Just Heard of That Uber

October 30th, 2014 by

Apparently there is this app called Uber that has been in the US for awhile which allows people to get a car ride from someone. In many ways it’s like a citizen operated taxi service. I was watching the news today on how the company tried to come into Vancouver here but was denied due to regulations. The interesting part was it was mentioned that they may simply make all the rides free as that eliminates the need to get properly licensed like a taxi company.

It was interesting as a lot of taxi companies appeared to be worried about this as it’s almost like how newspaper have been drastically affected by Craigslist. It sure makes me wonder if I would ever dare to use this and get like a random stranger to take me to a destination. Like here, is the lure of it being free enough for you to not take say the taxi or transit if you don’t have your own car?

Getting Personal Care Items In An Electronic Store

October 29th, 2014 by

I must admit this was a little odd the other day when I went into an electronic store to purchase an item. After the transaction, the customer service rep handed this to me:


As you can see, there were personal care and cleaning items such as the Axe body products and some Mr. Clean items. The lady gave me this for free and was saying how most people don’t know that on its online store they sell a lot more variety of products. Therefore, this sample was to show the type of things you can get to hopefully get people to think of them for more than just electronics.

While the free samples are nice, I was thinking how it probably takes a lot more to change a person’s shopping habit to not associate a business with certain types of items only. What does it take really? I think for myself the company has to have consistent big deals for me to even think about them. For example, a lot of electronic stores sell chocolate bars but I bet most people would still automatically think of a grocery or convenience store if they wanted to buy one.

I think it’s almost no different than how a lot of online retailers convinced me to shop online as opposed to a traditional retail store for many items. Funny enough, it’s probably easier the other way around such as if you were a grocery store that is now offering electronic items.

Internet Access As A Budget Necessity

October 28th, 2014 by

It wasn’t too long that when it comes to Internet access most of us would put it into the same category as the cable TV service. Basically, it’s nice to have but not necessary. I was then watching some conferences today discussing how it’s just a matter of time until everyone is connected to the Internet. This then brought up conversations how you pretty much need to consider this service as essential to flourish.

I know for myself, nowadays I almost consider Internet access as like electricity for a house. I mean technically we all can live without the need of power, but it’s like everything is designed to have it. There are even companies nowadays that require people to access websites to do things such as payroll. In some ways I consider it more integral then the traditional landline service where the two have kind of swapped.

It’s interesting too as while I was doing that welfare challenge they mentioned that people budget a little over $20 a month for phone service to try and find a job. I am almost inclined to say like with that having access to the Internet provides way more opportunities as even for jobs a lot of companies nowadays say apply online only. Does anyone feel it’s not a necessity yet where it’s a priority of your monthly budget?

That Homeless Joe Story

October 27th, 2014 by

I must say, this video was crazy to watch. It essentially showcased a person named Joe who is homeless and does everything he can to survive. You would think that stereotypically he would only do things such as panhandle for money (Which he apparently makes like $150 a day on average). But that’s not the shocking part. The big twist to this is that apparently one of the biggest way that he survives is that he constantly finds women who are willing to sleep with him and this provides him with shelter many times.

It’s kind of hard to believe that someone can essentially live like that. He did say a quote where it was something along the lines of he essentially just tells people what they want to hear which makes them accept him. For sure I don’t agree with the person’s choices in life morally. In some crazy way though I was thinking how what he does is almost no different than say an opportunist sales person that sells someone into buying like say a useless $5000 vacuum cleaner or a person that wooed their way to the top. Mainly just different a scenario to get money and power to survive.

This video sure shows you the power of image style too huh? Like here it appeared that having good clothes played a pivotal role in him finding ways to portray a certain social image to enable him to do what he does. It seemed like he recognized that too. In terms of finance, I was thinking here how he makes a ton of money doing what he does when you consider that he doesn’t pay any taxes it seems. Kind of shows too that making money is one thing. Finding ways to keep or maintain it is the bigger challenge.

Operating As One Big Group or A Lot of Individuals

October 26th, 2014 by

I already had an idea that this would be the case yesterday where there were a lot of people who were either raising money under one group identity or multiple people fundraising for the same charity individually. Not too surprisingly, the groups that were operating as one identity seemed to have generated more awareness as a result of simple things such as having their entire audience focus on one source. This resulted in scenarios similar to how you would see everyone lined up at a store which would make you think there must be something going on.

Kind of really makes you think where if you and other people are constantly collaborating to create great things on whether or not it can be very beneficial to create like a specific brand identity for it. Even for recreational gatherings I notice that it’s usually the one’s that do this which tend to be the most successful too. Example, instead of just saying “This is a business club” with a bunch of people virtually everyone would say they are a part of club just as if they were a company.

I think we usually hold off on stuff like this until we feel the group is say big enough. But like in these examples I saw it sure can be an integral part of growing more productively in general.