/2008

    Wow – what great company I’m in! They like me – they really like me!

    Glad google turned up this blog, although I’m very sad that I missed the awards ceremony….

  • David 2/6/2008

    Wow! What an honor to be able to buy my way into the Princeton Premier. Thank all of you for the info in this blog. I, too, will hang on to my money and delete their email. Would have like to attend the awards ceremony though…

  • Jim S 2/6/2008

    Thanks, all, for the useful information. I’m going to forward this link and the original “spam of honor” to Scams like this deserve to be outed.

  • Liah 2/6/2008

    I knew it was a hoax straight up, because I have NEVER done anything noteworthy, or even mildly impressive. It would be great to get a copy of the 2008 – 2009 Princeton Premier Business Leaders and Professional registry, and see who thought they were among the worlds most accomplished individuals only to find they are the worlds biggest losers.

  • ajuinjesus 2/7/2008

    Ok, me from India, name Aju John…the chances of fame, finally knocking in my door, to be busted again…!!! :(( :(( this makes me real angry, how come the things that sound nice, turn out to be false…always…? (anyone else had had the experiance…?)

    Regards & God Bless…!
    P.S: get saved or get ready to be roasted…(i am one of those Christian fanatics, from India to top it!)

  • Nicola A 2/7/2008

    I was contacted as well and was interviewed by this very nice lady Elizabeth Jones who did not stop complimenting me for all my achievements…until she asked me to choose between gold and platinum membership!!! 589 USD or 789 USD + 199 USD for the CD-ROM. When I said I was not ready to pay she became quite aggressive…oh well. I wish I had googled before!

  • Jeff D 2/8/2008

    Yes, well being the high level business professional that I am, Donald T. and I shared a limo to the induction ceremony. Quite nice actually. All the heavy business hitters were there including Malcome Forbes’ ghost!
    Ditto for all of the above, I Goggled and landed here – thanks to all you sharp people out there for smelling out the BS!!

  • Andy T. 2/8/2008

    You people are lying. Everyone knows our awards ceremony was cancelled because of the writers’ strike.

    By the way, I will list all of you in the new directory I am about to create, with double-platinum membership, for only $450!

  • T. Willy 2/8/2008

    I feel so stupid, I actually thought that I had gotten to that point of my carreer that someone was interested in recognizing me. Oh well there goes that! I guess I should have googled this before I gave up my information and told all my friends and family! Now what to I say!!!!:o)

  • rwmcbean 2/8/2008

    I got the email also in my yahoo account. I was pretty sure it was some kind of cheap marketing trick.

    My question is, give the way blogs like this one for example, uncover skeezy things fairly quickly, why people think this is even remotely effective as a marketing ploy.

    I guess they just don’t have any brains or ethics.

  • Glen 2/8/2008

    I just recieved the same email, hit the search engine and here I am.

    I feel like the prom date that gets all dressed up and nobody shows up.

    Oh well, I will go have a couple drinks and meet a stranger to fill my social needs…

    Thanks for the heads up everyone! First rounds on me.

  • rwmcbean 2/8/2008

    I would never pay for a directory that allowed someone like me to be listed.

  • Judy 2/9/2008

    Another lucky nominee from Australia. Also a sceptic who is happy to have googled Princeton Premier before replying to that flattering email. Now for the delete button …

  • Sheila 2/9/2008

    Blimey they want me to pay to be listed in their publication for something which I’ve accomplished – I hope it was something worthwhile, I’d hate to waste my money. Looks like they are trying everywhere, I’m in England.

  • brian 2/10/2008

    Priceless…. The scary thing is that there are probably many people not as ‘enlightened’ as all of us “accomplished individuals.”

  • bee bumble 2/10/2008

    I am not worthy of this great honour. I will invest the $789 wisely, perhaps in an American war

  • Kylie 2/10/2008

    yep – just been hit. Talk about ‘ham’ in your spam.
    I’m in Oz too.

  • Jason Harris - Princeton Premier (Parody) 2/10/2008

    I am shocked and appalled that all of these commenters think that our fine company would spam them. These are valid offers people! It’s a chance in a lifetime!

    And you consider it spam… insulting really.

    Speaking of insults, are you tired of your friends giving you a hard time about your accent? Sign up now for our Talk Like a Native program and receive 50% the initial signup fee of $213,137!!!

    I KNOW! I could hardly believe that deal myself! I’m originally from Hell, but have dropped my fang-induced lisp and am a New Yorker through and through. No more mistaking ME for Satan!

    Also see our other offers for ‘Vi@gra’ and great opportunities in the St0ck Market!

  • ImaGenius 2/11/2008

    They used to do something like this when I was in High School. It was something like “Who’s who list”
    ('s_Who_Among_American_High_School_Students) They add your name to a “prestigious” list and then charge you a ridiculous amount to buy the book with your name in it. Then again, I have had a similar experience with my High School Alumni directory.

  • Erica Bell 2/11/2008

    Yes, I am pleased to report I have been nominated for a ‘Princeton Premier’ award. I have respectfully declined, on account of my pet pig being more worthy.

  • dave2008 2/12/2008

    Just in case you wanted to know about the next step.

    Straight from their email

    Congratulations and Welcome to The Princeton Premier. We will process your biography and send out your Welcome Package based on the membership package you select today. Our current membership fees are as follows:

    Platinum Lifetime Membership – $789
    Gold 5 Year Membership – $589
    Associates 3 Year Membership – $389
    Executive (non-profit) 2 Year Membership – $189
    Introductory (non-profit) 1 Year Trial Membership – $99

    Please add $19.95 DHL Shipping and Handling to each membership. For our Platinum, Gold, and Associate members; your two roundtrip complimentary airline tickets will be included within your welcome package. Your Welcome Package will consist of your Congratulatory Letter, your biographical sketch (for your editorial review), your press release for the media, as well as your username and password which will give you full access and privileges to our networking website.

    Please be sure to visit our website. You can view some of our editor’s work by clicking on the press releases tab on our homepage. This will also allow you to see the caliber of person included in our publication. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have.

  • Digressor 2/12/2008

    I use their business directory to prospect for business. They have programs where you can try their service for free. It’s a pretty useful tool for small and midsize companies. They have some very talented writers and editors who construct and publish professional biographies for you that detail your career and help you promote yourself and your business. That is where the cost is. You can get some good exposure through them if you need it. It really depends on who you are and what you do. They have some rather prestigous individuals and major companies as their corporate affiliates in almost every industry. Are we talking about the same Princeton Premier here?

  • Amy 2/12/2008

    I actually received this exact email and submitted the application just to see what would come up. The app is really short, so I thought, why not? Then I just now received a phone call and did this interview, where I was asked questions about my current job, where I graduated from, and where I see myself in 5 years, etc., etc., etc. Then, after all that, I get asked if I would like to become a “Platinum” or “Gold” member. I was interested to see what this was all about, so I asked what the differences between the two are. For Platinum you have to pay around $789 or so, and for gold, it’s around $589. I told the person on the phone that I am not interested in paying for something that I do not know much about. She then went on to try and sell it again, talking about the benefits I would receive and such.

    But, my real question was, and still is, what about the history of the Princeton Premier program? How do they decide who to nominate, and what connections does this program really have? I initially thought from the name alone that this might be connected to the Princeton Review, but it is not from what I can tell. I still do not know how or when it started, or what real life networking connections this program truly offers to its members. Therefore, I declined membership, and the person on the phone asked if I wanted a one year subscription that would go for the rate of $100. I declined once again, all the while realizing that this program uses the upside-down business pyramid effect- where they start at the top and try to sell you the most expensive package, and then they work their way down from there to lesser packages in trying to sell you something- anything if it gets down to it. Basically, they just want your money right there on the spot.

    You are not allowed to take time to decide- you have to say yes or no right there, which is not a good way of doing prestigious business in my eyes, so I declined altogether. I have researched the Princeton Premier and have not seen anything of true interest to me. I believe that this is just a way of making easy money from unsuspecting people. I am in other honor organizations that actually deliver, have well known success and have good reputations. It is my recommendation to stay away from anything that makes you spend a ridiculous amount of money on something so vague and not so well known. Maybe one day, in the future, the Princeton Premier will become something more useful though. They said they’re internationally known, but nobody I know has heard of them. Just by reading everyone’s responses here, I see that I was right all along.

  • Amy 2/12/2008

    Oh, and I too am very sorry I missed the prestigious ceremony we all have been invited to. It sounds like I missed some really life changing, earth shattering things. I’m not sorry that I didn’t waste my money though.

  • One born every minute 2/13/2008

    Dear Amy,

    In response to your question – “But, my real question was, and still is, what about the history of the Princeton Premier program? How do they decide who to nominate, and what connections does this program really have?” – There is no history; it’s a sales scam. They decide who to nominate by the order in which your e-mail address shows up in thir files. I am a nobody form a small town in Canada – believe me when I say (and I hate to burst your and Digressor’s bubble) but, they don’t know or care who you are. They are hoping that you are naive enough and ego-centric enough to bite. End of story.

  • Christina 2/13/2008

    Wow, thank you all. I got the mail this morning, and instantly that liitle radar went up..wait a minute. So I too googled Princeton Premier Awards. I thought I’m good at my job, but how is this connected. Some scam, eh!

  • Carol 2/13/2008

    I too got an email from Princeton. I am all the way in England. I am glad I googled them, even though I did submit my details. I certainly will not be parting with my money. Many thanks bloggers.


  • Tina 2/13/2008

    Thank you all. I just got my “Special” invite and was immediately suspicious. If it sounds to good to be true, it generally is.

    Keep your eyes open.

  • Valentine 2/14/2008

    What a great Valentine’s Day notice! Finally, the world is recognizing my brilliance! Luckily, I have enough humility to realize this is too good to be true – and sure enough, it was.

    Very funny messages though – made it all worth while.

  • McGrude 2/14/2008

    This is hilarious. I too just got the email and instantly went to google, like so many of you above.

    What really set off my spam/scam radar was that if they were what they say they are then they would have done at least some basic research about the people they “select”.

  • jaqque 2/14/2008

    I got my invitation today. Usually, spam does not include my first and last name. I was suspicious, as it came in through a normally spammy email address. I checked the links and they did not look immediately terribly suspicious.

    Google pointed out this blog.

    Due diligence wins out. Perhaps all of us _should_ be in a book of our own.

  • Dan 2/15/2008

    And here I thought I was special. Well…back to my water engine and perpetual motion machine.

    I wonder if they aren’t some sort of shill group for google…getting us all to use google to find out who they are exposes us to the advertising agenda of the google monster. A conspiracy I daresay and we have all falen for it. I would suggest in the future that we al refuse to google it; just fill out the form, pay them the money and leave it at that. That will teach google to try and control us!

    So there.

  • Will N. 2/15/2008

    I have received this thing at least 4-5 times. So instead of hitting delete I googled it and came here. Sounds like a bunch of DA’s trying to take working people’s money. I hope some poor sap doesn’t fall for it and actually pay the fee.

  • Daisy 2/15/2008

    I received the same e-mail today and I wondered how they got my name and why they would want me in their publication. I googled them too and although I’m uncertain about their legitimacy, the fact that my immediate response was to be a skeptic will likely keep me from responding to them. They always say to “go with your gut” so I’ll do just that.

  • Eduardo 2/15/2008

    I too received it. I am paying with the million I am waiting to be wired to my account from the estate of an uncle I never knew I had. He was a big shot minister in the Nigerian government. All I had to do was to send money for the wire transfer, give my driver’s license and SSN. I’ll be rich and famous with my name in the Princeton Scam; I mean, Premier…

  • Fairness 2/16/2008

    So…none of you are members and yet all are so quick to judge the credibility of this company. Seems fair to me.

    Good luck with your bashing of this noble company.

  • Jonno from Down Under 2/17/2008

    You are all unfortunately mistaken. I filled in the form, had the interview, paid the dollars…..and now thanks to my Platinum membership I am internationally recognised as a high acheiver…..a “make things happen” kind of guy….I have won the lotto…..I now have Miss World 2004 as a mistress….my wife has had the boob job she always wanted (with the lotto money) ….life could not be better.

    It’s all thanks to Princton Premier…Oh and the Nigerain Govt for depositing $4M dollars into my bank account from the excess funds that they emailed me to tell me about, but please …sssshhhhh! It’s very very secret!

    How lucky can one guy be eh? I have just heard that I could possibly have unclaimed Dutch lottery winnings, just waiting for me to collect…apparently I only have to send them my bank account details….no subscription fee at all! …and I don’t even do the Dutch Lotto. Astounding!

  • Bob also Downunder 2/19/2008

    I’m really cheesed off! You guys have been contacted weeks before my eminence has come to the surface and you will have filled the eminent publication quotas I’m sure. Oh well, I’ll just have to hope that my continuing brilliance keeps my name on the lips of someone somewhere………

    Reminds me of a proposed publication from 30 years ago pre internet. The judge during the ensuing court case with a charge of falsely labelling mail as “On Her Majesties Service”, to avoid postage, described the same perpetrator as a “Walter Mitty like character” who so believed his own rhetoric that he lived in a totally false world of his own invention. I’d love to see this leather bound gem.

  • David 2/19/2008

    I may be a simple Irishman but when I received this email I had the wits about me to call my son who is anything but simple!
    He got on to this sight and it has been interesting reading all your comments.

    I just couldn’t figure out why such an illustrious sounding organisaiton would want to contact an old peat bog farmer such as myself. “Have they nothing better to do” says I?

  • Not from Me 2/19/2008

    Look! They even publish each sucker!

    Sorry PP but I am not interested. I’ll stick with reputable groups like the IEEE.

  • Sue 2/21/2008

    And I thought I was so special, too! And now I know my electrical provider in Texas sells their mailing lists, as the email PP sent my invitation to was strictly for work!

  • Captain Obvious 2/21/2008

    I stayed on the phone long enough to find out that a basic listing is FREE. IF you want the option to network through the site and to be published in the book, you have a choice of membership plans that range from lifetime to a single year. I paid the 99 bucks to get the directory (I’ve blown more for lunch) which has thousands of contacts with email addresses and websites. I wonder how many connections you guys can acquire for 99 dollars. If you actually READ the press releases and google the PEOPLE, they are real, legit, senior level executives. Hmmm…now whats the difference between them and you? Oh! I know…they ARE successfull and understand the value of NETWORKING!

  • Jessie - also Australian 2/22/2008

    After seeing all these responses I don’t feel so honoured by this special offer anymore, what do you mean I’m not one of a kind!?… Thanks for the blog people!!

  • Nick 2/25/2008

    Looks like you can see a list of the idiots who took the bait on their PR page.

    “Dr. John Edward Millheim, Vice President of Shepherds Theological Seminary, Has Been Named a Princeton Premier Honored Member in Business”


    They have contact information by the way, in case you want to call them with out first filling out their form.

    Princeton Premier
    Justin Grella

    That is a New York City phone number. Probably Brooklyn or Queens.

  • Svensson 2/25/2008

    Even an old Swede like me have been honoured.

  • Raul 2/25/2008

    CONGRATULATIONS, MATES! I am pleased to notify you that the Princeton Premier message was a way to attract you to a wonderful “networking” community. If you signed up, now you will be passed on to our colleagues in Nigeria, who will follow up with you. Congratulations, Mr. Captain Oblivious, er, Obvious, (No. 57, above), who clearly just LOVES to be featured on a WORTHLESS “networking” locale — and loves it enough to pay a full bill for the honour.

    That is WHY the likes of Princeton Premier go into business, and stay in business despite the rather obvious smell of this.

  • WHATEV! 2/25/2008

    Mama said I would never mount to much bein a high school drop out, havin 8 kids, livin in a trailer park, and workin part time at the WalMart and all….but now I know I have made it….cuz I just gave my life savins to be in Princeton Premiers WHOWANTSTHEIRNAMEINAUSELESSDIRECTORY???

  • yeahright 2/25/2008

    If anyone is sctually interested in this thing,……email me I have some swamp land in florida to sell ya.

  • Lisa Hammer 2/26/2008

    Wow! Somebody finally recognized my under-achievements as an underground b-movie director! I guess my film “Pus$bucket” ended up winning awards I was unaware of. Did I get into Cannes? Sundance? Princeton SURELY has a need for someone like me. They are quite discerning! I guess its ok that I make disturbing, ridiculous films that bring me, like, 50 cents profit. Good for them! They found me and my genius for business! Finally.

  • Captain Obvious 2/26/2008

    #62 (Raul) A scam is a practice in which your money is taken and the action or service for which you paid is not performed. Princeton Premiere does exactly what they say they will do,and therefore not a scam. Defamatory statements and false accusations are libelous. Yes, they use mass EMail to solicit members and obviously they are in business to make money (who isnt?) but dont negate the value of the service when you really dont know anything about it. Just because the EMails reach a handful of people who dont place any value on themselves doesnt mean that it doesnt also reach folks who do. FYI, Im not IN the book. I ordered the book once I found out that it would contain hundreds of lawyers from around the world. Maybe you should all buy copies in case PP pursues legal action.

