Canada Post Label Correction Applied For Expensive Stuff
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Canada Post Label Correction Applied For Expensive Stuff

Recently I ordered an item that is coming from across the country where it isn’t exactly cheap. The shipping method was using Canada Post which is normal for most businesses as they get discounted rates for doing a lot of orders every month. So as it arrived within my province at their depot in Richmond I noticed a weird message as I looked at the delivery update notices. There was a line that said “Label correction applied”.

Canada Post Label Correction Applied

I have actually never seen this before. My first thought funny enough was whether or not someone working there decided to take the package themselves by changing the labels. I suppose the other explanation is maybe there was some kind of error with the address that was originally on it or the label got damaged during shipment. That would be the most straight forward answer.

But either way it makes me curious to see whether or not this shipment will actually arrive on time now. As well, I’ll be sure to thoroughly inspect the item right from the beginning once I receive it.

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  • alex 7/14/2023

    did you eventually figured it out?

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