Buying Practical Gifts For Older Kids
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Buying Practical Gifts For Older Kids

I was thinking as this year my nephew is graduating and usually for his birthday I would get stuff like video games as usually kids just want something fun right? But as he is officially turning into an adult I was actually thinking of getting him resources that may help him in his professional career and adult life. For example, registering a domain name for him that I think he may want to use for his future work. Or instead of money maybe buying him shares in a company which he can simply hold for the time being to get a feel of what it’s like to invest and seeing the ups and downs.

Obviously buying kids practical items like these too early will probably just end up in the closet as they would have no real sense of value of the items. Probably no different than all the kids in the world that get pairs of socks as a gift. But it’s an interesting thing to think about on when is the right time to give them tools and resources that actually aid them in trying to develop their professional path. In some ways, I would even see say a vehicle would be those types of gifts versus just buying an expensive TV as an example.

I tend to simply give older kids money so that they can use it for whatever they think they want if I can’t thin of anything. But for sure you as the adult can potentially give them resources which will give them a head start in life as you should know from experience what would have helped you a lot if you got certain things at a young age.

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