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Celebrity Apprentice 3 – Episode 1

So a new season has started today and it pretty much starts with a heavy emphasis of sort on how bad it has been for many people business wise as a result of the economy and so it is supposed to be even more important that the celebrities are doing this for charity. This time the teams consisted of the following people:

Men –
Curtis Stone
Bill Goldberg
Bret Michaels
Darryl Strawberry
Michael Johnson
Rod Blagojevich

Women –
Carol Leifer
Summer Sanders
Selita Ebanks
Holly Robinson Peete
Maria Kanellis
Cyndi Lauper
Sharon Osbourne

The first responsibilities that the teams had were interesting as both sides had to choose a project manager for the opposing team. Not surprisingly, the strategy was to pick who each team felt would crash and burn the team as the project manager. The men decided that Cyndi Lauper would be the weakest for the women and on the flipside the women thought Bret Michaels was the weakest for the men. Kind of interesting how it’s two music artists that were chosen.

As usual, the teams had to choose a name for themselves too. The men decided to call themselves “Rock Solid” and the women decided to name themselves “Tenacity.” The task was that the teams had to run a diner. Essentially, whoever brought in the most money through sales and tips would win. The me had the advantage off the bat it seemed considering Curtis Stone is a chef. The men decided to try and go a little more high end with their food to attract people with deeper pockets while the women focused more on something easy to prepare and relying on their celebrity status as the main way to raise money.

Both teams decided to try and call their rich friends ahead of time. There was one part that showed Cyndi Lauper saying that Rosie O’Donnell was a good friend of hers and she wanted to ask her to come out to the event. However, we all know the feud between her and Trump and of course she declined. For advertising team Tenacity used radio advertising and team Rocksolid relied mostly on hustling with the crowd outside.

Team tenacity seemed to be doing better at first as they had the bigger crowd with price points on the lower end. For Rocksolid the prices were simply too high for many it seems such as walking into a diner to see that a burger costed like $100. As a result, many people just walked in and out. There was a surprising twist too as Donald Trump got Joan Rivers, last years winner, to surprise visit each diner. Whichever one she liked best that team would receive an additional $10,000.

In the end, Joan Rivers preferred the women’s diner over the men. Therefore, the women got the extra $10,000. However, in total the women brought in $39,559 and the men brought in $57,905. Therefore, team Rocksolid was the winner. Ultimately, the conscious was that the reason they lost was the price point and how it attracted too many people that held the line ups while the people the deeper pockets were left out in the line up.

Ultimately, Carol Leifer was fired as it seemed like everyone was pointing the figure at her as a potential person to fire. She did something very smart though where after she was fired she asked if Donald Trump would donate to her charity and Trump said he would donate $10,000. So in the end she did get money for her charity still. I guess that is one thing to keep in mind in scenarios like this where you can easily put people on the spot.

There wasn’t anything too shocking or surprising yet though I think as for the most part strategies and creativity seem to be in line with what we have seen in the past. Maybe that will change next time.

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