Pricey Food That Makes You Think About Money

November 25th, 2014 by

In the midst of looking at all the upcoming Black Friday sales I saw this one at Costco for something called a “Turducken” as you can see here:


Based on this, the regular price is supposed to be $129.99 and it will be $30 off on Black Friday. Even with the savings, I can’t help to think how financially you can buy so much food with $100. Of course I assume you are essentially paying for the novelty of the item where this is probably meant for special occasions. Constantly shopping for the best deals though automatically makes me think of how far your dollar can go food wise if you were to take the novelty factor away.

Again though, I think it’s good to see stuff like this too. The more you expose yourself to the different prices for items out there the faster you will build a knowledge base that will naturally pop up to help you spend your money wisely. People might not believe it, but you do need to train your brain to make you spend responsibly.

Testing This Knockoff Sonicare Replacement Brush

November 24th, 2014 by

While using an electric toothbrush is very convenient, one thing I always didn’t like is how the replacement brushes for these things are usually about $40 for three brush heads as you can see here:


Financially speaking, I usually don’t mind spending more money on items that I have to use on a daily basis where I think it will help me to create say a healthier lifestyle. But when you think of it compared to buying a plain brush it does seem kind of crazy. I then saw these knockoff replacement brushes as you can see here. The price? I paid about $2 for it.



Now obviously it is not an official product which means the quality may be inferior. But when you see a price with that much of a difference you can’t help to try huh? Even if i had to replace it every month it would still be significantly cheaper.  I am potentially preparing for the worst though such as the brush just flying off.  Would you try knockoff brands in this scenario for the sake of saving money?

Craigslist Either Hacked or Compromised Today

November 23rd, 2014 by

This was an interesting sight today as the popular free classified ads site Craigslist seems to be redirecting to a different page. As you can see, it looks like it displays a domain parking page upon entry:


I was thinking how so many people and companies actually use this site to sell goods and services. As well, to advertise for employment. So if someone actually did compromise the site it could potentially be bad if people are using craigslist’s e-mail/remailer as it could potentially be going to a different destination.

So just a heads up for everyone as again either it has been hacked or someone is doing some funny business with the DNS which is making it redirect.

Would You Help A Business From Being Scammed

November 22nd, 2014 by

The other day I was in a store doing some price checking and I noticed that the employee was getting frustrated with a customer. From what I gathered, the customer was trying to return a camera to get a full refund and at first claimed it has never been opened. Upon inspection it appeared the box was tampered with and so the employee decided to check the content of the box to ensure everything was there.

The customer then started to tell a story on how she wants to return the item because she noticed that the battery was already in the camera upon opening it which tells her that the product has been previously used. Of course that is contradicting. As a result, she then kept talking about how she just wants a refund quickly. The employee got a little frustrated saying they need to check everything as they have been scammed many times such as people returning items with a brick inside the package.

I felt like helping out in the situation as I do have retail experience where I have pretty much seen it all in terms of illegitimate returns and it seemed like the employee wasn’t too knowledge about the item. For example, it’s not uncommon in a scenario like this for the person to return the item where they swap it with a lower quality battery. Would you be inclined to jump in when it comes to situations like this to help the business?

I remember when I was a kid I saw someone shoplift a bag of potato chips and I informed the owner about it. The reaction was very odd as he essentially told me to mind my own business as it doesn’t affect me. So that showed me sometimes it’s better to not get involved in another company’s business, so to speak. It’s stuff like this that usually creates higher prices for everyone else too.

Credit Utilization For Credit Score

November 21st, 2014 by

Today I got an interesting message where I had credit card companies telling me how I am pre-approved to increase my credit limit. As you can see like in this example I was being informed that I can increase my credit limit by an additional $5000:


I was debating at first if I should or not as I consider my current limit pretty high as it is and I don`t go crazy spending like say 80% of my limit every month. So in my mind the only real use I would have to increase my credit limit is the whole notion that it will potentially make my credit score higher.

For those who are unaware, credit utilization is your credit limit in comparison to your credit usage. For example, if you have a $10,000 credit limit and your balance is always $6000 then your utilization rate would be 60%. If you usually only have like $500 then your credit utilization rate would be 5%. Generally speaking, it is advised that you have a low credit utilization ratio as the lower the number the better it will reflect upon your credit score and history.

I can see why a bank would love it in this case as it probably encourages people to potentially shop more which means more money for them. After thinking about it, I decided to accept the offer. The sole reason? Simply as a way to potentially make my credit score better. In my situation, I always fully pay off my monthly statements and I don’t go crazy buying life luxuries that I cannot afford. So to me, I only see the positive where it will reduce my credit utilization ratio.