  • Alan Yu 2/27/2008

    Captain Obvious,

    This is kind of off topic, but isn’t your definition of a “scam” a little too narrow? I think links like provide a more broad explanation of it. Basically, it doesn’t necessarily have to always be about a situation involving money. I know on the web that word is usually used more as a way to say a “confidencetrick” type of situation. You did raise a true concern though that everyone should take seriously about the type of words that are used to label something as people need to be sure that it is used in a responsible way.

    On topic with this post though, I think it is pretty apparent that a lot of people here actually did listen to the whole pitch and were generous enough to post their experiences about it to help others. Your comment about the free listing is interesting as well as it conflicts with what a lot of others have posted here with rather detailed and consistent responses too which is a little hard to ignore.

    I personally never bothered to fill out the form to get that far, so I can’t really comment on that. While it might not be the same case here, I remember something else that had a similar amount of scrutiny at first and the organization then afterwards introduced items to try and avoid a similar incident in the future. I think it is safe to say that something is not right though from their end.

    General thought too about that directory you purchased for $99, it made the value of it sound even worst to me personally when you said that as why would say a high powered executive want to be solicited/contacted by just anyone in that fashion? Obviously your experience is different from mine, but when it comes to networking with others, especially with more established individuals, actually doing it face to face or through personal referral is a lot more powerful and effective in my opinion.

    I personally don’t think having certain people in that directory directly correlates to the value of it per say like most things in life. For example, based on all the information so far who’s to say that it wasn’t just someone with a lot of money that just heard the word “Award” or “Princeton” and since that amount is peanuts to them they just went ahead with it? I would look at the big picture.

    It’s like saying if a famous actor placed his name on a product that had questionable qualities compared to the other things that are available, it doesn’t necessarily make that product better and I would be inclined to say that it can make the actor’s name look worst. Example, you say hundreds of lawyer contacts…but what’s stopping me from using the Internet or even a phone directory from getting more for free? As apparent, there are mass e-mailings to try and get what seems to be anyone on it in the first place. So how can you necessarily put more value on those contacts? That’s a serious question too.

    If you feel that it is a very great product though, my personal advice is that you share your experience with others such as any success you have had with it. Unfortunately, you seem to be the only real vocal advocate for this here and as a result people will be looking at the way you conduct yourself here as a reflection of the type of people who do business with that company.

    Also, who are you referring to when you say things such as “ whats the difference between them and you? Oh! I know! they ARE successfull and understand the value of NETWORKING!” or “Just because the EMails reach a handful of people who dont place any value on themselves doesnt mean that it doesnt also reach folks who do.” Are those comments aimed at me? Everyone who doesn’t want to pay to be listed?

    Just to note, I am personally open to a transparent discussion with an executive representative from that company, whoever that may be, if they wish and I will post my discoveries here.

  • Mark 2/28/2008

    I was deeply honored and signed up immediately!


  • DrewZ 2/28/2008

    In case there was any doubt as to the legitimacy of the Princenton Premier Bios – the website was created on June 7, 2007 and was done using a domain by proxy service. Makes it hard to believe this statement in their spam message – Recognition of this kind is an honor shared by thousands of executives and professionals throughout the world each year.

    I also find it interesting that the al6400 blog comes up higher than the site in question when searching google for the phrase princeton premier bios – so even googles search algorithm thinks that site is crap.

  • DeeDee 2/28/2008

    I am honoured to be amongst the many brilliant people who like me just smiled, cut and pasted, then googled the Premier Punks!…Someone here said “Look they even publish the losers names” that would be sad but I found out that most of the “listings” are fake also…I decided to “google” a couple of the famous people and guess what?…YUP…none of them exist either. Sad but true folks…I just stick to my tried and true adage…”If it sounds too good to be true….it probably is”…works for CARS, MEN and most other things (but I’m still open that maybe there is a gorgeous intelligent, straight, loyal, fun, nice smelling, slim, doesnt live with his mother…kinda guy out there for me)

  • Blak Arts 2/28/2008

    I got my invitation today Im from Australia as soon as I got the mail I knew it was a scam! So i googled them Cheeky buggers!! the nerve of this scammer!! and found your blog, thanks, all for the useful information!

  • Michelle Ogden 2/28/2008

    I got this invite today and I am in Florida. They sent it to my business email which I am not sure how they got. It sounded like the other scam the Cambridge Who’s Who so I googled and found all of these posts. I feel sorry for anyone that gets sucked into this. I clicked on the unsubscribe and flagged as SPAM. Good Luck to all!!!

  • Another Brilliant Person 2/29/2008

    Got it in my work email today….so went right to Google. What’s scary is that Google also brought up the “press releases” of those poor saps who’ve been suckered into membership.

    I’m a pretty fart smeller….I mean smart feller….and something certainly stinks here. I need to get back to my email….seems like I need ‘Vi@gra’ and other tricks to getmyself back in shape.

  • Osama 2/29/2008

    I got it too. I tried to join but after the interview they told me I am not qualified. Geeze!!!

  • Lang, Toronto ON 2/29/2008

    I recieved this email today at my office and immediately thought I had been nominated by my CEO, or one my former professors…until I realized how suspicious the email was especially since there are an incredible amount of identity theft and scams which occur every second! Thankfully I came across this site (some of the comments are hilarious). Hopefully most people will have enough common sense to second guess unknown emails before proceeding ahead with anything…

  • Mr Bean 3/1/2008

    I googled them and these press releases come up (quoting Premeir/public information)

    Petoskey, MI, January 25, 2008 –(– Kathryn B. Bardins, President of Bardins Communications, Has Been Selected for Inclusion in the 2008-2009 Princeton Premier Registry. Kathryn makes her home in Petoskey, Michigan and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Lynchburg College. Kathryn served as Vice President of Community Affairs for the local NBC affiliate, KARE TV, from 1987 to 1994. In that time she created and managed several notable projects. She was also the editor of Family Times, Baby Times and Senior Times, three Twin Cities’ publications from 1994 to 2004. Family Time’s was named the “Best Monthly Publication in America” in 1995. Her achievements involve a number of leadership recognition awards such as the National Emmy Award for Community Service. It is an honor to announce that Kathryn Bardins is a new member in the upcoming registry; she is truly outstanding individual.

    what makes me laugh is

    “In that time she created and managed several notable projects”


    “Her achievements involve a number of leadership recognition awards such as the National Emmy Award for Community Service.”

    an emmy award for community service???????? lmao

    who writes this stuff-5th graders???

  • Mike 3/1/2008

    I am glad there is only one dumb ass here.

  • ME 3/2/2008

    Thank you Chuck Norris… and Google…

  • Princeton Premier 3/3/2008


    We at Princeton Premier have read most of the responses here and are happy to answer any questions you may have about membership and inclusion. It seems like most people did not take the time or are not savy enough to realize the potential benefits of membership. A one year mebership is only $99 which includes a professional written biography of your lifes work including academic and professional achievement as well as a press release announcing your inclusion into the registry as well as access to our online network in which numerous business contacts can be made. At a cost of $8.25 a month we believe this an oppurtunity to not be missed.
    Thank you reading this message. – Joe Nunziato

  • Ms. Princeton To You... 3/3/2008

    I received the same trash. The fact is, we all have something in common, “we all want to be awarded and recognized”, even if it’s for just dealing with everyday matters. Who doesn’t want prestige? It’s so easy to get trapped into a world of spam like this.

    Here’s a true award…I award each and everyone of you on this blog “The SMART People Award”… it recognizes your ability to not to be had.

  • Mr. Notgoingtobescammed 3/4/2008

    Mr. Joe Nunziato

    I just read your comments, and I too received this email. What you imply on your email is that strangers are “considered for inclusion” in the “Honors Edition” section of the registry when you dont have a clue about anything on that person. And then you continue to say that it “includes biographies of the world’s most accomplished individuals”. What I want to know is how are you tracking any of this? Do you take the word of the person setting up an account with you? or do you actually verify information? Cause personally, I dont see how you are doing it.Oh, and now you say that its $99 to be included when my email says exactly “There is no cost to be included in the Registry.”
    Im sorry Joe and Jason, but this business you are running has SCAM written all over it.

  • Eric Vanderburg 3/10/2008

    Thanks for all the information. I am glad I googled it first. I am not going to even fill it out now that I know it is junk. You guys are great. 🙂

  • J in Oklahoma 3/11/2008

    Yes, I got it too. A typical no brainer, “delete” or “send to junk” email. You know the killer decisions we all have to make each morning. Curiosity caused me to google and find you guys. I am glad I did. If my highly accomplished delete finger hadn’t had a moment of pause, I would have missed all these quite funny and very entertaining responses. It is my belly laugh for the day. So – Thanks! Princeton Premier – whatever you are. At least you make a girl from Oklahoma LOL!!!! Take care, you highly accomplished leaders and professionals – You all have my honored recognition for a job well done! Now don’t you feel good about yourselves? I know I do. It is even kind of scary to be required to put an email address in this blog, don’t you think? Well, Back to work at the real world.

  • Layal 3/11/2008

    I registered, and I received a call they interviewed me for 30 min and everything was smooth, until the guy asked for my credit card number he wanted it over the phone since all webistes are not secure Dahhhh, and when i refused to do that and asked him to send me an email requesting y credit card info, and now his answer was we are not allowed to send emails double DAhhhh!!! so i convinced him that I will send it to his email, I wonder did I gave him the impression that I’m stupid enough to give my credit card number via phone or email to a strangerrrrr, and I thought I sounded smart Dahhhhhhh. 🙄

  • Sue C. 3/11/2008

    Hello To All You Very Accomplished Individuals,
    I to received this e-mail, not once but twice. At first I was flattered, living in Princeton and all, but then I did what all of you did, I “GOOGLED” it. I am glad I did. It was exciting at first but then it’s back to reality. And the reality is we are who we are and that’s an Honor I can live with.

    God Bless,


  • Becca.S.USA 3/12/2008

    My word. 😯 why is this even still going around with negative blogs since January? I am amazed I just got this email yesterday 😮 Everyone should contine to use the website to connect in good ways such as this and stop being so intend on taking advantage of eachother like this spam email does.

    What would this company be capable of without Google??? Ha, google rocks!

  • Becca.S.USA 3/12/2008

    I apologize I should have done some edited before hitting submit above…that is what I get for talking on the phone and typeing…….

    Goodness grashious! 😯 Thy is this even still going around with negative blogs since January? I am amazed I just got this email yesterday. 😮 Everyone should contine to use this website to connect in good ways such as this and stop being so intent on taking advantage of each other like this spam email does.

    What would this company be capable of without Google??? Ha, google rocks!

  • Becca.S.USA 3/12/2008

    oh screw it…u get what I’m saying atleast…this input box needs spell check to help me out! 😆

  • Theresa 3/12/2008

    I received this in my “junk” mailbox via my work email. I was suspicious so “googled” it and came here. Thanks to all of you for your contributions. Passing on this “honor” is a no-brainer for this “dumb” blonde! 😉


  • Cinda H 3/13/2008

    Well, I guess we’re all here for the same reason, and we got here in the same way. And I’m ok with that. What I’m not ok with, is that I only just got my email from PP – today in fact, and so many of you got yours ages ago. I feel so…second string.
    I guess I’m not important enough to scam, spam or go phishing with as a first choice?
    Glad I found out now, rather than later – before I got involved in a committed relationship.
    And thanks to all of you for sharing and caring.

  • philly girl 3/13/2008

    I was just nominated as well. I was pretty shocked considering that I have not accomplished a damn thing at my job in the last few years, unless they are now recognizing people for reading tmz, cnn, and shopping online. Wait no, I am forgetting last week when I called out sick at 10am bc I was too hung over to show up. Unless they are awarding recognition to those of us who do nothing, than I am sure there was a mistake.

  • Elizabeth Tree 3/14/2008

    You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people part of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    Wisdom comes with googling before we leap of an attractive precipice.

    E. Tree

  • La Se 3/14/2008

    Love the internet/love google. Everything you need to know right at the push of a button.

    At the very least it was fun reading many of the very clever comments above.

    It’s nice that at least some segment of the population has the intelligence to CHECK something before believing everything you read.

  • mauirixxx 3/14/2008

    I just got mine today! Since it showed up in my junk mail folder, I decided to go ahead and click it just to see what kind of scam it was …

    I too was like, what have I done that was so special? lol ….

  • Lisa 3/15/2008

    I was so impressed, thought something great had happened! Mine came to my work email today. Surprised it didn’t go to junk mail. I also goggled them and thanks to all of my fellow nominees, we are all a bit wiser and richer! Thanks and congratulations

  • Toby 3/16/2008

    Yeah i got the email as well, i was so honored that i thought to myself, hey i should reply to this….so i did, i got a call from a rep about 20mins later and i sat chatting to him on the phone (as i was bored at work) then after about 20mins of me making idle chit chat he offered me a listing for 789.00 i declined graciously ofcourse and then reminded him that the 20min he had just spent on the phone calling someone from AUSTRALIA would ahve cost him atleast $90…..


  • Bruce 3/17/2008

    I too am being considered for inclusion, googled it- and found the right club to belong in at this blog. Thanks all!

  • Albert E 3/20/2008

    You know, I am so glad I did this.

    Imagine these guys. Here I am–I actually LIVE in Princeton, and am somewhat a “popular” name among my peers.

    These folks come along and invite me to this elite cadre of global professionals.

    Wow–whodathunk a guy like me–serving a 15-year stint for tax evasion and extortion–would be considered for their short-list.

    Truly honored . . . :mrgreen:

  • ChiTown Gal 3/20/2008

    Thanks everyone who reported this to the BBB. Can’t trust anything that comes in the email these days.

  • Cisco Dude 3/20/2008

    I just wanted to be #100…
    What a joke, I got a call 5 years ago from the “who’s who” book, same scam. I am an executive and there is no way I would want some stranger calling me because they spent almost $800.00 on a book of names. Go join linkedin ( for free and you can ACTUALLY network with people.

    I love that they have been in business for less than a year but are so prestigious…

    Sucker born every minute.

  • John Z 3/23/2008

    After two seconds of interest/flattery I did a little digging and came across this blog.

    It sounds like the newest “I am the wife of the oil minister of Nigeria and have 4.8 million I need a trusted friend…”

  • gz 3/23/2008

    I got the email just now, and i immediately Googled the name and got this blog. I also got the company’s web site: ( When I went to their site. all the page said was:

    Account for domain has been suspended.

    HAHA! The scam artists have been shut down. Nice!

  • Aleja 3/24/2008

    Oh boy! I knew it was a scam… I started reading the postings but I quickly realized there were too many!!! I am glad though there are so many accomplished individuals in this world!

  • Honored Lawyer 3/24/2008

    Mr. Nunziato, “you can’t fool all the people all the time.”

    I’m a lowly associate at a large US law firm and must confess I have been desperate for complements, since they’re pretty hard to come by when you’re in my position. So, yes, I felt “honored” when I received your PP notice this morning.

    However, I only needed to consult my law firm’s directory to be returned to earth. Trust me, if PP had an ounce of legitimacy it would have been listed in the bio of a partner at my firm. Lawyers, more than any other professionals, never miss out on a chance to accept an award, no matter how ridiculous; but, the folks at my firm are at least smart enough to know you’ve got to be beyond desperate to pay for your own so-called award!!!

  • James_S 3/24/2008

    I don’t know what you’re all so virulent about. They have complimentary listings too. I use their services every day. No complaints whatsoever. I market my products through their network and it is actually a useful tool for me.

  • Doug 3/25/2008

    Nice Blog. Got my email this morning. I have no intention of filling out the form, but it’s not a new “scam.” My Grandfather was in “Who’s Who,” and I remember him telling me he paid for that. I (in my 20s) paid to be in “Outstanding Young Men of America” (of which I was not). I learned then these weren’t worth it, even if they’re more hyperbole than actual scams. Of course maybe for some people it is worth having a list of those willing to pay $800 for such a thing! 😕

  • Gary 3/25/2008

    Mmmm let’s see:
    “I use their services every day. No complaints whatsoever. I market my products through their network and it is actually a useful tool for me.”

    I bet. I have enough people “marketing their product” to me. I will skip this one. I just got another one that states that I also get a blonde and a BMW. Off to get my new car and wife.

  • Azza 3/26/2008

    Thanks guys for these very precious information. I too just got this email and was about to make a foolish move and respond,then googled it ad got to this blog, which have been very helpful. I guess this is the beauty of web searches !!!I won’t respond to them, though I think i deserve the award 🙂

  • Johnny Canuck 3/26/2008

    And to think I just updated my resume yesterday……
    Thanks for the blog Alan. Nice to have met you all. Oh, I passed on the offer.

  • Gina O 3/27/2008

    Wow- pretty popular blog- I just received my invitation and also jumped on google to see what this was about. Though, I’m intrigued by the people who find it useful, I may at least check out the website being that I happen to be in sales.

  • April 3/28/2008

    My goodness I’m a lucky girl. Who’s Who passed me up but finally I get some hard earned recognition. Maybe this will help me leverage a big fat raise.

