Your Cause Or Your Personal Finances

September 1st, 2014 by

One big news around here lately is how the teacher’s strike has unfortunately dragged on for so long that the school year isn’t going to start tomorrow. As a result, there are many teachers who will be in financial trouble where they are literally not getting any form of income during this dispute. It’s pretty reasonable to expect too that many teachers budget their finances with their regular incoming income in mind. In this case, would you be inclined to continue fighting for your cause or would you simply do what makes the most immediate sense to take care of yourself financially?

This kind of makes me think of business scenarios in many ways too where speaking from personal experience it’s just the nature of life where you see a lot of things that you would love to fix or correct for the better. However, many times the simple fact that it costs a lot of money to do so is enough reason for you to think twice. Like in those cases, for myself I tuck it away where when I have the time, finances and energy to pursue it then I will go ahead with it.

That’s probably not the most popular answer as I am sure ideally we would all like to be super heroes and solve everything in a day as if we have money that grows on trees. Will be interesting to see how this turns out as this issue will sure open up a lot of financial obstacles for people.

Virtual Private Networks

August 31st, 2014 by

This was an interesting sales pitch I thought as someone was trying to essentially sell a piece of hardware that has apps to play things like Netflix. However, it was expressed by the person that the service here in Canada wasn’t very good due to a lot of the content being filtered out to non US residents. As a result, the guy then proposed that it would work fine as he would throw in a year’s worth of VPN services which would essentially redirect your traffic to look like you are a US customer.

Generally speaking, I don’t think for the record that companies condone this with all the legalities that are probably involved with the licensing. So it was kind of interesting that it was even being proposed. I know for myself if the content in these cases aren’t very good then I simply don’t subscribe to it. In some ways it feels a little silly having to use another service to get the most of another.

Would you use a virtual private network in like these cases? I would assume that this is probably against the terms of services for most content providers as well. Guess when it comes to saving money though many people base their decisions solely on that.

Researching A Company’s Entire Product Lineup For Value

August 30th, 2014 by

Today I was researching for a portable lighting solution for my DSLR camera and there were a lot of options. First my search introduced me to things like ring lights where everything seemed to be in the $100 to $200 range. I then saw this interesting LED light product under the name Neewer where some of their lights were in the $30 range that many people seemed to like.

At first I saw a lot of videos about a model dubbed as “CN-160” which seemed to be in the $30 range. While that seemed okay, normally my price evaluation process leads me to try and research the company’s entire lineup to get a better sense of what is the best for a good long-term purchase. Sure enough, I then saw models such as a “CN-216” for about $50 and then a “CN-304” for like $90.

I personally think this should be on everyone’s to do list before they make a semi big purchase as many times we simply compare prices that we see on the shelf which doesn’t tell us enough about the best current market value product for your dollar. That would mainly just tell you the best value that say the store is offering at the moment. Not only that, you sure learn a lot about the options that are available to you which in-turn helps you to be a better shopper I say.

Taking All Risks In Making A Sale

August 29th, 2014 by

I thought this was kind of funny the other day as there was this sign plastered near the location of the annual fair here. As you can see, there was an individual that was selling bottled water on the street with a sales pitch on how inside the fair you would be looking to pay at least $3.50 whereas this person is charging $1.


I was thinking how you normally need some kind of permit to street vendor like this. Especially being right next to the fair itself where I am sure the merchants inside wouldn’t be too happy about it. Almost like a person going up to a movie theatre and advertising right next to the door on how he can sell the same soda for less. However, I would assume that this person simply decided to take the risk hoping nobody would care and that he would end up making a decent profit. Almost like setting up a lemonade stand.

Kind of ironic in some ways where I’m sure in most business types of books you are told to go through all the proper procedures to do business. In cases like this it’s not too far fetch that a lot of people get started this way even if it isn’t technically abiding by standard rules. Would you take the risk in not getting say licensed to sell your products in these types of scenarios with the mindset that you are so small that no one cares?

A What To Invest In Mindset

August 28th, 2014 by

There are about three different items I was thinking of investing in as a way to get some specific projects going and it got me thinking how this is kind of an important mentality to stay out of debt in many ways. Basically, instead of always using your money on entertainment or lavish ways to dine out you should get into the habit of thinking how you can use your money to either make more or to free up your time.

Trying to do this during times where finances aren’t really an issue is a good time to do so too as oppose to scrambling to say find some money making opportunity when you are in a pickle in hopes that all your financial problems will go away with a lottery mentality. It helps to surround yourself with other like-minded individuals as I often find doing so allows you to get ideas and support from others who have similar goals. Basically have to be pro-active in finding ways to not always have zero savings if your goal is to have a good nest to rely upon.