People Who Can’t Maintain A Consistent Team

People Who Can’t Maintain A Consistent Team

People often say the people you surround yourself with has a heavy influence in regards to your self development and opportunities in life. For example, if you constantly associate with people who complain about everything that will likely rub off on you. On the other hand, being around people with a can do attitude will likely push you to be the best you can be as well. But what got me thinking is how I saw one person today where each year he seems to struggle to find talent to help him with his projects. You would think with his past work surely you could build a consistent team out of that correct?

I suppose that was the warning sign as people simply did not want to work with him after their past experiences with projects not being completed as an example. But the funny thing is you would never know from the outside as no one mentions it. I think it’s because people didn’t want to be too harsh on the guy. But that did get me to think how that can be a legitimate warning sign on the people you may be doing business with if they can’t maintain a professional network of sort. Almost like a company that can’t retain talent.

I know for myself I am always keen to help those I know when I can knowing they are great people whom I want to see succeed. Like there too not wanting to go out of my way for a person could potentially mean something is wrong such as the person tends to take from people rather than giving back.

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