    Or, perhaps I’ll pass. I’m saving all of my shameless self-promotion, ego-stroking, and feeble attempts to feel like a success for my midlife crisis. That’s still a few years off.

  • Brenda Hirsch 3/30/2008

    A moment of official recognition I thought at last! But this lasted for only a couple of seconds as having become so skeptic in my later years of such e-mails (which encompass a multitude of good news JUST for ME such as those either informing me of a huge lottery win and/or begging me to accept millions of dollars that some stranger in Africa wants to entrust to my account!)I, of course, immediately “googled” and found you all before me!!!!!

    Thank goodness for Google and all of you. I shall be eternally grateful that as a result of this checking I am now not going to race to call my husband, boss, children and grandchildren with “the news”!!!!

    …………..and so we plod on we exemplary business people some more recognized than others but at least it doesn’t cost us anything!!!!

  • Kylie G 3/30/2008

    🙄 Thank Goodness for Google and all of you! FYI, I work in Sydney Australia – so it seems this scam has now gone global.

  • JohanV 3/31/2008

    Wow, becoming one big family
    checked_google_first_and_rejected_family”….or something.
    When do we have the first reunion? (let’s have a party!)

    thx for this
    Note: I’m from Holland, so reached that country also)

  • Stuart 3/31/2008

    Anyone else see the humour in my receiving this email on April Fool’s Day?

    I’m a bit annoyed that it has taken me so long to get recognised – what have you all done that was so meritorious that you received your email months before me? 🙂

  • Taryn 3/31/2008

    Ditto to all the above!

  • Bettina 3/31/2008

    Am I being paranoid or might us leaving replies be the REAL scam? Just kidding 🙂 . Thanks everyone.

  • Harry Singha 3/31/2008

    What a great story
    From all ‘negative’ energy and experiences come ‘positive’ ones.
    Living my vision is already my award
    For all who visit here after me well done you passed!

  • Tania 3/31/2008

    I loaded up my emails to find that I also have been nominated. My first instinct was to google these guys which took me straight to this blog! I am not even going to waste my time with these people especially if it is going to cost me money in something that I am not even remotely interested in. 😯 😯

  • Bec 3/31/2008

    Greetings, fellow potential Princetonians.

    While I’m good in my professional field and a functioning member of society, even in my most grandiose moments I harbour doubts that I’d qualify as one of the “world’s most accomplished individuals” – hence my suspicion.

    I’m in Australia, and have reported this to the Office of Fair Trading and to the Federal Government’s Scamwatch.

    I’m off now to hit my boss up for a raise – I am, after all, supremely accomplished…..

  • Tim Australia 3/31/2008

    They said I would never make! To be made an Honourary Princeton Premier (or as I call Honourary Private Part) is truly remarkable.

    This is even better than sleeping with Elle McPherson

  • Fintan 4/1/2008

    Hey you guys…anyone got a loan of $789? I am looking to update my curriculum vitae.

  • Becki 4/1/2008

    And for such an honor you will be charged for a copy of the book in addition to the $798.00 if you ever want to read about your glorious self! 😈

  • Gaddan 4/2/2008

    Wow, I am a Princeton Premier member waiting for my Princess Premier – surely these guys sending this email thinks if they close their eyes no one would see them… 🙄

  • Jim Dandy 4/2/2008

    Seems we’re a like-minded group – google brought me right here too. I guess I’m not as cynical though…I’m hoping for great things after submitting my application. How could these credentials, as submitted on my app, not open major doors:

    Jim “Booger” Dandy
    Copy Paper Refiller
    Finger-Pullers & Co., LLC
    Specialty: Beer-drinking & watching TV.

    See you at the top!!

  • VinceD 4/16/2008

    How about that! I just received the same e-mail and immediately googled and found this. I must say I am so thrilled to be honored by the Princeton Premier, I understand that many consider it to the be the single highest honor one can receive in their professional lifetime. I am so embarrassed that I have never heard of Princeton Preminer. It is so exclusive, that you share your honors with thousands of other executives. And their search and nomination process is so thorough, that they can nominate you for their prestigious listing before they even know what exactly it is that you do. Amazing!

  • MichaelC 4/16/2008

    I’m crushed – I thought I was the onlyist ONE.

  • AbbyE 4/17/2008

    Anybody got any idea why were selected by this illustrious institution in the 1st place and where they got our contact ‘e’mail address’s came from ?

  • JustCurious 4/22/2008

    Just out of curiousity…why dont you guys just accept a FREE listing???

  • Marie Journey 4/24/2008

    Just got The Email today – Only proves: I am unique…just like everbody else!

  • Tom 4/24/2008

    Unlike the rest of you, I knew immediately that it was a come-on — but for a very different reason.

    If it was a legitimate listing of the world’s most accomplished individuals, I would have been one of the first they would have contacted — years ago!


    For the information of others, I can share a tidbit that might give a clue as to how they are coming up with names and email addresses. In my case, they had my name correct, but it came through an organizational email account that has only my title as part of the address. I believe there are only 2 ways they could have gotten that — going to the website of the organization I am the volunteer treasurer of, or getting it from a specialized publication where both my name and organizational email address appeared in print (and on the web). In other words, they’re doing something more than just harvesting email addresses through an automated system. As far as I know, there are no other places where my name and that email address are associated (it’s an address that never has outgoing mail, only incoming, forwarded to my personal account.)

    Hope this helps others figure out why they got the “invitation.”

  • InDaHouse 4/25/2008

    I too have been selected, I want to thank my family, friends and those who stood behind me all those years! LOL

    “Just out of curiousity…why dont you guys just accept a FREE listing???” – JustCurious

    Because there is no such thing as FREE, especially for a person as unimportant as myself. 🙂

  • Steve 4/28/2008

    Ahh bugger, I do my job well but to be included in such a prestigious list, at only a small cost….pfffttt.

    Don’t touch it.


  • Hovring 4/28/2008

    Sorry guys, but the list is BS and worth nothing.

    This I know this for a fact, because they want to include a true loser like me on the list

    I’m lazy and really suck at my job as a manager. (I thought I would be good, but I’m not!) And I’m at the lowest level of management.

    So if you’re a top performer, you wouldn’t want to be on the same list as me.

  • Tara Elizabeth Lynn 4/30/2008

    It’s an honour just to be nominated. That would be the begining of my speech. Oh that’s right…It’s not an acting award. Well then I’m not interested!!!

  • Erica 5/1/2008

    Back atcha Jason Harris, Managing Director,Princeton Premier

    Sorry I cannot attend the awards ceremony as my schedule is so busy accepting the previous 10 nominations. First come, first serve. This most prestigious award is most appreciated but I don’t have room on my shelf for any more.
    Nomination Declined!!!

  • Alan Mac 5/1/2008

    Funny how they just keep plugging away! At least it was shoved correctly into my Junk Mail folder my Outlook. Thanks for the post though, I like all these others did the quick google search and joined this little shindig

  • MJ Laffey 5/1/2008

    I want to thank Larry Page and Google for providing the fastest way out of scam as they had me on the phone…phew.

  • MM 5/6/2008

    Is there an internet police?

    Initially the guy seemed genuine, but as the call progressed he kept on tryin to sell me all kind of packages.

    Who can stop this?

  • Bill 5/8/2008

    I thought it was about time my talent and achievements got proper recognition! Of course, Princeton is but a second rate academic institution. Still I crave attention and the spotlight. I will be happy to pay this and many times over. You narcissists will surely understand.

    Respectfully yours, WS

  • Mark M 5/9/2008

    After years of sacrificial hard (behind the scene) work, sacrificing family, friends and pleasures, all for the purpose of making America a safer and better place for all of us to live; finally recognition from a prestigious organization. As I read the e-mail announcement I began to fantasize how I would dress for the photo session, my acceptance speech, not to mention informing my family and fellow associates. I am shocked to read all of you peoples negative bloggs. You popped my bubble – still no recognition –still an unappreciated, unnoticed shadow. You folks could have at least waited to let me enjoy the ‘spam’, but no, you had to ruin it for me. You could have at least waited until I received my call from the ‘Sales Rep’ so that I could give him my credit card #. You deprived him (the sales rep) from adding to his children’s college fund. Every time I receive a great e-mail like this one, I Google and find – YOU PEOPLE – with your negativity and skepticisms. Scammers are people too, how do you expect for them to survive if you continue to expose their scams by Googling all the time. America is a capitalist country. Freedom for all to earn a decent wage; so the next time you decide to expose an e-mail scam remember, Scammers are people too.

    I pity the fools you were gullible enough to fall for the Princeton Scam. Thank God for Google and for all of you guys.

  • Sherry NL 5/12/2008

    After a dinner party and a bottle of wine – the award sounded splendid; then of course I woke up! I wonder how much money thy made thus far! I hope one of their employees are not reading these blog comments!

  • Sophia 5/12/2008

    I got the same email, too. Agree with Tom, they must have got my contact from an organizational publishing. They used my work email and known name…

    Thanks to Alan’s blog, so I know I am not alone being phished…

  • G W Bush 5/14/2008

    Recognition….at last !

  • Ash 5/16/2008

    I think they have also been harvesting via social networks, affiliate marketing channels, or directory submission websites. I noticed a few familar faces from MyBlogLog so it seems they all Googled “priceton premier”.

    By the way, the list of press releases on ends on 27 January, so that could have been part of the marketing strategy. That list may contain people who were given truly free exposure to add legitimacy.

    Surely there is a more profitable way to scam people than blast out a million spam emails and get tele-sales people to call the suckers? In my city, young criminals prey on seniors and pretend to fix their roof, then frog-march them to the ATM. Others just rob petrol stations or banks.

  • Marielle 5/19/2008

    Dear All of My Fellow Nominees –
    It is truly an honor to be included among your ranks. It is truly wonderful to be “one of Us”, is it not? I’ll look forward to seeing you all at the next awards ceremony.
    Eduardo – I notice that you recived only $1M from Nigeria, while Jonno received $4M. Did you lose your nomination because of this? Please answer as quickly as you can for I have been offered the opportunity to help a poor South African diamond mine owner transfer his finds through my account. It’s sad – His wife is sick and he needs my help desparately! He’s promised me $10M, but I want to be sure I’ve charged enough. I’d hate it if smarty-pants Jonno ended up making more and doing that thing at the awards ceremony where he makes us all feel inferior again. It’d be even worse than showing up only to find out that my name was taken off the award list because my wire transfer fee wasn’t good enough. I’m just sick of all that “Why can’t you be more like Jonno?” “If Jonno were here, he could show you how to really negotiate.” “What Would Jonno Do?” Geez – I bet you’re sick of it too. Jonno, Jonno, Jonno…

  • James 5/20/2008

    Wow me too!! I’m so honored…funny thing is when I searched for Princeton Premier I found several personal profiles of people touting membership in this prestigious organization…. 😆 ….a sucker born every minute…

  • Michelle 5/21/2008

    And me too! I received that same letter in September and never heard back from them. Then today, low and behold, Elizabeth John’s from Princeton called me to say she wanted to interview me that I was finally selected! I said “Really after all these months? Why now?
    I told her to call back tomorrow- Which will be my response for about 9 months…

  • Anne 5/21/2008

    but i do good things… 🙁
    So i filled in their form.

    I hope they get a laugh out of my information … hehehe, i did.

    I deserve an award, and i probably won’t be able to accept this nomination as i am already a finalist in the WWAL Awards (Wanker Without a Life Awards) just as each and every one of you guys do… guess that’s why we googled and finished up here.

    I award each and every one of you “The Common Roughie’s Advanced & Prestigious Sensible Intelligence Award”
    i including myself 🙂
    I am now honoured (and have a nice bunch of letters after my name!)

    Anne CRAPSI (finalist for the WWAL Awards)

  • Steve Leica 5/22/2008

    Damn! (To paraphrase JFK), I thought I could have the best of both worlds… A Harvard Education and a Princeton Recognition. Instead I wish to tell the Princeton Premiere folks that I’ve changed my name
    to: Heywood Jablowme. I hope they get receive their karmic due.

  • Randall Bergeron 5/22/2008

    Princeton Premier……what a farce…with all the important emails I have to address this BS ticked me off…glad to see that other hard working individuals have seen through this scam and have alerted the masses! Maybe Jason Harris “Managing Director” should get a real JOB!

  • M. Nambangi 5/22/2008

    As someone who recently received a real award, I was almost deceived by this email. But then I did a Google search and found your blog. Thank you so much for posting this. I almost fell for another one last week supposedly from the World Association of Non Governmental Associations (a real group) till I readat the bottom of the email that the award monies to be given me individually, as one of 8 recipients, was $1,000,000 – One Million US Dollars – Yeah, right!

  • bruce 5/26/2008

    Gee , and I thought I was special and finally being recognized. Then I thought about it, and relaized, I haven’t done anything to warrant inclusion.

    Mom always said I was special, for for diffeent reasons.

  • Nathan 5/27/2008

    Wow we are all top notch, I am thinking of putting a buddy’s name down instead of mine? He has it coming, this is perfect.

  • Bera 5/27/2008

    Always more cons than skeptics. That’s why this scam continues. Thanks for blogging…… although my ego has combusted a bit. Here I was all ready to take the day off and reward myself for being brilliant since they want to include me in their membership and since my sister lives in Princeton (so why not?!) when I decided to google them (duh, why?) and found your blessed blog! Now I’m reduced, once again, to cleaning up dog poop and pee. Ah, the dreams as they melt away. Who was I supposed to write the check out to… the Suckers’ Society? 👿

  • Tara 5/27/2008

    Hello all,
    Well I must say this blog was an interesting find when I was looking into the Princeton Premier thing. I am always leery about email things but I didn’t want to miss out if it was real! Thanks for the useful information on this blog…it gave me confirmation that this was a hoax, as I thought it was. Ah the internet is so useful in some ways and such a useless waste of time in other ways.

  • Cheryl Honey 5/27/2008

    I was confused when I got the notification because I have been recognized for pioneering Community Weaving practices. I just didn’t know why the Princeton Review would be interested in social innovation, as it is a business oriented publication. I did my homework and glad I found this blog. Thx!

  • Anto**** 5/28/2008

    You people are probaly about the 2% that have been denied from Princeton Premier , If you have any idea what the publication is about then there should be not one thing to talk about. I am a member and I have been networking with members in my own profression around the globe . Then for someone to go and comment about the people that are in registry and insult them, people of achievements I noticed one comment about a Dr. that was included , that is obsurd that Dr. with his Phd could probaly sue you for such non sense not to mention half of people on this blog entrys probaly dont have any type of education nor any knowledge , Obvouisly you all are not well recognized that you have to get to know fellow retards on a negative blog entry It is pathetic and hillarious , Is it because you dont have $789 you dont even make that much in a week.Please I am a member and I don’t need negative or stupid remarks said about this registry if it’s just because you can’t offord your spot within it . Writing negative blog entry’s just because you cant offord it . 😆

  • jg 5/29/2008

    Hey, Anto, “obvouisly” (as you spell it in your email) you ARE an accomplished person worthy of Princeton Premier recognition.

    Act now, and I will insure you get included in a number of other bogus award company listings for a small honorarium.

    Oh, by the way, I can “offord” it, but I am smart emough – and spell check my submissions well enough – to recognize the email for the dirt scam it is.

  • Surelock Homes 6/4/2008

    It would seem that there are at least two posters in this thread who are working for this crap company….

  • JayB 6/4/2008

    They definitely are getting the information to contact people through affiliations with organizations.

    At the bottom of their most recent email was a link to “update account – remove from listing”, which I clicked. It took me to a webpage and it listed basic information about me and for Company Name it had listed my community’s public libary of which I am the current President of the Board – a volunteer position. It has nothing to do with my REAL profession or myself.

    Regarding NETWORKING opportunities – why do I want to network regarding my volunteer position as a President of a small town library? If I wanted to network, I would be networking on behalf of my Professional Career – which I do through local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, etc.

    This thing is just a chance for Princeton to make money.

    Hopefully now that I requested to be removed from their list this will be my last NOMINATION email. At least until they find my name and email listed on one of the other boards I serve on. There are 3 more beyone the Libary board so I will probably get nominated 3 more times LOL

  • Mateo 6/4/2008

    You people are always trying to pull guys like me down. I finally get the respect I deserve and you invent this smear campaign. It’s JEALOSY I tell you. Shame on yourselves. So what if these guys need a few dollars to keep their listing up – I bet the directory bound in leather!! Jealosy, Jealosy I tell you!!

  • Phil 6/8/2008

    Thanks for the ‘heads up’ folks. I read this blog page before I went to the site so no need now. Congratulations to all of you (over 150) who are now famous for being in this blog. Live your dream!!

  • Tom 6/10/2008

    I have been hounded by these people, email every week for the past month.

    Smacks of a scam….UNSUBSCRIBE!

  • sh151000 6/16/2008

    Just think of the good that could be done in the world if people who came up with this kind of nonsense spent their time on something worthwhile.

    A fool and his money are easily parted, in this case I’ll pass!

  • Frank in Canada 6/17/2008

    Well it seems this fine American organization is now expanding its recognition horizon to Canada. Too bad I haven’t done anything worthy of recognition in years. However, this blog has been a rare find.

