Choosing Winners Based On Company Values

Choosing Winners Based On Company Values

Many times when companies want to promote their products utilizing its existing customer base they would often host contests and giveaways that involve people trying to create something through the use of the company’s product or services. For example, if it’s a camera manufacturer they would often hold a video capturing contest. But what got me thinking is how at times there are companies that would choose a winner not so much because their work was better than everyone else. Instead, they actually choose the winner based on who they think can help elevate their brand.

Some companies even explicitly say that where the people who they see are promoting their products and services more are likely to get preferential treatment of sort in the judging process. Funny enough, a lot of companies do have these kinds of policies in place but they don’t usually disclose it since it does kind of kill the notion that it is a skill-based competition. This could even relate to factors such as if a company thinks making a certain person a winner will shine them in a good light for representing a specific group of people then it’s purely a business decision to do so.

Would you ever do that if you knew associating your company with someone in particular will provide you with a lot of positive benefits even if on the outside it’s supposed to be a skill-based competition as an example?

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