Completely Oblivious To The Northern Lights
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Completely Oblivious To The Northern Lights

Yesterday there was apparently a spectacle outside where the Northern lights were visible across the city. This is unusual as you would normally only see these kinds of sights elsewhere. This is something I always wanted to see in-person too. Wouldn’t you know it….I actually completely missed it as I was doing work on the computer and not paying attention o any online rumblings and news.

After I was done my work I saw all these pictures posted on social media of the lights. While there may be a chance it will show up today again, this is a great example even for business opportunities on how so many times the things we want are actually right in-front of us without knowing. Can you imagine how many times each day you walk by the perfect partner or how your next-door neighbor needed your exact products or services?

This is one of those times where it would have been beneficial to have that occasional phone distraction when doing work huh?

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