    I too am waiting for the Nigerian oil minister’s wife to show up with my millions and my tax overpayment to be reimbursed while I play the Dutch lottery. As someone said earlier, gotta love the internet.

  • DownAndOut 6/19/2008

    This Princeton Premiere nomination letter caught up with me on skid row. I replied and after giving the rep my life story of failed ventures, not being able to hold on to a job, etc. he offered me a lifetime membership for only $789. I told him I was a bit short of cash right now but could he spare me a couple of bucks. He hung up. Pretty rude if you ask me.

  • tiffany 6/19/2008

    well don’t i feel dumb, i got it too, figured it was spam, but thought what the hey, i filled it out, and when they call i am going to tell them i am reporting them to the police and marking their email as spam haha, go figure, i have been a telemarketer for less then a month and i am awarded YEA RIGHT HAHA

  • Jeff in L.A. 6/19/2008

    Another skeptic here. Thankfully this page ranks high on Google.

  • Cathrine 6/24/2008

    I got this e-mail too…what a load of garbage!!! Someone should report their butts…what a SCAM
    Cathrine M Ann

    It is my pleasure to inform you that you are being considered for inclusion into the 2008-2009 Princeton Premier Business Leaders and Professionals Honors Edition section of the registry.

    The 2008-2009 edition of the registry will include biographies of the world’s most accomplished individuals. Recognition of this kind is an honor shared by thousands of executives and professionals throughout the world each year. Inclusion is considered by many as the single highest mark of achievement.

    You may access our application form using the following link:

    Upon final confirmation, you will be listed among other accomplished individuals in the Princeton Premier Registry.

    For accuracy and publication deadlines, please complete your application form and return it to us within five business days. There is no cost to be included in the registry.

    If you’ve already received this email from us, there is no need to respond again. This email serves as our final invitation to potential members who have not yet responded.

    On behalf of the Executive Publisher, we wish you continued success.


    Jason Harris

    Managing Director
    Princeton Premier


    Click the following link to update your information
    or stop future mailings.

    Princeton Premier
    23-35 Steinway Street
    Astoria, NY 11105

  • adam999999 6/25/2008

    What a laugh – here is a link to the saps who have signed up –! Probably worth avoiding them all!!!!

  • Martin in UK 6/26/2008

    Although I have never been, and never will be, a businessman, business leader or corporate type, I was SO happy to get that email – us underpaid, underappreciated librarians getting a bit of recognition at last, I thought.

    Damn your group for blowing my hopes and dreams into ashes!

  • H/uk 6/26/2008

    …a blog that actually helps! I am up to one a day of these, but at least they end up in the spam filter. Incidentally, the fist ‘press release’ I had a look at (see link above) had typos in it – so maybe someone could sue for unprofessionalism?

  • H/uk 6/26/2008

    [… but not for my typo above… this is a blog, after all 😕 ]

  • Sandeep 6/27/2008

    I also received this email and laughed….

  • DKL 6/27/2008

    Come on people, you’re all special in one way or another – if only at sniffing out a fraud! It’s nice of the Princeton Premier to remind us of that.

  • RMF 6/27/2008

    Oh gosh, add one more to the list…
    LOVE it.

  • Rainer in Germany 6/27/2008

    They even contact Germans now. What an honour. Thanks all for your research. Obviously we have to wait and work hard for the real nomination. Take it easy.

  • Jazz 6/27/2008

    Well….they finally found me…but so did that guy in the Arab Emirates. Looking at what they post sounds like your high schools year book. There will always be people willing to part with their money for that “too good to be true” deal. I hope more people google them before they hit the reply button for their application. Oh, and by the way, the RCMP is really interested in those letters from the Emirates promising big money if you help them.

  • Oscar 6/27/2008

    I also received this email and marked it as Junk.

  • Valerie McSween 6/27/2008

    How flattering of them to include me in their list of invented accomplished individuals !

  • Singapore bloke 6/29/2008

    June 2008. It’s reached Mr. Average Joe Normal in Singapore. Me.

    Interesting to see if this blog is, as someone suggested, the real scam… I hope not. But if it is, I guess this won’t get posted.

    Otherwise, thanks to all for the heads-up to ‘Princeton Premier’.

    Good name though. Maybe we could start a contest for similar, prestigious-sounding claptrap.

    I’ll kick start with ‘The Sovereign Fund Review’.

    Don’t know if it exists, and if so apologies to them. But if invited to write an article or speak at one of ‘their’ conferences, I’m sure there’d be a few initial takers…quite possibly me.

    In the meantime, does anyone have a famous European bridge they’d like to sell?

  • Melissa 6/30/2008

    So glad I came across this!! I thought that it was spam, and ‘phishy’ but I’m glad that this is here to confirm my suspicions! Thanks guys!

  • Vancouver girl 6/30/2008

    they are still going strong!
    must be a lucrative business…
    thanks for the blog 😀

  • M. Simokochi 7/2/2008

    I too received this bogus mail and knew this was a scam!
    Thanks to you people posting comments.

  • Roger 7/6/2008

    Well there is more than one way to get into Princeton but it looks that our friends are way to smart to pay up the 789. Glad to be in good company with all of you

  • Elizabeth 7/10/2008

    Gee, and I thought that I was soooo special! 😉 I am happy to be part of this elite group too – and the invitation is in my trash file. Thanks everyone for sharing your experience so we can stick together and save our money!

  • Shelley 7/10/2008

    What a bunch of sad sceptics we all are! I am much obliged to Princeton P for a healthy ego-reality check! I am happy to be included in THIS group however – whoever suggested we should set up our own (absolutely not for profit) directory is on the money!
    My favourite answer so far is Dan’s – fear the Google monster indeed! But what would we do without it’s cold dose of common sense!
    They got at me in the UK – but our community is clearly much wider!
    Thanks for the insights!

  • Chris-in-Calgary 7/11/2008

    Princeton Premier is legitimate business. These are their terms and conditions, read through it. At the end of the statement, you have a choice (as always) to either agree or disagree:

    TERMS & CONDITIONS Terms of Use Agreement

    Our cancellation policy states there is a non-refundable 20% processing fee which will be automatically retained on any cancellation that occurs within 24 hours of any sale.

    All program sales after 48 hours are final and no refunds will be issued for our service and all accompanying personalized products. is a networking service that allows Members to create unique personal profiles online in order to find and communicate with other members. The services offered by (“” or “we”) include the website (the “Princeton Premier Website”), the Internet messaging service, and any other features, content, or applications offered from time to time by in connection with the Princeton Premier Website (collectively, the “Princeton Premier Services”). The Princeton Premier Services are hosted in the U.S.

    This Terms of Use Agreement (“Agreement”) sets forth the legally binding terms for your use of the Princeton Premier Services. By using the Princeton Premier Services, you agree to be bound by this Agreement, whether you are a “Visitor” (which means that you simply browse the Princeton Premier Website) or you are a “Member” (which means that you have registered with The term “User” refers to a Visitor or a Member. You are only authorized to use the Princeton Premier Services (regardless of whether your access or use is intended) if you agree to abide by all applicable laws and to this Agreement. Please read this Agreement carefully and save it. If you do not agree with it, you should leave the Princeton Premier Website and discontinue use of the Princeton Premier Services immediately. If you wish to become a Member, communicate with other Members and make use of the Princeton Premier Services, you must read this Agreement and indicate your acceptance during the Registration process.

    This Agreement includes’s policy for acceptable use of the Princeton Premier Services and content posted on the Princeton Premier Website, your rights, obligations and restrictions regarding your use of the Princeton Premier Services and’s Privacy Policy. In order to participate in certain Princeton Premier Services, you may be notified that you are required to download software or content and/or agree to additional terms and conditions. Unless otherwise provided by the additional terms and conditions applicable to the Princeton Premier Services in which you choose to participate, those additional terms are hereby incorporated into this Agreement. You may receive a copy of this Agreement by emailing us at:, Subject: Terms of Use Agreement. may modify this Agreement from time to time and such modification shall be effective upon posting by on the Princeton Premier Website. You agree to be bound to any changes to this Agreement when you use the Princeton Premier Services after any such modification is posted. It is therefore important that you review this Agreement regularly to ensure you are updated as to any changes.

    Please choose carefully the information you post on and that you provide to other Users. Your profile may not include the following items: telephone numbers, street addresses, and any photographs containing nudity, or obscene, lewd, excessively violent, harassing, sexually explicit or otherwise objectionable subject matter. Despite this prohibition, information provided by other Members (for instance, in their Profile) may contain inaccurate, inappropriate, offensive or sexually explicit material, products or services, and assumes no responsibility or liability for this material. If you become aware of misuse of the Princeton Premier Services by any person, please contact Princeton Premier or click on the “Report Inappropriate Content” link at the bottom of any page. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject, refuse to post or remove any posting (including private messages) by you, or to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to all or any part of the Princeton Premier Services at any time, for any or no reason, with or without prior notice, and without liability.

    1. Eligibility. Use of and Membership in the Princeton Premier Services is void where prohibited. By using the Princeton Premier Services, you represent and warrant that (a) all registration information you submit is truthful and accurate; (b) you will maintain the accuracy of such information; (c) you are 18 years of age or older; and (d) your use of the Princeton Premier Services does not violate any applicable law or regulation. Your profile may be deleted and your Membership may be terminated without warning, if we believe that you are under 18 years of age.

    2. Term. This Agreement shall remain in full force and effect while you use the Princeton Premier Services or are a Member. You may terminate your Membership at any time, for any reason, by following the instructions on the Member’s Account Settings page. may terminate your Membership at any time, without warning. Even after Membership is terminated, this Agreement will remain in effect, including sections 5-17.

    3. Fees. You acknowledge that reserves the right to charge for the Princeton Premier Services and to change its fees from time to time in its discretion. If terminates your Membership because you have breached the Agreement, you shall not be entitled to the refund of any unused portion of subscription fees.

    4. Password. When you sign up to become a Member, you will also be asked to choose a password. You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. You agree not to use the account, username, or password of another Member at any time or to disclose your password to any third party. You agree to notify immediately if you suspect any unauthorized use of your account or access to your password. You are solely responsible for any and all use of your account.

    5. Non-commercial Use by Members. The Princeton Premier Services are for the personal use of Members only and may not be used in connection with any commercial endeavors except those that are specifically endorsed or approved by Illegal and/or unauthorized use of the Princeton Premier Services, including collecting usernames and/or email addresses of Members by electronic or other means for the purpose of sending unsolicited email or unauthorized framing of or linking to the Princeton Premier Website is prohibited. Commercial advertisements, affiliate links, and other forms of solicitation may be removed from Member profiles without notice and may result in termination of Membership privileges. Appropriate legal action will be taken for any illegal or unauthorized use of the Princeton Premier Services.

    6. Proprietary Rights in content on

    6a. does not claim any ownership rights in the text, files, images, photos, video, sounds, musical works, works of authorship, or any other materials (collectively, “Content”) that you post to the Princeton Premier Services. After posting your Content to the Princeton Premier Services, you continue to retain all ownership rights in such Content, and you continue to have the right to use your Content in any way you choose. By displaying or publishing (“posting”) any Content on or through the Princeton Premier Services, you hereby grant to a limited license to use, modify, publicly perform, publicly display, reproduce, and distribute such Content solely on and through the Princeton Premier Services. Without this license, would be unable to provide the Princeton Premier Services. For example, without the right to modify Member Content, would not be able to digitally compress files that Members submit or otherwise format Content to satisfy technical requirements, and without the right to publicly perform Member Content, could not allow Users to listen to music posted by Members. The license you grant to is non-exclusive (meaning you are free to license your Content to anyone else in addition to, fully-paid and royalty-free (meaning that is not required to pay you for the use on the Princeton Premier Services of the Content that you post), sublicensable (so that is able to use its affiliates and subcontractors such as Internet content delivery networks to provide the Princeton Premier Services), and worldwide (because the Internet and the Princeton Premier Services are global in reach). This license will terminate at the time you remove your Content from the Princeton Premier Services. The license does not grant the right to sell your Content, nor does the license grant the right to distribute your Content outside of the Princeton Premier Services.

    6b. You represent and warrant that: (i) you own the Content posted by you on or through the Princeton Premier Services or otherwise have the right to grant the license set forth in this section, and (ii) the posting of your Content on or through the Princeton Premier Services does not violate the privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights, contract rights or any other rights of any person. You agree to pay for all royalties, fees, and any other monies owing any person by reason of any Content posted by you to or through the Princeton Premier Services.

    6c. The Princeton Premier Services contain Content of (“ Content”). Content is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other laws, and owns and retains all rights in the Content and the Princeton Premier Services. hereby grants you a limited, revocable, nonsublicensable license to reproduce and display the Content (excluding any software code) solely for your personal use in connection with viewing the Princeton Premier Website and using the Princeton Premier Services.

    6d. The Princeton Premier Services contain Content of Users and other licensors. Except for Content posted by you, you may not copy, modify, translate, publish, broadcast, transmit, distribute, perform, display, or sell any Content appearing on or through the Princeton Premier Services.

    7. Content Posted.

    7a. may delete any Content that in the sole judgment of violates this Agreement or which may be offensive, illegal or violate the rights, harm, or threaten the safety of any person. assumes no responsibility for monitoring the Princeton Premier Services for inappropriate Content or conduct. If at any time chooses, in its sole discretion, to monitor the Princeton Premier Services, nonetheless assumes no responsibility for the Content, no obligation to modify or remove any inappropriate Content, and no responsibility for the conduct of the User submitting any such Content.
    7b. You are solely responsible for the Content that you post on or through any of the Princeton Premier Services, and any material or information that you transmit to other Members and for your interactions with other Users. does not endorse and has no control over the Content. Content is not necessarily reviewed by prior to posting and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the Content or to the accuracy and reliability of the Content or any material or information that you transmit to other Members.

    8. Content/Activity Prohibited. The following is a partial list of the kind of Content that is illegal or prohibited to post on or through the Princeton Premier Services. reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action against anyone who, in’s sole discretion, violates this provision, including without limitation, removing the offending communication from the Princeton Premier Services and terminating the Membership of such violators. Prohibited Content includes, but is not limited to Content that, in the sole discretion of
    8a. is patently offensive and promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual;
    8b. harasses or advocates harassment of another person;
    8c. exploits people in a sexual or violent manner;
    8d. contains nudity, violence, or offensive subject matter or contains a link to an adult website;
    8e. solicits personal information from anyone under 18;
    8f. provides any telephone numbers, street addresses, last names, URLs or email addresses;
    8g. promotes information that you know is false or misleading or promotes illegal activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous;
    8h. promotes an illegal or unauthorized copy of another person’s copyrighted work, such as providing pirated computer programs or links to them, providing information to circumvent manufacture-installed copy-protect devices, or providing pirated music or links to pirated music files;
    8i. involves the transmission of “junk mail,” “chain letters,” or unsolicited mass mailing, instant messaging, “spimming,” or “spamming”;
    8j. contains restricted or password only access pages or hidden pages or images (those not linked to or from another accessible page);
    8k. furthers or promotes any criminal activity or enterprise or provides instructional information about illegal activities including, but not limited to making or buying illegal weapons, violating someone’s privacy, or providing or creating computer viruses;
    8l. solicits passwords or personal identifying information for commercial or unlawful purposes from other Users;
    8m. involves commercial activities and/or sales without our prior written consent such as contests, sweepstakes, barter, advertising, or pyramid schemes;
    8n. includes a photograph of another person that you have posted without that person’s consent; or
    8o. for band and filmmaker profiles, uses sexually suggestive imagery or any other unfair, misleading or deceptive Content intended to draw traffic to the profile.

    The following is a partial list of the kind of activity that is illegal or prohibited on the Princeton Premier Website and through your use of the Princeton Premier Services. reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action against anyone who, in’s sole discretion, violates this provision, including without limitation, reporting you to law enforcement authorities. Prohibited activity includes, but is not limited to:

    1. criminal or tortious activity, including child pornography, fraud, trafficking in obscene material, drug dealing, gambling, harassment, stalking, spamming, spimming, sending of viruses or other harmful files, copyright infringement, patent infringement, or theft of trade secrets;

    2. advertising to, or solicitation of, any Member to buy or sell any products or services through the Princeton Premier Services. You may not transmit any chain letters or junk email to other Members. It is also a violation of these rules to use any information obtained from the Princeton Premier Services in order to contact, advertise to, solicit, or sell to any Member without their prior explicit consent. In order to protect our Members from such advertising or solicitation, reserves the right to restrict the number of emails which a Member may send to other Members in any 24-hour period to a number which deems appropriate in its sole discretion. If you breach this Agreement and send unsolicited bulk email, instant messages or other unsolicited communications of any kind through the Princeton Premier Services, you acknowledge that you will have caused substantial harm to, but that the amount of such harm would be extremely difficult to ascertain. As a reasonable estimation of such harm, you agree to pay $50 for each such unsolicited email or other unsolicited communication you send through the Princeton Premier Services;

    3. covering or obscuring the banner advertisements on your personal profile page, or any page via HTML/CSS or any other means;

    4. any automated use of the system, such as using scripts to add friends or send comments or messages;

    5. interfering with, disrupting, or creating an undue burden on the Princeton Premier Services or the networks or services connected to the Princeton Premier Services;

    6. attempting to impersonate another Member or person;

    7. for band profiles, copying the code for your Princeton Premier Player and embedding it into other profiles or asking other Members to embed it into their profiles;

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    9. selling or otherwise transferring your profile;

    10. using any information obtained from the Princeton Premier Services in order to harass, abuse, or harm another person;

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    12. using the Princeton Premier Services in a manner inconsistent with any and all applicable laws and regulations.

