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Paying For Chances To Potentially Win

This seems like a perfectly regular thing when it comes to items like the lottery where people pay money for the chance to win more. But today I was told about this game show of some sort where they present people some kind of skill testing question and whoever answers it correctly wins. Apparently the way it works is that it is almost like a radio contest where people phone in. In this scenario the people that phone in have to pay money for a potential chance to answer the question as people are randomly selected. There is a high chance you won’t even get selected to answer the question.

These aren’t like simple math questions too from what I was told. I’m not really sure why this type of setup up seems unadmirable as when you think about it every other type of lottery or game where you can win money has kind of the same principle where it is mostly about luck. The best thing I can think of is that the sense of control in choosing the result doesn’t seem as fair I guess while have a double obstacle to winning.

Otherwise it’s almost like trying to play a scratch and win where you have to pay money to line up and only one person or so will get the chance to even scratch the card for a small chance to win. I suppose this type of business setup relies heavily on impulse too where people assume the question is so easy and so they pull the trigger. I’ll be surprised if this type of setup lasts for awhile.

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