Time And Value For Getting Things For Free
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Time And Value For Getting Things For Free

Today I saw something funny as I was reading an article about people who were spending so much time a site trying to do earn enough digital points to play various games like poker in hopes to play a game to win more money. The funny thing was that it wasn’t much at all when you look at it from the big picture. For example, it appeared as if it would take someone about thirty minutes to do all these questionnaires of sort to simply earn like $2.

I was just thinking how it was so much more logical to just say work at a regular job and earn a minimum wage then to do that. I then asked someone on why they wouldn’t do so and the only answer I got was that they would never pay for it since they can get it for free. I suppose I see the mindset for this but value wise it just seems strange.

To me it’s only in situations where I don’t have to go out of my way for these types of items that I would be persistent in getting. Example, I think the reward points you spend on credit cards are kind of a bad value when you compare how much you need to buy to get something for free. So I would never intentionally try to get more points just to get an item for free. Instead I am earning it because I know that I am going to use the card or making a purchase anyways. You could be spending all that time and energy finding more ways to save or making money too.

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