    9. Copyright Policy. You may not post, modify, distribute, or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information belonging to others without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights. It is the policy of to terminate Membership privileges of any Member who repeatedly infringes the copyright rights of others upon receipt of proper notification to by the copyright owner or the copyright owner’s legal agent. Without limiting the foregoing, if you believe that your work has been copied and posted on the Princeton Premier Services in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please provide our Copyright Agent with the following information: (i) an electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest; (ii) a description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed; (iii) a description of where the material that you claim is infringing is located on the Princeton Premier Services; (iv) your address, telephone number, and email address; (v) a written statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; (vi) a statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf.

    10. Member Disputes. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Members. reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other Members.

    11. Privacy. Use of the Princeton Premier Services is also governed by our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into this Agreement by this reference.

    12. Disclaimers. is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate Content posted on the Princeton Premier Website or in connection with the Princeton Premier Services, whether caused by Users of the Princeton Premier Services or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Princeton Premier Services. Profiles created and posted by Members on the Princeton Premier Website may contain links to other websites. is not responsible for the Content, accuracy or opinions expressed on such websites, and such websites are in no way investigated, monitored or checked for accuracy or completeness by Inclusion of any linked website on the Princeton Premier Services does not imply approval or endorsement of the linked website by When you access these third-party sites, you do so at your own risk. takes no responsibility for third party advertisements which are posted on this Princeton Premier Website or through the Princeton Premier Services, nor does it take any responsibility for the goods or services provided by its advertisers. is not responsible for the conduct, whether online or offline, of any User of the Princeton Premier Services. assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, any User or Member communication. is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers or providers, computer equipment, software, failure of any email or players due to technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or on any of the Princeton Premier Services or combination thereof, including any injury or damage to Users or to any person’s computer related to or resulting from participation or downloading materials in connection with the Princeton Premier Services. Under no circumstances shall be responsible for any loss or damage, including personal injury or death, resulting from use of the Princeton Premier Services, attendance at a event, from any Content posted on or through the Princeton Premier Services, or from the conduct of any Users of the Princeton Premier Services, whether online or offline. The Princeton Premier Services are provided “AS-IS” and as available and expressly disclaims any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement. cannot guarantee and does not promise any specific results from use of the Princeton Premier Services.


    14. U.S. Export Controls. Software available in connection with the Princeton Premier Services (the “Software”) is further subject to United States export controls. No Software may be downloaded from the Princeton Premier Services or otherwise exported or re-exported in violation of U.S. export laws. Downloading or using the Software is at your sole risk.

    15. Disputes. If there is any dispute about or involving the Princeton Premier Services, you agree that the dispute shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York, USA, without regard to conflict of law provisions and you agree to exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue in the state and federal courts of the United States located in the State of New York. Either or you may demand that any dispute between and you about or involving the Princeton Premier Services must be settled by arbitration utilizing the dispute resolution procedures of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) in New York.

    16. Indemnity. You agree to indemnify and hold, its subsidiaries, and affiliates, and their respective officers, agents, partners and employees, harmless from any loss, liability, claim, or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the Princeton Premier Services in violation of this Agreement and/or arising from a breach of this Agreement and/or any breach of your representations and warranties set forth above and/or if any Content that you post on the Princeton Premier Website or through the Princeton Premier Services causes to be liable to another.

    17. Other. This Agreement is accepted upon your use of the Princeton Premier Website or any of the Princeton Premier Services and is further affirmed by you becoming a Member. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and regarding the use of the Princeton Premier Services. The failure of to exercise or enforce any right or provision of this Agreement shall not operate as a waiver of such right or provision. The section titles in this Agreement are for convenience only and have no legal or contractual effect. is a trademark of Princeton Premier, Inc. This Agreement operates to the fullest extent permissible by law. If any provision of this Agreement is unlawful, void or unenforceable, that provision is deemed severable from this Agreement and does not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.


    Just like any lucrative business, they entice people to join for a fee. Again, your choice to join and pay or otherwise.

    I received the same email invitation just everyone, but decided not to become a member of the Princeton Premier listing/database. Do your homework, before you have your personal information published. Whether you choose to pay or not.

    Thank you.

  • angela 7/11/2008

    Looks like we’re in good company here.

    This page is the first hit on Google… oh yeah… now this page is noted on all of our permanent (internet trail) records with Google….

    🙄 Hey, I am not just a cynic; I am also a conspiracy theorist

    Happy Friday to all,

  • WOW!!!!!!! Happy Times! 7/15/2008

    Well…It looks like I am being added to the lucky bunch!

    I did pay the $789.00 last week and just now decided to google it. However, I can also say that I have just received a job offer from one of the contacts listed on the site.

    I will now be making over $200,000. This listing was well worth it!

    HOG WASH!!!!!!! If you believed that then REALLY you should invest in some listing….there are more listing website then I can think of right now….and they happen to be free as well!!

    There is nothing special about this one…I also googled it first thing and found this blog….Glad I did but I would not have given them my info anyways…I am way to protective of my info.

    I am sure that this their listing will be useful to some peeps out there…I am just not willing to pay such a high price….and I don’t like that they are send random emails about awards….especially since it is awards time for the field I work in….this was a big let down…I thought that I had been selected FINALLY….but no such luck!



  • ryan 7/15/2008

    Wow! Don’t I feel stupid! I had a busy busy day, my assistant was on holidays so my calls were not screened… and this gent got thur to my line… His name was Joe Gordon his phone # 718 301 6306… his toll free # 1 888 767 7548.. told me I was chosen… was i ever… a chosen sucker!!
    I was only half listening while i worked on something else… and then i went ahead and purchased this directory that they would feature my name and bio in… as well as promote our company in.. i feel like a complete fool.
    Does anyone have any ideas of any action i can take on this??

  • Mark M 7/15/2008

    Princeton Premier (AKA)P.P. – Flush it!

  • Mark M 7/15/2008

    Ryan, DON’T DO IT AGAIN!! 😛

  • ryan 7/16/2008

    ya i guess so… i have my company working on tracking this b.s. down and putting a stop to it… ahh i’m so pissed!
    thanks to everyone for writing on this blog… and even thou i am a fool… i am assured that i will not make this mistake again.

  • Steve 7/16/2008

    I say, buy the book, where else will you get access to thousands of easy marks? Dars gold in dem dare hills.

  • Bill Gates 7/21/2008

    If it wasnt for Princeton Premier, Id never have met up with Paul Allen and started Microsoft…. “dream, dream, dreeaaammm!”

  • Bill Gates 7/21/2008

    Oh, as you are all the creme de la creme, world class, elite business individuals, does anyone have job going? i am a bit strapped at the moment. You can get my details and resume/CV from Princeton Premier, heh, heh!

  • Rich 7/28/2008

    I received the same e-mail about Princeton Premier. I figured it was a scam but I wanted to be sure. I googled and came to this site. I don’t think i’ll be at the awards ceremony.

  • Hans 7/29/2008

    PP called me on the mobile one rainy morning while waiting for the bus to work in Sydney Australia. Further to the question as to how I would describe my own achievements, I obliged and made up some stuff.
    By the time I was sitting in the bus I was confirmed a member. PP agreed to send some details about membership.
    A week later another lady rang, while I was doing some gardening. When asking for written info about PP, the membership conditions etc, the lady treated me like I haven’t paid my rent for a year and hung up. The thing sounds like the Nigerian Government letter-scam.

  • Bob 7/30/2008

    Thanks guys this really helped! The things people do for a quick buck these days is pretty disgraceful and I wonder what honor that will do to anybody??? More spam and excellent offers now that they have your contact info? Take care people!

  • Michele 8/7/2008

    I just received the email from the Princeton Premier. I never knew I was sooooo important. I figured it was a scam from the get go. I’m just happy to see that so many people did not fall for it. I just feel bad for the ones who did.

  • Maridee 8/7/2008

    What a joke. Thanks for posting this I alway knew I was important.

  • J 8/8/2008

    So many prestigious people getting nominated.

    They’re still after it 8 months later, sad to say. They must be making some kind of money on it, for sure.

    The link goes to a secondary website used to collecting information, but honestly…

    I’m still in school, I haven’t graduated yet, and I work at a pizza joint for money. The only thing I can be recognized for is the fact that I’m actually passing my classes, and that certainly doesn’t have anything to do with being a business leader or any kind of professional honor.

    Amazing, ain’t it?

  • Vic 8/12/2008

    I found this site after I too was awarded with a prestigious honor from Princeton Premier. Wow, when people are awarded don’t they usually receive something instead of paying something? Why would anyone fall for this? Block sender folks!

  • Michael G 8/14/2008

    I recevied this very same email… 9 times over the course of 1 year. I have unsubscribed online, by phone, and via email, but I keep getting this crap. When I spoke to them I played around with them and gave them false info. At the end they just wanted to sell me a book of these people’s information. As soon as I said not interested, their attitude completely changed and they “ushered” me off the phone. These people are total crooks and are just trying to swinddle people. But unfortunately I think they are somewhat successful as they keep the scam going.

  • Mike R 8/18/2008

    I just received the e-mail this morning and was confused as to why I would suddenly be considered for such an “honor.” Thankfully, I Googled this Princeton Premiere and came across your blog. Thanks for you efforts in setting this up to let everyone know what’s going on. I appreciate the heads-up!


  • Mike R 8/18/2008

    Oh, and by-the-way, I thought it was interesting how the Princeton Premier is based in Astoria, Queens, NY instead of Princeton, NJ…

  • Keith 8/18/2008

    Joining the club. Love the fact that this blog is #1 on Google when searching on Princton Premier.

    Steve #196 hit it right. The only folks that will find value in signing up for this list are other scam artists looking for easy targets. If you’re in sales for bogus products, it may just be worth the $99…

  • Clayton 8/20/2008

    Back in the day before the internet I fell for this via a telemarketing scam thanks for all the comments. In 95 the scam cost me $300.00. The pay off, a $12.00 plaque with my name on it! Today just a good laugh.

  • NSU1984 8/20/2008

    I just receive the phony email!! Thanks again for creating this blog!! Informed and empowered!!!

  • jb 8/21/2008

    b. hell! they now reached london!

  • Bhaji 8/21/2008

    Thanks everyone for sharing. I’m not the only one! Glad to have googled this blog. Seems like a new era of internet intuition has arrived.

  • Raul 8/22/2008

    Like all of you, today I also received the e-mail and was very skeptic. Thanks for taking the time to share your info.

  • MGO 8/22/2008

    This is just but one of many with the same approach. I just deleted my email from them,

  • Michele 8/24/2008

    Thank to Google, i’ve lowered my transaction costs; thanks everyone for sharing your collective insight & saving me from this scam!

  • Dean 8/26/2008

    Thank you for the details everyone. Another pretty presentation of a scam.

  • Daniel Peterson 8/26/2008

    And here I thought I was special.

    It sure smelled funy, and when I, like many of you, googled the organization, this blog came up first. I think that’s a good thing, and hope it stays that way.

    By the way, though I can’t offer an awards ceremony, or the lofty honours and privilieges that come with inclusuion in Princeton Premier Bios, I can tell you that your presence here proves you people of the caliber PPB hopes for…just a little brighter and a bit more savvy that those currently listed therein.

    I commend you (us) all!

  • Hotwater 8/27/2008

    The email from Princeton Premier made my day. Thoughts of grand recognition and honors beyond my wildest dreams for all of the hard work I have put in during the past 25 years.
    Then, unfortunately, I just had to do an internet search on Princeton Premier which led me to this blog.
    With this Princeton Premier being a scam, my feelings of worthlessness and self loathing are so overbearing that I just do not think that I can continue on living. Goodbye cruel world.

    Just kidding. Thanks for the initial post on this.

  • James 8/27/2008

    Ah, I thought I was special haha

    I too got this email, and I too googled it and found this blog.

    I nearly clicked the unsubscribe until I thought it would actually verify my address and company domain, opening the flood gates for potentially hundred more honored people I work with!

    Glad you all were too clever not to sign up!! But someone, some where will…. :o(

  • Jay Speyerer 8/27/2008

    These postings start in January, so I guess that’s when PP started “awarding” places in their registry. I’m offended it took them this long to get to me.

  • JMcLean 8/27/2008

    One born every minute, they always say. I have received numerous emails from this organization and had immediately deleted them until today. I finally took a few minutes to also Google them and was landed here. Thanks to all for the useful commentary and since I now feel so special to be invited, I will try to keep my ego away from my wallet.
    Kind Regards to all you bright, saavy honorees!

  • Andromeda 8/28/2008

    Geesh, and I thought I was sooo special… Being originally from Princeton and all.. I just added these clowns to my blocked senders list and will move on w/o supporting their habit..


  • Nick 8/29/2008

    Thanks for making this post!!!!

  • Michele Tyler 8/31/2008

    My daughter received this invite so my son checked it out as he lives in NY and works in publishing. His roommate’s girlfriend lives just down the street from the address given and she just roared with laughter when she heard.

    They play on all our egos………….SPOOF, SPOOF, SPOOF!

  • Joss 9/2/2008

    Outlook sent the email from Princeton to the Junk box, so I think it was a scam (or phishing???).
    Surely not a great surprise… before to see their website or form I asked googlr to tell me more.
    I found myself here with another 200 naives who for a moment think to be a genius. Welcome abord


  • Felipe C 9/4/2008

    Well, seems spectisism pays. I did too receive the email, but googled it and found this page! Thanks to Alan who post the original one, and the rest who saved me from this phishing!!

  • Rory W 9/9/2008

    Thanks to all above – needless to say I am slightly disappointed to be one of only 3 billion to receive this accolade!

  • Texas Rose 9/9/2008

    Add another to the list of “accomplished individuals”.
    Thanks to everyone for confirming what this Texas Gal first thought…. SCAM!

  • Rajesh 9/9/2008

    Hey guys….

    you all saved my time….thanks to google for this info….


  • Ann Treusch 9/10/2008

    Thanks Google for saving me the time. I couldn’t think of anyone who would nominate me for such a ‘prestigous’ award, so I checked here first. Although, have to admit, it caught my attention.

  • Tim 9/11/2008

    WTF??? :mrgreen:

  • Laughing MAO 9/12/2008

    Man, I never expected to see such a long thread. I received the email, googled, and have actually been *enjoying* this thread… great to see the world is full of smart people that can’t be fooled… I just feel bad for those who do, as flattery is a powerful sales tool, I use it all the time. And BTW, you guys are the best looking bunch of googlers and posters I have ever seen… and it’s great to see Jim growing his hair back in. Nicely done.

    Have a great weekend all, and keep an eye out for even smarter people with a better approach to getting your money.

    Laughing MAO

  • Mo 9/15/2008

    well what can I say, I just got off the phone to one of the so called sales guy/my account manager and when I asked him why I had been selected he just asked me a bunch of questions on my achiements. Then offered me the package of a lifetime, and when I asked for teh companies website and or an email he said that he needed to hit a deadline. I asked himto call me back next year!!!

    But thanks to all the posts here I dont need to take that call as I am honoured to be part of the community here….Now only if I can find my cheque book.


  • DOR 9/15/2008

    The rot has reached Hong Kong now, but your site is still the first to pop up in Google.

    I’m guessing you’ve single-handedly eliminated the effectiveness of this spam campaign.

    Well done, very well done!

  • Dave 9/16/2008

    Impressive little scam unfortunately for them one quick search on Google brings up this blog and a list that has just moved to 234 victims. I am honoured to be in the company of you all.

    Thanks for this post. It cleared things up nice a quick.

  • Eman 9/16/2008

    Well I really enjoyed reading through some of the posts. And glad I googled first. I though it was a scam, but wanted to check just in case someone actually thought I had achieved something! LOL.

    Well done everyone for picking up on this scam.

  • ChrisM 9/19/2008

    How lucky I thought I was to be one of the world’s most accomplished individuals when I opened the Email, THEN I stumbled upon this Blog. Now that I’m depressed, I guess I can go online and order some of those meds I keep reading about in those other Emails I keep getting.
    I’m also still waiting on my half of the 80 million dollars for helping out my dead relative in Africa that I never knew I had as well as all of my prayers being answered from sending out all of those Emails to everyone in my address book. BUT HEY, I still have all of those gift cards to Chili’s, Macy’s and KFC.

