What You Can Do Simply Based On a Company Name

What You Can Do Simply Based On a Company Name

This got me thinking as usually when it comes to naming a company there are a lot of people who opt to have the actual product or service as part of the name to make it very apparent on what they specialize in. For example, if you hear the name Burger King one would automatically assume it is burger related. However, some name it based on something significant to them such as McDonald’s which also sells burgers but it wouldn’t be as obvious if you didn’t know that ahead of time.

So recently there was a person who placed the phrase “Fruits and Vegetables” in the business name and for various reason it seems like they can no longer offer some fruit items to the point where they wanted to stop carrying them. But because they have branded themselves this way and is what a lot of people have come to known them for they are in an odd situation.

Now you may say that’s a clear-cut example on how you should always just name something in a generic way such as supermarkets simply being a name of the founder, but when you are a small player in the market having say the service in your name can easily sway people to reach out to you first. Especially those who are looking for a solution right now without much knowledge. People often just change their names afterwards if they really deviate beyond their original mission statement per se. There is no one right way I suppose is the best way to say It as well as each route has its pros and cons.

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