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Using Common Industry Knowledge To Save Money

Of course it is the shopping season and everyone wants to save money on their purchases. I often get a lot of requests from people on whether or not I know anyone who works in a particular field/company as they are interested in buying something and would like to save as much money as possible.

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Business General Thoughts and Fun Topics

$85000 Cell Phone Bill

I was reading this news article today that talked about a person who had racked up a cell phone bill of $85,000. You can read the story at In general, the person used his cell phone to acquire Internet access for his computer as he assumed his $10 a month unlimited browser plan would

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General Thoughts and Fun Topics

Using Birthdays To Get Free Stuff

One of my friend was telling me that he was going to a birthday party and the plan was to take the friend to as many restaurants and vendors as possible to see how many free birthday gifts they could get him. For example, getting free sundaes or clothing items. I’ve never actually seen someone

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Financial Management

The Price of Doing Things The Last Minute

Today I heard a situation where a person really needed help for a certain type of work that could have been done by herself. However, she procrastinated in doing it and since there was a tight deadline she decided to get a professional to help her out. Of course, companies usually charge a premium for

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Business Making Money

Looking Beyond Initial Monetary Gains

There was a person telling me recently on how he was given the opportunity to partake in a project that wouldn’t exactly be considered as financially rewarding. It did present a good opportunity to get more exposure for himself though. He decided not to do it though as he mentioned that he could be making

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Financial Management General Thoughts and Fun Topics

Making Your Own Gifts To Save Money

I was thinking this year for Christmas that for certain people I could actually create something that they would like a lot instead of doing the typical spend X amount of dollar approach that I would normally do. Just thinking of some of the stuff that I have seen people do, I’ve seen people create

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