    If you want to do some real Networking with Real People, join a Business Networking International Group.
    Idiot Spammers.. 😆

  • Anthony 9/23/2008

    What a drag, and here I thought I was someone important. Finally some recognition after all those long years of working in the cellar on my water motor invention. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

  • Big B. 9/23/2008

    Who was it who said, “I will never join a club that would have me as a member!”???

  • Rach L. 9/25/2008

    What a bargain… GLOBAL recognition for the small price of $789.00 – Glad I don’t have to go to all the work of actually DOING something noteworthy!!! 😆

  • Ardwin Katz 10/8/2008

    A whois spills the site ownership to a Joe Nunzatio.

    The site is registered in Astoria Queens where Mr. Nunziato is a real-estate agent. You have to ask at this point what block head would register a scam with their real name, the site is more of a pipe-dream than anything else. I mean for 800 dollars your name does get added to a list and a nice press release acknowledging your membership.

    A search on Justin Grella shows some real estate transactions and a power ball winning in NC.

    The PO box is registered in Fresh Meadows which links Nunziato and Grella to the Class of 1991 at Saint Frances High School, so again what schmucks would put their real names on a scam. They probably think they’re doing the world some good with their service, don’t knock them for it, just don’t sign up if it’s not your cup of tea.

    I have a problem with what they’re doing because of the spam aspect which ended up costing my firm a small cash amount to update our spam filters.

    Artie K.

  • E M 10/8/2008

    How funny is that, I read about 10 postings and then wondered how many more there were… Looks like some ones sent mailbox is pretty full.

    Clearly a stinky game. I do OK in my world and could use a pat on the back from time to time but not sure I am entitled to any true accolades from the PR. Thanks for making a readily available post. Lets just hope that this is not part of the scam too. Maybe while I am on this site typing away, they are mining my data right now…arrrrgghh got to go..EM Seattle WA

  • JamesB 10/10/2008

    I too received this email and phone solicitation shortly thereafter. I felt skeptical after sending my personal information so ofcourse…,I queried a search of “Princeton Premier”
    There are hundreds of blogs just like this one so its obvious this scam is rather grand in scale in many different countries…It seems they dupe people out of their money by promising them the services they provide will give clients some investment,

    The general feel from reading these blogs and client experiences is the services are worthless and that they are just harvesting credit card information to do who knows what with it! Does anyone even know if they are affiliated with the university?

    Sure glad I dodged this bullet!

  • Rookman 10/14/2008

    I feel sooo unworthy! They tried to scam all 243 of you before asking me to toss my proverbial hat in their club! If the market had not crashed, who knows what I would have done 🙂

  • Princeton Alum 10/16/2008

    The flattering press releases PP publishes serves as a tool con artists are using to locate fools willing to part with their money.

    Please think twice and do your research, priceton premier is in not associated with Princeton U.

  • Geraldine 10/17/2008

    Who’s Who uses the same approach. they just have more cache. but they send out similar emails, letters, phone calls. ask the same stuff and then ask for money for the privilege of being listed. and then those who fall for it get to list it on their resumes!

  • Kevin 10/17/2008

    Not wanting to be selfish, I nominated the boss’s brother instead. Let me tell you, this award is perfect for him! I can’t wait till they contact him and he proudly shows off his new award status to everyone! Yes, we are laughing at you not with you!

  • lynnie60 10/17/2008

    😳 So many different folks from around the world! I am from Vancouver (the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics) British Columbia, Canada.
    Wow there are sure a lot of us who qualify to be recognized! Although I am sure we are all worthy of such recognition, it seemed a bit fishy to me too. Especially since I work in the Non-profit sector, supporting the disabled to live independently. What would Princton know about me and my work!
    Few seconds on Google and the mystery is solved! Thanks for this blog!

  • margo 10/17/2008

    What a laugh. I am so pleased to have been nominated only to have read all of your hilarious entries. Its been so entertaining I feel I should send in a donation to the Princeton Premier! Thanks for this blog and all your entries.

  • Fridaguerrera 10/18/2008

    Ja pues una más que es privilegiada, gracias por los antecedentes, me ayudo mucho a saber de que se trataba ese correo se los dejo de recuerdo

    It is my pleasure to inform you that you are being considered for inclusion into the 2009-2010 Princeton Global Network Business Leaders and Professionals Honors Edition section of the registry.
    The 2009 / 2010 edition of the registry will include biographies of the world’s most accomplished individuals. Recognition of this kind is an honor shared by thousands of executives and professionals throughout the world each year. Inclusion is considered by many as the single highest mark of achievement.
    You may access our application form using the following link:

    Upon final confirmation, you will be listed among other accomplished individuals in the Princeton Global Network Registry.
    For accuracy and publication deadlines, please complete your application form and return it to us within five business days. There is no cost to be included in the registry.

    If you’ve already received this email from us, there is no need to respond again. This email serves as our final invitation to potential members who have not yet responded.
    On behalf of the Executive Publisher, we wish you continued success.


    Jason Harris
    Managing Director
    Princeton Premier

    Princeton Global Network
    176-25 Union Turnpike #183
    Fresh Meadows NY 11366

    Saludos Combativos

  • libby 10/20/2008

    I just received my *first* notification of nomination. I feel so honoured!

  • Adrian 10/20/2008

    Hello to everybody!

    We are HONORED ALL OF US here, for such a great cooperation in understanding new ‘ways’ of the internet reality…
    Thus, we are already included in this distinguished blog of honor, as we have the Human Soul’s deep Universality to act on a United Vision in Diversity as to CARE for each other.
    That is, in my estimation, the Greatest Honor @ all.
    The Human Soul’s Honor.

    I posted here also for others the info about their domain… it seems they ‘exist’ only since 2007:

    Adrian Radu

  • Christof 10/21/2008

    Hello everybody
    As of today I have been selected as well. Very interesting because I am based in Germany. Well I am honoured not to respond to this. It does not sound illegal but everything inside screems Spam 😛
    But I am honoured to be on eof the chosen ones 😆

  • TracyD 10/23/2008

    Wow, Wow, Wow…me too!!! Thanks so much for this blog – and I can’t tell you how worth it was to be able to read all the humerous material all of my fellow honoree’s have!!! I’m grateful to be amongst the elite!!! Offto the trash folder they go ❗

  • Bob 10/27/2008

    At first this caught my attention until I read the link and saw comments about no refund if unhappy with services. Then I wondered what services would I be unhappy with if I was getting placed on a list? It gave me that strange feeling so I entered info with someone’s phone number who deserves a call from people who waste our time with junk email. I think it is fine for people to opt-in or out, that’s your decision, however to me this is simply a scam and a waste of money. I’ll cut everyone a deal, I will make a list and place you on it (with the DVD list) for $100 a piece. If enough say that’s resonable I’ll work on it asap. 😆

  • JoeyD 10/27/2008

    Hey I got one too, and my name is not even for real. Makes you feel so special, doesn’t it?. I wonder if Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Superman (the man of steel), or Pokeman got one as well? They’ve done more movies and have been seen by more people than I, so why not.

  • Mary Redmond 10/29/2008

    I feel bad that it took so long for me to be honored. This game has been going on for awhile.

    Why did it take so long to notice how special I am?

    And without this blog and a few others like it, I too could have been included in a book that honors a bunch of people suckered into a scam and willing to pay for their 30 seconds of fame.

    Mary Redmond

  • Sick of JUNK Es 10/29/2008

    Got one recently today. Knew it was phishing scam. Gone to spam box for good. These people need to get a life. Who pays to be recognized? Scammers are just as as as the paparazzis, trying to be recognized themselves.

  • Neil Freemer 11/5/2008

    Thanks for doing all the research. What a scam, but it did make me feel good for a brief moment!!

  • Kathy 11/6/2008

    Thanks for all of the postings. As of Nov. 6, this pseudo scam is still going strong. After reading many of these postings, I went to the site. It’s amazing how far you can get into the site by using an old e-mail address and creating an account. It’s a pretty lame professional site as those type of sites go. There is very little real activity. You can tell that some folks have bought into it. They probably use it until they realize how useless it really is. Many of the postings are from 2007. It doesn’t take long to see what it’s about.

  • Zee 11/10/2008

    Funny! Even on the heels of hurricane Ike, this has allowed me a bit of humor. Now, I am still in school working on my doctorate, so I thought to myself…”who would have nominated me for such a “prestigious” award?” Then, as I continued to read, and being the investigator that I am, I smelled this above the scent of the Gulf! (and for all who know, that had to have a foul odor).
    I really appreciate all of these enlightening posts. My first inclination was to see who Princeton Premier was. The closest I came to that was the Princeton Review when studying for the MCAT ang GRE! Perhaps they thought I did a good job with my study skills!
    At any rate, I simply must go and get that Wal-Mart 500.00 gift certificate now, much more legitimate than this offer, and besides, it’s free!
    Peace and keep dodging these scams!

  • Peggy 11/12/2008

    Princton Who? My first instinct was to google. Then chuckle. Now I’m laughing at some of the responses to this ridiculous email we received. I know I’m wonderful but didn’t realize it was known to others out there. I don’t need the honor bestowed upon me, I’ve already rewarded myself. What $100 Macy’s card? 😆

  • MtnCynic 11/13/2008

    For a nanosecond I was taken in. After all I have a degree from Princeton (the seminary) and lived there for 12 years. I know BFD, but it did make think maybe they know something about me. Then came the fear of “Oh no they might know too much about me!” Then of course I remembered, as so many of you above me in this blog did, the Who’s Who of high school and college days that played the same game with our pride and desire to be somebody and to cover our “I am such a fraud” fears.
    The bait in this phishing expedition is bitter indeed. Glad so many missed the hook.

  • Kristin 11/13/2008

    Apparently I and all of my coworkers at our small PR firm in Minneapolis are also worthy of this honor! Thanks for the laugh.

  • leigh 11/13/2008

    Well a mother of a student of mine told me that she was going to submit me to the young leaders of the world or something like that because of how much I have accomplised at such a young age so when I got this I was excited. NOW I AM BUMBED to find out it’s crap. POOP 🙁

  • Robert 11/20/2008

    I too am on this prestigous list. It reminds me of a similar publication that recognized Distinguished High School Leaders in the mid-70’s by publishing their name and school in a bound book. The catch here was that you had to provide your parents and grandpapents addresses. They were were then solicted for various styles of leather bound book.

  • Clau 11/21/2008

    Para quienes hablan español, les digo que PP es un engaño que llega a todos lados, no es posible que el vendedor llame y haga una entrevista exhaustiva y despues pida un pago inmediato para incluirnos en el directorio. Afortunadamente, me rehuse a pagar y el vendedor dijo no poder contactarme nunca mas! No dejen que su ego les haga tirar su dinero a la basura. Hay mejores formas de hacer networking con 99 dls.

  • Mike 11/28/2008

    Now I’m depressed. I only received the notification of my success email today, November 28, 2008.
    This is months after so many of you were chosen for this honour. I am in Canada though so maybe that’s the reason for the delay. I’ll go with that. : )

  • j 12/7/2008

    looks like they are spaming australia again….

  • LP 12/9/2008

    Finally my invite came in!

  • Jos 12/9/2008

    I got it in my mailbox too. It has now reached New Zealand …

    Luckily I googled it and found this site. Great resource.

  • Prashant Pathak 12/10/2008

    I’m also the lucky one. From NZ it has now reached to India so they are rocking 🙂

    Foe me it was very easy to understand that it’s a scam as nothing in my life I have done yet to included anywhere.(Not even in people’s guest list I appear) forget some review 😆

    Finally, as GOD helped us humans with the precious gift and art of googling I found you all guys talking about it so thought of put my name here as well.

    Take car & God Bless.


  • Sumit Sahni 12/10/2008

    I got this one too. I had my doubts when I saw the e-mail. Thanks to all of you , my doubts have been validated.


  • T 12/11/2008

    Do NOT use this service!
    You will regret it the rest of your life!
    If you are lucky you get a 80% refund.


  • Val 12/12/2008

    My turn now, living in Calgary and wondering what type of scam this was. Thank you for the Blog -it truly puts it in complete perspective.

    Well Done!


  • Ego Hit 12/15/2008

    😉 Hey there, I recieved this this morning and though well about time. I should be recognised. I then grabbed hold of my ego and thought but what have i done to get this, best have another look and found this wonderful blog.

    My thanks to you as their website explains nothing. It is sad though that they exploit the need for recognition we all have and obviously feel we are not getting. Maybe we need to recognise each other.

    So here tis Congratulations you are the winners of the “Not to be scammed by the Princton Pricks Award” Your tenacity and wisdom meant you recognised danger and deciet, both admirable traits.
    So once again congrats on ajob well done, and to those who were trusting enough to fill in the form not only are you in the book but you are trusting of others which is also an admirable trait. Congrats to you too.

    Please keep this going so people are aware.
    Love life, Paula

  • GrnWhistle 12/15/2008

    Wow, I would totally pay to see me at an awards ceremony for… what was it again? Fools and their money 🙂

  • Robert-Michigan 12/15/2008

    I did not get this letter but I do win the UK Lotto 6 times a day and all the while dieing widows all over the Eastern hemisphere want to will me their fortunes.

    So I looked in yahoo answers to find out why these types of email are not automatically marked as spam by now. They have been around for a while.

  • joel 12/16/2008

    You guys totally rained on my parade. I really thought I won 😥

  • Laughing hysterically 12/16/2008

    Got this email today- laughing hysterically at the messages left on this blog. Thank you commenters for the smile.
    You guys are right on the money. Im tired of these scams.

  • Wendy- Durham North Carolina 12/17/2008

    It looks like I’m in good company! : – )

    For once, I decided to look before I leaped! Pretty good since I was the one who everyone tried to fool by saying “did you know that the word gullible is not in the dictionary!” I guess I’m learning to question more in my old age.

    Thanks for the blog. I’d been fun reading.

  • Hortense 12/18/2008

    G.A.I.A – Global Alliance for International Advancement, is another Who’s Who company pretending to be legit. This Who’s Who company doesn’t even use the words Who’s Who in their company name because they want people to think that they’re the real deal. But they’re not!!!! Like other Who’s Who companies, G.A.I.A calls customers randomly and try to make them believe that they are qualified to be members of their society.

    They tell these customers that once they become a member, they will receive a full page in their publication and a wall plaque and identification card. They also promise these customers that they will receive hundreds of contacts from people in their field of work. All of this for a fee of $2500. This is just a scam. All this company wants is your money.

    They don’t care about your credentials or achievements. They don’t even care if you can’t afford the money. They’ll offer you annual memberships from $798 – $1596. I was a sales rep for this company for a month. While I was there, I saw a lot and heard a lot. This company has only been around for 8 months. The manager used to work for Madison Who’s Who (what a coincidence).

    They get their leads and call lists from International Who’s Who Historical Society, another Who’s Who scam company. They have two offices – the main office is located on 551 Fifth Avenue Suite 1620, New York New York 10176. The other office is the call center where they do their dirty work and it’s located on 550 Fifth Avenue Suite 400, New York, NY 10176, right across the street from the main office. The sales reps sit for 8 hours by the phone and are required to dial customers over and over again. Some of these sales reps have served time in jail and don’t have a high school diploma. G.A.I.A will hire anyone off the street to call and solicit customers for money.

    They pay their sales reps a low base salary of $300 a week. Sales reps have to make most of their money from commission. If they don’t have a sale in their first three weeks, they will be let go. The people running this company are liars, cheaters, and stealers. They make bogus claims like being a non-profit society in participation with the United Nations Millennium Project. They’re not a non-profit society because they are charging customers thousands of dollars to be members of a bogus society. Also, they are not in any way in participation with the United Nations Millennium Project. The UN Millennium Project doesn’t even have them on their page.

    And the UN Millennium project’s goal is to reduce poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation, and discrimination against women worldwide. It’s goal isn’t to solicit customers to pay two thousand dollars to become members of a society. G.A.I.A is a scam company that should be ignored and avoided. Do not enroll in their memberships if they call you. You will lose thousand of dollars. And do not work for them. They treat their sales reps like slaves. Another thing I forgot to mention, G.A.I.A calls people all over the world.

    They take advantage of these people who can’t speak English in these foreign countries and ask them for their credit card number. Many times these people don’t know why they are giving their credit card number to the sales reps. As I said earlier, G.A.I.A is run by liars, cheaters, and stealers. Like other Who’s Who companies like Madison Who’s Who, Princeton Premier, and International Who’s Who historical society, G.A.I.A is one big scam company. You’re just asking for trouble if you decide to enroll in their membership or work for them.

  • Bev 12/22/2008

    What fun I had reading all the blogs on this. Thought I was suddenly going to be famous! I’m in Canada so this is traveling around the world. All of us lucky people – how did they manage to gather up all the world’s elite!

  • Dave 12/30/2008

    As one of the 6bn elite people who are on their exclusive list, i’m proud to confirm the arrival of the offer in London England. What really upsets me is how long they have taken to realise how important i am. I ALMOST feel like replying to complain.

