Better or Odd To Simply Say What Gift You Want
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Better or Odd To Simply Say What Gift You Want

As a child whenever it comes to birthdays or Christmas gifts adults would constantly ask you what you want as they don’t want to get something that you won’t enjoy or have no use of. For example, buying toys from a series that you don’t really care about. Just asking and getting the answer is perfectly normal. But thinking recently for adults for some reason we treat it as very weird to the point where if one tells people what they want they feel greedy. Would you agree to that sentiment?

A funny example was recently I knew a person who really wanted a new tablet as the one they are using is almost five years old and it’s starting to show its age. Now the person would constantly bring this up where it was abundantly clear they were throwing suggestions to people on what to get as a Christmas gift. But when you ask the person outright if that is what they want they just say don’t get them anything or whatever they feel like.

Is it really that bad to tell people what you need and want as gifts when it comes to certain holidays and occasions? I think it works out better for everyone financially just knowing what people need and want to then assess if they can afford it or if they could simply combine funds with other people to get it as a gift.

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