Millionaire Image At The Expense of Others

Millionaire Image At The Expense of Others

There is an interesting story that popped up around here about a 26 year old real estate agent named Robert Zoost who markets himself as a more high-end realtor while being portrayed as a Million Dollar Man, so to speak. Even on his site there is a line stating “Marketing Properties from $1,000,000.00 – $50,000,000.00.”

Initially a lot of people from the outside, including the media, painted him as a real estate superstar. Interestingly enough, his past has been slowly popping up due to various events, including lawsuits against him, and it is not a pretty one at all from a financial point of view it seems. There were occasions where he received advanced commission checks, well into the five figure ranges, while being hounded to repay various financial debts to multiple parties.

There were two instances that caught my attention where one of his former girlfriend apparently leased a cell phone for him which he was supposed to pay her back for. On top of that, he drove a luxury Mercedes Benz, to help his image I’m guessing, and the car happened to have been purchased and owned by a different girlfriend mainly due to his request (Based on what I read).

That just made me think of the parasitic type of lifestyle that a lot of people indulge in at the expense of others. Isn’t that usually the case where people who constantly feel the need to flaunt about their vast riches are not all that they appear to be? I actually have experience lending a person a lot of money and resources as well. While getting your money back can be a real pain, it sure taught me a lot about the personality patterns and actions of people like that to avoid them.


  • Ed King 5/12/2008

    I think the mainstream Kelowna media(ie. the kelowna courier, and CHBC) needs to take a close look at themselves on this one. In my mide they were accomplises in Robert Zoost’s image portrayal to the public. A simple check of his past troubles with the board(posted to the public on the real estate board) and MLS data on sales performance would have revealed that this guy was not who he said he was.

    Good for David Baines and Blogs like this one for doing some real journalism.

  • roy 7/17/2008

    what ever happened to robert zoost

  • Alan Yu 7/18/2008

    Was an updated article about it on the Vancouver Sun awhile ago. Apparently, he lost his licensed and all.

  • ibnightmare 10/22/2008

    Robert Zoost is now working as a dishwasher in the Husky gas station in Sicamous

  • Alan Yu 10/22/2008

    Dishwasher? I find that a little too hard to swallow without some kind of verification. Isn’t a Husky Gas station just a convenience store like a 7-11 too?

  • merchantman 8/7/2013

    Robert Zoost is now going by the name of Robert Ronning, and is in the payment processing industry. After making his way into a CEO position for a startup, he then went on to another company called Payvida. It’s like he has nine lives.

  • tankman 4/22/2014

    Hi merchantman, this Zoost fellow has popped up again. He is flashing around lots of $$$, claiming he owns lots of properties. Can you give me some more info on this guy. I think he is a fraud.

  • Alan Yu 6/16/2014

    Just as an update for everyone, not too long ago I surprisingly received a lawyer letter from Robert Zoost’s legal council in regards to this post and I am in the midst of documenting everything to find out what is going on. If you wish to follow my updates I have made a new post at

  • Perry Van Haaren 10/12/2014

    After much diligence and discovery and discussion. I have come to the conclusion that most of this malicious intent is part of a competitor smear campaign to prevent the progress of a cutting edge company that is changing the landscape in what they do. It’s amazing what an ex girlfriend /wife and competitors can do with the stroke of a keyboard.
    “Let he who hath no sin cast the first stone”

  • Watcher 10/2/2015

    Robert Ronning has now been running a company called PayVida. He is the president and CEO of the company. His friend Ryan Strauss owns the company. Further all one needs to do is contact “any” of Robert’s ex-employees. All you have to do is dig deep into the internet and everything is there. Merchants doing business with him should be careful.

    (Admin Note: Had to mod some remarks that would require some real proof of those actions)

  • Dwayne Ganderton 4/10/2017

    What a load of garbage….. this is a total smear campaign. Shame on all of you, you need to know the facts first. Defamation at the least; you have absolutely no idea of the truth and yet portray yourself as someone who does, if anyone is a fraud it is you and your blog. I would encourage you to know your facts first and before you post anything research those facts to ensure they are accurate. I know all the facts and none of what you have stated is true. Grown a spine and post the real deal or don’t post at all.

    No wonder the work is upside down. To much ‘fake news’ …..maybe Trump does have a point.

    Shame shame shame

  • Alan Yu 4/11/2017

    Your comment makes it sound like you didn’t even understand the point of the post. The fact that you say “smear campaign” demonstrates that. It could have been any other person in the world or news for that matter and it would have been the same. Though I do find it ironic that you say facts yet you present nothing. Example, my reference was the Vancouver Sun article for the story itself. What is yours? Although ironically since this is such an old post whenever someone posts here in reference to the person it seems like something is happening I must say news wise with the person.

  • Mark 8/11/2020

    Robert zoost living in west kelowna and going by Rob Ronning and is up to his old schemes.

  • Michael Spetko 5/26/2022

    We sued Payvida and won , Honourable Justice Madame Justice ruled Payvida was to pay our settlement over 1.4 mill. However Con pimps Ronning and Strauss sold shares and drained the bank account before we could get there.
    Alan I would like to post Order Made After Trail documents so the public is informed.

  • Bob 2/26/2024

    Did you see the new article on Google that Robert Ronning and his same crew of loser ‘Directors’ from PayVida started a payment ‘fintech’ ponzi con called Orchard Technology in Vancouver. They got Ben Mulroney to be their spokesperson, bilked a bunch more investors and got sued by a bunch. You can see it all on the BC CSO. Google search Ben Mulroney lawsuit . When will these guys get investigated criminally?

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