  • Suzi 12/30/2008

    What nonsense! lol. Does anyone actually pay up I wonder? Just to see their name in some silly book? On the plus side, it’s given me some entertaining reading on what is otherwise a very cold, very quiet, post-Christmas morning in London. Nice to meet you all. :o)

  • Wayne 1/1/2009

    Yep I too am priviliged to be nominated……strange thing is don’t know what I’m being nominated for, I mean waht did I do to deserve such an honour ????…beats me, I’m from the UK btw, the worrying thing was it was my works email address….so it almost (but not quite) looks authentic. Well I’m now priveldged to part of this blog which is prbably better than the The Princeton Premier list by far….Happy New Year everyone.

  • Michele 1/6/2009

    I too have been nominated. I’m proud to confirm the arrival of this email to Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

  • Ian @ formexperts 1/7/2009

    Hi everyone – just a quick note to let you know that I apologize for any part that our form service had in this spam campaign. Unfortunately one of our customers used our online form-to-email service for unethical practices and violated our terms of service. As a result their account was immediately canceled as soon as I found out about how the forms were being used. Just to be clear – we didn’t send out any of the spam messages, but the forms were being referenced in the emails .. and I don’t want anyone to think we had a hand in it.

    !! We are anti-spam !!

    – Ian

  • Shan 1/8/2009


    I was scammed by Princeton Premiere Registry for $878.95 on January 5, 2009. 😳 😥 Since then I had to cancel my credit card and register with Identity Theft Insurance. However, I was able to track down the offenders to the following websites and addresses using publicly available information on the web.

    Here are the details of the miscreants scammers and their contacts:
    Owned by:
    Princeton Premier
    23-35a steinway st
    astoria, New York 11105
    United States

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Created on: 11-Feb-07
    Expires on: 12-Feb-09
    Last Updated on:

    Administrative Contact:
    nunziato, joseph
    Princeton Premier
    23-35a steinway st
    astoria, New York 11105
    United States

    Technical Contact:
    nunziato, joseph
    Princeton Premier
    23-35a steinway st
    astoria, New York 11105
    United States

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Please be careful not to fall for the same scam yourselves.


  • Elaine B. 1/9/2009

    well I guess people are desperate for money and actively preying on those who have a little fame on the web. I too received that email. They will scour the web and papers for your name. How sad!

  • Tifffany 1/13/2009

    Well…I am truly hurt by all these posts. I thought that I, having a 4 year degree from a no name university, and tolling away my days being an assistant, was the only person who was fortunate enough to be nominated into this prestigious organization. Boy, was I wrong! I would have never sent my info to anyone who appeared to be related to Princeton because frankly, I didnt attend classes there.

    I had a hearty laugh from reading this blog, and maybe I didnt see it on here but I do have an additional point. At least one person on this blog pointed out that this place has no affiliation with Princeton University. My observation is this: For a University like Princeton, name is EVERYTHING. If a company like this is running around using Princeton’s moniker to grift people, don’t you think they’d take some form of legal action? Maybe Princeton does have something to do with it.

    Also, all these membership organizations that have been mentioned sound like cults. I would never pay money to advertise my information. You dont have to. I know these people found my name and email from my company website because everyone in my office got the same email. And if I wanted a new job, is quite free.

  • Matt G 1/21/2009

    I just think its fantastic that a sales rep from the English countryside like myself has finally been recognised as one of the `worlds most accomplished individuals’. I thank all that have nominated me and will be calling mr Obama later on to ask him if he needs any help in running his country. LOL

  • Kay.R 1/22/2009

    It’s amazing to see how far reaching Princeton Premier is as I am down in sunny South Africa. I also received this prestigious invitation and was suitably impressed. It stated that inclusion into the registry was at no cost. Today I received a call from a James Pile who interviewed me and then congratulated me on being accepted. He gave me the option of an annual membership at $149 or a platinum lifetime membership of ~$650 and then promptly requested my credit card details. This whole process became even more fishy when I was suddenly being pushed by some seriously aggressive telemarketing. He also would not allow me to phone back (smelt like a scam) and did not want to e-mail any information – it became a one time only offer. I could not imagine a professional body with a Princeton connotation would proceed in this manner. I googled Princeton Premier and found these blogs. Princeton Premier have obviously been active for a while so beware…..

  • Barb - New Zealand 1/28/2009

    Received the email today – Like so many others have noted, it seemed fishy. Interestingly however the surname of the nominator was familiar so I googled…found your site. Thanks for all the postings
    Now off to delete the email.

  • Pamela - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada 1/28/2009

    January 28, 2009 4:57 pm

    Received the email twice now. Decided to google and found these postings. I will keep deleting the emails until they go away.

  • Michael - South Carolina, USA 1/29/2009

    So I’m not special?

    Many disappointed sobs .

  • Dana 1/29/2009

    This is such a hoax! All of us dubious people were smart enough to google before giving up our hard earned cash! I just got a call from one of their reps asking me all kinds of questions. It seemed like an honor until she asked my for $849! CRAZY! I think they are banking on people’s needs for status symbols. Now, some lunatic has far too much personal info about me, but one piece of info they don’t have is my credit card number, and they aren’t getting it!

    Thanks to the original blogger who exposed this!

  • Marcus - Austria (no kangaroos) 2/1/2009

    Just wanted to say that I recieved a similar one today, googled, and here I am.

    @Michael: Everybody is special 🙂

    @Anybody who pays for something like that is demonstrated stupid and should not be listed in such directories (so subscribing and get listed is a contradiction in terms) 😈

    Here comes the different text:

    It is my pleasure to inform you that you are being considered for inclusion in the upcoming 2010 Edition of Who’s Who in the World, which is scheduled for publication in November 2009.

    Distributed globally, Marquis’ Who’s Who in the World is relied upon by business leaders, journalists, academics, and other professionals for its accuracy and currency of information. Additionally, it is found in the collections of many of the world’s leading libraries and corporations.

    As the Marquis Who’s Who editors begin assembling the 2010 Edition of this historic publication, the original Who’s Who in the World continues to be recognized internationally as the premier biographical data source of notable living individuals from every significant field of endeavor.

    To be considered for inclusion as a biographee in this prestigious publication, you need only provide the requested information by completing the Biographical Data Form by February 23, 2009.

    The information you provide will be evaluated according to the selection standards Marquis Who’s Who has developed over 110 years as the world’s premier biographical publisher. If you are selected for inclusion in the new 2010 edition, we will contact you prior to the book’s publication in November.

    Inclusion in Who’s Who in the World offers…
    More than just a personal achievement; being honored in a Marquis Who’s Who publication offers prospective business contacts an authoritative, full representation of your credentials and accomplishments.
    A historical archive of your achievements, recorded for generations to refer to time and again.
    Exclusive offers that are available only to members of the Marquis Who’s Who family.
    I congratulate you on the achievements that have brought your name to the attention of our editorial committee. We look forward to hearing from you.


    Fred Marks
    Senior Managing Director
    Editorial and Who’s Who Selection Committee

    P.S. Inclusion of your biography in Who’s Who in the World, of course, carries neither cost nor obligation to you of any kind. Our goal with each new edition is to have full representation of noteworthy and accomplished men and women across all fields and industries.

    Please Note: If you are prompted to enter a V.I.P. Code when accessing our online data form, please enter the following: .

    To contact the Marquis Who’s Who Editorial Department with comments and/or questions, please send an e-mail to

    At Marquis Who’s Who, we respect your privacy. Click here to view our privacy policy.

    If you prefer not to receive e-mail announcements from Marquis Who’s Who and would like to unsubscribe, please click here.

    Marquis Who’s Who
    890 Mountain Ave
    New Providence, NJ USA 07974

    Copyright (C) 2009. Marquis Who’s Who LLC. All rights reserved.

  • ken 2/7/2009

    😆 I got it today!!!! hmmmmmmm… at first i got it and it looked delicious. It made me feel soooo big at the office. Somebody wants to honor ME!!!! All I do is interior decorating and some dancing at night. The awards i win at night we cant talk about here. 😳 I googled it coz I was sooooo excited. 🙁 now im upSET! I feel like this is as bad as the gay porn links in my email.. u just keep clickin em coz u never know. I got news for you princeton, for $895 I can get my own swedish man with a donkey. Im just glad to find soooo many people here just like me.


    From Microsoft Award I had got Two awards one is to collect it from the Magnum PLC Bank in Africa One Million US Dollars Only (Smith Walker) and Another is from MSN 1.9 Million Pounds Only But both of two agents says you have to pay some minor amount to open account so that money will transfered in State Bank Of India ,Pune,Maharshtra,India,Asia 411035 Account Holder is Sahasrabudhe Sham Kashinath Account Number is 1043189669.If possible directly transfer the total five billion prizes payable to this account in free of cost .White House list 2191514N.
    Thanking You

  • Stephanie Evans, British Driving Society Liaison Officer 2/11/2009

    Perhaps we ‘ princeton premier’ nominees should get together to form an ‘ I didn’t fall for Princeton Premier’s scam’ club – I think we could really get something going between us ! Thanks, PP, for getting us all together to start a world wide – FREE – club ! Best wishes to all

  • Millie in NZ 2/15/2009

    The scam has come to NZ. Looking at the blogg history, this has being going on for a year…the scammers have been successful enough to keep going it seems…isn’t it time someone stopped them? Granted that you’d need to be pretty gullible to be drawn in…but it annoys me to see the naive being preyed upon…I can’t help seeing a parallel between this scam and the actions of some US financial institutions that has caused the US/World economic meltdown… maybe this scammer should investigate lawful ways of divesting people of their money…plus they’d be eligible for a US government bailout…

  • Debra 2/16/2009

    I am little disapointed it took over a year for them to recognise me, but now i am a full member of the ‘I was not fooled by’ club I do feel honoured.

  • Sonia 2/18/2009

    Too funny. Love the power of the net- to the author you truly do need a nomination!

  • Ellen Anders 2/19/2009

    Funny thing–if you click on the link to the “application” then you receive a notice saying that the page does not exist. Oh, I am devastated!

  • Jaclyn 2/21/2009

    What kind of ragtag amateur scam are they running over there?

    So pathetic!

    Its just a matter of time before someone shuts them down for fraud

  • Sagn 2/25/2009

    I was so lucky not to be fooled by these people. They interviewed me, and was told that I do qualify! They ask me for 5 year membership at USD849, told him I cannot make a decision now, told him have to think about it! He was a bit aggressive and upset, from that point I realize it is scam! Told the person that I won’t and I Google it, and this is what I find. Thanks people for raising it, and decided to leave my note for those to come on this site!

  • Rab 2/28/2009


    Hey, I work my tail off… I’m a stay-at-home Mom!

    How did they find ME, I wonder????? 😆

  • Susie 3/1/2009

    Wow, I am so excited to meet all of you at the PP Prom – or whatever exciting induction ceremony they have scheduled for us.
    I have a good friend that lives in Princeton – if I can get her invited to join maybe we can go to the “house” and hang out!

  • James W 3/1/2009

    this scheme preys on the vanity of humans, particularly Americans who are either so engrossed in getting famous/media shot (sympathise that they grow up in such a culture), or not having their feet on ground of reality..

  • jk in indy 3/2/2009

    i just got this email today… and it looked like a kid made it all up… so thank you all for creating this little “not so accomplished” but FREE blog club so i can at least join something today online…

  • Yet another one 3/3/2009

    Darn, I was so excited to be nominated. I figured they found out I was a runner up to be a runner up for the runner up of Ms. America and that in my spare time I was a pioneering brain surgeon working with Nasa on a way to do brain surgery in the space station should the neurotransmitters of the astronauts start to go awry! Oh well, I’ll have to wait for my fame and glory! 😉

  • Helen 3/3/2009

    I’ll be the 312 honored 🙂 Also received this mail today 🙂 SPAM. Nuff said.

  • Andrew 3/3/2009

    Woo! 313.


  • time_waster 3/4/2009

    I mananged to waste 30mins of his time on the phone whilst googling! It was a slow day in the office

  • Dave Mayo 3/4/2009

    Thanks to you all for your writings on the subject.
    I am going to wear the same Tux with tails to my awards ceremony that I wore to my vasectomy.
    If you are going to be impotent you gotta look impotent!
    The awards ceremony will be held in Nigeria I can pick up my check at the same time.
    I smelled the skunk even before I opened the e-mail

  • Kaz_Sydney 3/4/2009

    I had no idea that just by adopting an orphaned kitten from the local animal welfare league this passed weekend that I was going to be so magnanimously recognized. Hmmm? What shall I do next weekend? And which world famous group will recognize my HUGE efforts to save the world?

    Glad the blog is here . . . it’s good to have a laugh now and then.

  • Mike 3/5/2009

    But, but, but, I, unlike all you yokels, I am really and truly special, and have much to be praised for, accoladed, etc. So when I received this invitation, I thought to myself ”Jolly good show, old boy, they have finally recognized the gem in their miserable midst.” Now I am crestfallen it is only a mere scam, and my genius will go unrecognized! Oh woe is me! I must now wait with bated breath, another invitation.

  • Yet another one 3/5/2009

    Now I am really special as this is the second time this week I have been nominated. All those people I have helped, the sunshine I spead, it is amazing that they have time to even publish this directory with all the nominations of myself alone that they get. And for those of you skeptics who realized Princeton is in NJ and not NY or UK or Australia or Germany, fear not it will be republished under another name —- hmmmm how about “Sucker’s Successes”. Please people use to put merit on Who’s Who until some people spoiled that one. And to the blogger who thinks I am being negative simply because I can not afford membership, think again! But it is a shame that when economy is hit so hard they try to pry moeny out of those who may need it. I am current on my mortgage though under the new Admin this is a bad thing so I don’t know instead of paying the mortgage perhaps I pay the fee for all the bloggers here and just get assistance for my home given to me by the gov’t. (No offense to anyone on here actually collecting assistance)

  • Eloise Ebersole 3/5/2009

    I started down this thread because I got the same Princeton Premier e-mail (the 2009-2010 edition). Normally I just delete this cr*p, but today I decided to go trolling for information and ended up here.

    Two things:

    1. If you go to today you’ll find that their account has been suspended.

    2. Re: Marquis Who’s Who, I noticed the address and–since I grew up in the area–got suspicious. When I used Google Maps to find the exact address, I confirmed my suspicions. It’s a residential street (click on “street view” and you’ll see it).

    I’ve lived on this planet for more than a few decades and I can tell you this stuff has been around, under different names, for a long, long time. Vanity trumps sanity 95% of the time, and the people who send these e-mails know it.

  • John Miranda 3/17/2009

    Welp I just got my little Princeton(bullcrap)Premier e-mail and found it strange that a mere high school graduate like me could receive such an honor and so like most of you have I too did a google seach and came to the same answer as well. Bascially its BS, don’t bother, don’t read any further and just delete the nonsense and move on with your life. :mrgreen:

  • Rick 3/24/2009

    Wow! And I thought I was special! I didn’t get the nod until March 24. On behalf of those of you who came before I will accept this award and honor on your behalf. Not! 🙄

  • A 1st Vice President 3/24/2009

    March 24, 2009

    I read the 320 blog entries about this company and what each of you thinks about this. Reality check time. If the 320 people who posted paid the (almost) 800.00 per person that would equal (about) $256,000 (US) for this past year (give or take a few days). That’s based upon those that took the time to place the entry. What happens to those that just read and moved on? (Can PP post IRS deductions based upon lost revenues?) Better yet, what about those who actually paid? If accounts are correct and about 60% of those contacted actually paid, (sucker every minute types)and we (that don’t pay) know we are in the minority (about 40%) that number equates to about $640,000.00 (US) per year of revenues for that company. Any reason to see why they would not want to market their product? Conceivably, a couple of well versed people could perform the duties of what it takes to actually produce the documents. Sounds like a great paycheck! (or is this just another type of revenue sharing? Why yes it is, from yours to theirs)

    Not wanting to cut PP as a professional scam artistry as they do produce an actual document. (otherwise it would be fraud) And there may well be a number of people out there that might use the publication, the old adage states it best:

  • Nathalie 3/24/2009

    Thanks all for your humor! Just reading your wonderfully sarcastic responses made it all worth it 🙂 Indeed, we should form our own little club and pat each other on the back after this huge disappointment 🙁 I even have a little theme song ready for all of us: “I’m so special, I’m so wonderful, lalala…”

    Until we meet again when we’re all accomplished – keep up the good work!

  • Angeless 3/26/2009

    This morning i also recivied one of the mails telling me that Iam being considered for inclusion into the 2009/2010 Princeton Global Networks “Honors Edition” of the Registry.

    All the alarms started to ring the minute i spotted this mail in quaratine. So like all before me i googled the company and soon found what everyone else had writen

  • Ward Tipton 3/27/2009

    Naw, you all are looking at it all wrong. Everybody fill out the app and have them call you. We can eat into their profits even if the phone company is the only one who really wins. We set up a point system where points are scored based on the length of time that we can keep them on the phone with extra points being scored for those people who require them to make overly expensive long distance phone calls.

    Scameaters Unite!

    Ward Tipton

  • Jaclyn 3/30/2009

    Or you can just give them fake credit card numbers after an hour phone call where you ask a million questions!

  • Howard 4/7/2009

    another fake award to phish in vain people…….

    Dear Howard,

    It is my pleasure to inform you that you are being considered for inclusion into the 2009-2010 Princeton Premier Business Leaders and Professionals Honors Edition section of the registry.

    The 2009-2010 edition of the registry will include biographies of the world’s most accomplished individuals. Recognition of this kind is an honor shared by thousands of executives and professionals throughout the world each year. Inclusion is considered by many as the single highest mark of achievement.

    You may access our application form using the following link:

  • Alan 4/10/2009

    I will admit that I was feeling a tad left out 🙁 of the furor over being recognized for my outstanding achievements 😀 until I received their “congratulations/recognition” email 🙄 , while, at the same time, I was taxing my data banks 💡 for a bit of award-worthy accomplishment I could offer. Aha! At last! ❗ I get an award for NOT giving my personal info to a phishing company! Good on me! 😆

  • MEdzo 4/11/2009

    WOW! Thank you GOD, my wife, my parent, my kids, and everyone in the audience! Really humbled… And I smelled the scam when the domain associated with the sender’s email took me to a dead page.

    I filled the form out with the FBI’s Internet Crimes information (202) 324-300.

    Hopefully these idiots call to get the credit card of some Special Agent Christine johnson, there. And maybe they end up on the news…

    thanks for this thread!

    And stay away from this scam!

  • kam 4/15/2009

    OOOOOOOO….I got this e-mail and thought why is this the final notification? I never got a first notification…I was so very sad but then I said look…they must still really want me!!…little ol’ me…how heartfelt…so yeah then reality set in…yep…scam…spam…junk…how the heck did they get my name thru my work e-mail…so thanks everyone! and keep them honest!

  • gotcha 4/21/2009

    kept them on the phone, for 55 min. read off garbage had them check spelling and go over my fake garbage and then told them I was 10 yrs old and I would have to cut 80 lawns and 3 yrs allowance to pay for that. could they take payments. and then there was a dial tone. wow im famous. want your lawn cut…lol

  • very dodgy 4/29/2009

    It appears Richard Wellington from Princeton Global Networks is now targeting people who don’t have a strong grasp of english in the hope of scamming them. Cheeky con artists.

  • badbenne3 4/30/2009

    Looking like I’m number 332 on the list. I got here via google. Congrates to all of my esteemed colleagues on being named to the Princeton list and being intelligent enough not to give up some $$$

  • badbenne3 4/30/2009

    i actually wanted to be number 333..sweet

  • HHatton 5/1/2009

    Like all of you I got the same Email….being the IT director I checked the company incoming mail and found that the Janitor (who is employed on a work release from the county prison) also was nominated, as was the fake name email (yes it is Mr. John Doe) we use for a “catchall” forwarding address for spam.

    And the one poster feels it is not a scam!!!!! All 6 of our (highly prestigious and expensive) corporate attorneys differ with you……..probably because they were not nominated…

  • BJ 5/13/2009

    same call to me, now $849 for lifetime, I was called by David Bryant Ph +1 7187668628

    Seems like they are doing the rounds in Australia.

    Thought I spelt a rat so googled and found this site, You all have saved me $849.

  • HAL 5/15/2009

    Just wanted to add my info, so you will know that these people are still at it – I also received the same message as all of you from Jay Harris, Managing Director of Princeton Premier. But it was addressed to the wrong name. The return email address was Padma Noollu and all links within the message labeled Princeton Premier seem to point to links at the bogus domain, but are redirected. The online application form is at While there is an actual web site for Princeton Premier, it’s unclear if this scam is even related to them. They may be only using the name of this real site in their promotion, because the application form is not on the Princeton Premier site at all. Don’t give them any of your personal information or money.

  • HAL 5/15/2009

    return address was Padma Noollu,

  • Roger West 5/20/2009

    Well, they are still at it. Got an email today..


  • David 6/2/2009

    Looks as if they may be changing their tactics since I received a FAX this morning, instead of the e-mail everyone’s been receiving.

    First paragraph reads, “We are pleased to inform you and your business have been selected to be published for free in the 2009/2010 Edition of Princeton Who’s Who of Executives, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs”.

    It was from Jennifer Preston, with the title of Editor in Chief

  • dsrtrosy 6/3/2009

    When I first read it, it reminded me of “Who’s Who of American High School Students” for which you are in fact nominated and yet still have to pay a fee for inclusion. Of course, the email they sent says “NO cost to be included in the Registry” so if they then require payment, they are indeed fraudulent.

    What concerns me is the fact that they have my full name which I rarely use online.

    I am very good at what I do. And, like others who have posted here, I might expect nomination for acknowledgment within my field of expertise. But I am still skeptical enough to google for more info. When I was nominated for “Who’s Who” I knew who nominated me–they had to provide almost as much information as I did.

    Let me add my voice to the list–DON’T FALL FOR IT!!

  • Keith 6/3/2009

    While Princeton Who’s Who appears to be bogus, Marquis’ Who’s Who has been around forever and you’ll probably find copies in well-stocked reference libraries worldwide.

  • cindy 6/3/2009

    Interesting to note that Princeton Premier assures me I am great company. In reading these discussion threads, I feel assured that indeed, I am included in a circle of other clever, critical thinkers who also recognize a scam.

    I am indeed fortunate to be among such company and have passed the word along to other ‘successful business leaders’.

  • MK 6/3/2009

    will there be another awards ceremony for those of us who have only just received this very special honor recently? please?

  • Suzanne 6/4/2009

    Ha, ha, ha, ha!

    Now they’re sending it:
    On behalf of the Managing Director,

    John Tyson
    Editor in Chief
    Global Networks

    and then under that, it says the email was sent by Global Network

    OK, if the Editor in Chief can’t get your company’s name straight something’s up!

  • AG 6/4/2009

    wicked. I just got my invite.

    “Dear Bart Simpson,

    It is my pleasure to inform you that you are being considered…”


  • Kevin 6/8/2009

    Found an address for them here:

    If you look at them on Google Maps (street view), you will see that this hardly seems like the neighborhood from which to run such a presigious business. Astoria/Queens is not exactly synonymous with Princeton.

    These guys are incredible salespeople to get ANYONE to take the bait. But, like PT Barnum always says…

  • Kevin 6/8/2009

    Sorry, I meant what PT Barnum ONCE said. He doesn’t ALWAYS say anything anymore, I suspect… LOL!

  • Ophelia H 7/7/2009

    July 7, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    Well, yes , You are right, I’m another who googled it
    after receiving the request and came here to tell.
    Thanks you all for posting because it helped me to
    avoid making a idiotic move too. Thanks for Posting!!

  • Barbara D 7/13/2009

    I too was just informed of my great honor, naturally being the research person I am, I Googled and found this site. This is the same as the Who’s Who in America. There is always a cost for being listed. Stick to social networks, like linked in, no cost.

  • raa 7/14/2009

    I am grateful to those who have spent time in contributing to this blog – it has been very usefull.

    Very helpful – thanks

  • Maddie 7/14/2009

    Thanks for posting this information in 2008 and on – as they are back and at it again this year! Good to know this is bogus and just another phishing scam…

    I heard they were planning to have Michael at the 2009 awards ceremony, but have had to settle for Janet!

  • Nimo 7/15/2009

    This is great. Thank you Google for opening this page. I am receiving also other such offers in addition to Princeton. All are the same. Be careful! Identity theft is a popular scam today.

  • Colin 7/16/2009

    I am glad I Googled and found this page. It sounds like this Princeton site is just a scam.

    It is a pity, I was just starting to feel privileged!

  • Julia 7/17/2009

    Looks like they bought a new email list.

    When I got the email, I just thought who the heck are they,and if I won such a so called prestcious award why do they need me to send my info? shouldn’t they already have it? so of course I googled it to find out who they are.

    Never heard of them and will never give my info to them & from what I’ve read above they want close to $800.00 to join. HA! What a joke. ❗

  • Tony 8/13/2009

    After receiving an email saying that listing was free I signed up and this guy rings me 6 weeks later-like all genuine for being such a worthy person,”You must be very proud of your efforts, what do you think is your recipe for sucess,Where do you see yourself in 5 years blah blah blah, then the hard sell etc. Then he hung up on me when I would not commit (rude as!). Spent over half an hour on the phone to me from USA to New Zealand so that must of cost them a few dollars let alone his time wasted. Serves him right for being deceptive saying listing was free but then not allowing a free listing. Might sign up again and get them to ring me again just to piss them off further!!!
    We should all do that!!
    354 people saying no after 1/2hr phone sell will slow them down a little!

  • Rocketman 8/15/2009

    Ready for this….I am on disablity and have been totally disabled for more than 20 years…..TELL ME WHEN YOU’RE DONE LAUGHING so that iI may continue;;;;;;;;;;;but really folks…………need iI say more BEAST…a.k.a. wildman a.k.a. Rocket..a.k.a Flame Johnstone.. a.k.a madman..”i have SO MANY MANES”
    …gotta give credit ti Pacino for that line…
    TRUTH PEOPLE….all you scammin’ BS cheatin’ basteds out there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rtwb 8/17/2009

    I, too, got that crap. I also managed to find a website that showed a list of the people “honored” to receive the recognition. I can’t believe these poor stupid saps paid $789 to have their names plastered all over the internet. A lot were CEO’s or VP’s that needed their egos massaged.


    I replied to one with a fake name, but just realized the link has the coding and they probably know it was me. I guess I won’t get invited again for 2012-2013..

  • Nico 9/7/2009

    Aaaah … the dissappointment ! The already bright and shiny monday morning got an extra sparkle when I read I was being nominated to be in the Princeton Premier List. Recognition at last ! So I haven’t been filing papers from one cupboard into the other for the last 15 years for nothing then ! Now I have to prepare for the telephone interview. what shall I tell ’em ? My greatest achievement surely is sponsoring handicapped children in upper-volta who desperately needed money to rebuild their school after the tsunami hit the interior of the sub-saharan desert. Fortunately I had enough money after striking a deal with the cousin of a Nigerian minister, who was removed from power but still had access to 25 million dollars in a swiss bankaccount. What was left after my generous donations was invested in Google ‘work from home’ packages. For a mere 99 dollars I got a whole package of tools and tips to make a fortune from the comfort of my own armchair. so I bought 75’000 of those and hit the jackpot ! I then bought 845.000 tickets in the Official Zimbabwean State Lottery, and amazingly more than 849.000 of these paid out. So I am now a gazillionnaire (in Zimbabwe dollars) and live a life of luxury. But all the inflatable swimming pools, and leased Ford Taurusses can not take away that gnawing feeling every time i look at my Zimbabwean Bank Account Statement. Sure, you may be rich as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs together, but do you get any recognition from your peers ? The answer was no, and that saddened me. Until now ! I can now sign up for the Princeton Premier List, and finally find myself in the company of like-minded people who have been succesfull in achieving main life goals through the many opportunities that the internet presents.

    Thank you Princeton Premier List
    Thank you very much

  • I am not a sucker! 9/16/2009

    After receiving an email saying that listing was free I signed up and this woman with a very strong New York accent calls me today (Selina Hoosiro). She kissed up to me saying that I was such a worthy person,”You must be very proud of your efforts. She then asks what I do in my position, what I think is my recipe for success, where do I see myself in 4-5 years. Then goes on to the hard sell of wanting me to buy a Platinum membership for $849 or a Gold membership for $349. She understood my hesitancy, so offered just the introductory membership at $149. when I indicated that I wanted to learn more about the directory and service she got all defensive. I ended up putting her on hold for 5 or so minutes and came back to say I had an urgent matter that I needed to attend to. I let her know I would be in touch should I be interested— FAT CHANCE OF THAT.

    ADVICE: Don’t fill any online requests for a lsting yourself in a professional directory– they are a scam and waste of your time!

    NAME OF COMPANY: Princeton Global Networks
    Representative: Selina Hoosiro
    email address:
    Phone Number: 1-888-767-7548

  • Doctor Bullcrap 1/19/2010

    After receiving an email on linked-In saying that listing was free I clicked to learn more. Yesterday a Man with a very strong English accent calls me. He kissed up to me saying that I was such a worthy person,”You must be very proud of your efforts. He then asks what I do in my position, what I think is my recipe for success, where do I see myself in 4-5 years. Then goes on to the hard sell of wanting me to buy a Platinum membership for $849 or a Gold membership for $349. I told him too email me the bill as I would have a direct address of this scammer. He told me, “I don’t think you heard me we do not send bills!” After a few choice swear words and of course 5 minutes of wasted time on the phone I am writing on this message board. THEIR BACK AT IT!

  • Michelle 1/26/2010

    Well, I guess I’m a second string honoree… Thanks for posting this!

  • Andrew 2/17/2010

    Thank you for posting this! I was on the phone with Michael, my “personal account rep for the next 5 years.” I was able to keep him on the phone long enough to do a quick search online and found this thread. When I started questioning him about negative comments he hung up on me. Glad I was able to keep my money!

  • Dianne 3/24/2010



    This site saved me, as if I didn’t already know deep in my soul. Yeah, SUCH an honor!! Do I have a stupid badge somewhere on my facebook account? When he said “Let me be the first to congratulate you and welcome you aboard!” You know that really good feeling you get that last all of 7 seconds? Yeah. So then he goes on to sell me a membership. When he said $898, I swear to goodness, I thought he meant $8.98 per month! HA! When I realized what kind of money he was talking about, I about soiled myself! After it became clear I had no money, he actually started talking about paying money out of his own wallet to “help me out” and get me into a basic membership of ONLY $149.00, but that wouldn’t get me my fancy schmancy plaque. I put him on hold, googled this page, asked for his phone number and name, and said “Have a nice life!”

    Alex Navarro
    1-888-767-7548, ext. 118

  • very upset 4/19/2010

    I am so upset with myself for falling for this crap! Out over $400 now, and hoping my cc holder will reverse at least half the money they took from me… I’m just too trusting, and nice… but not any more! I only wish I had taken the time while talking with them to do the google search to see that this was a scam! I hope no one else gives them their money! Thanks for making these blogs on these criminals!

  • Really Mad 6/17/2010

    👿 OK, I am one of those people that fell for this scam.

    Has anyone been able to take further action and get all of you money back:?:

    When I was talking with them they confirmed with me that it $8.95 not $895.00. Their refund policy says “Our cancellation policy allows for a full refund up to 30 days after receiving items”. They have no intention of ever giving you back a full refund. They want me to send an email back accepting an agreement for part of the money $675.00.

    The person I was deal with kept telling me it was my fault that when I do something over the phone I should known exactly what I am getting into, but they were the one that gave false information by trying to describe $8.95 for 895 no dollars or hundreds were ever said by the person telling me this.

    Please help if you know how I can get a full refund.

  • Really Mad 6/17/2010

    😈 Here is more information about:

    Prinstion Global Network

    Professionals Businees Leaders Achievers

    Donny Lomes – phone # Direct Line 1-347-381-3748; 1-888-767-7548 ext 115 👿

    David Richards – phone # 1-888-767-7548 ext 129 👿

  • ARL 6/24/2010

    Yes rec’d the mail and sat through the whole interview (not remembering or knowing what it was I was being interviewed for!!)…I was quite shocked at the price but yes the caller was very charismatic and charming and made me feel very comfortable. Thankfully I was not about to pay without knowing more details (for which they were not happy about!)… This person claimed to be a Richard Wellington and that he starts at 1am making calls in New Zealand and ends up in Europe to finish off the day… Quite the scam really I wonder how many victims they manage to get?!

  • jovana 10/29/2010

    hahahahaah Another Victim Here :D:D:D today he called me i mean MR. RIchard Wellington , im from Europe from Macedonia, i was reading the official page likeee hmm i dont know 4 times and i’ve couldn’t understand what was all about. Anyway he told me, like to everybody pay 248$ and i told him that i dont have money on my credit card but i will have it about 2 days. And he said ok ok no problem bla bla , and after i got call from the bank and they told me that somebody was trying to use my credit card with 849$ What the hack?!?!?!.. So i google it and i found this 😀 lucky me …i blocked my credit card right on time . What if i had money ??? We are stupid people , we fall on good words. Thats the life.. you think when someone is very nice and saying a very very very nice things to you, you have to trust him … Kiss my ass now!!!!

  • Kim M. P-A 2/8/2011

    WOW … Thanks for the feedback, I’m from Trinidad, thats in the Caribbean, and I just got a call from them, a Richard Clark. I told him that i will get back to him and Googled them,and here i am…Thank goodness for the internet.

  • Driver Software Update 2/9/2011

    I’m the lowly connect at a large All of us lawyer as well as must confess I’ve been eager for complements, because they’re pretty hard to come by when you’re in my placement. Therefore, yes, I experienced “honored” after i obtained your PP notice today.

    Nevertheless, I only required to seek advice from my personal law firm’s listing to become came back in order to earth. Trust me, if PP had an oz of authenticity it might happen to be listed in the bio of a partner at my firm. Attorneys, more than every other experts, by no means miss out on an opportunity to accept a good award, regardless of how absurd; but, individuals at my organization are at minimum smart sufficient to understand you’ve reached end up being past eager to pay for your personal so-called award!!!

  • Merely a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw outstanding design and style.

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