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Sacrificing Executive Salary And Bonuses

Monday, May 12th, 2014 by

I was reading this rumour report for the company Sony today and how apparently its executives will potentially be taking a 50% paycut due to the company posting a $1.27 billion loss in 2013. That’s a pretty heft number for anyone to swallow. At the same time, this rumour made me think how one’s salary nowadays can sure be a PR statement. For example, if the “executive” is making so much then people become more critical of their work.

Kinds of reminds me of businesses that I have experience with where people on the top claim they can’t pay people more yet when it comes to other departments or themselves they have no issue opening up the bank account. I think nowadays too information is so much more readily available that it’s kind of hard to hide the fact if you are simply taking advantage of others financially or the company for your own gain. I guess that is a good thing in many ways as it helps to keep people accountable.

Almost reminds me of food where nowadays people tend to ask more questions such as where the item came from and under what conditions. Same thing with money, people are more inclined to find out what one did to get their money in the first place. More reason to be ethical with your business dealings.

Making Firings Public For Consumer Confidence

Saturday, April 21st, 2012 by

Interesting thing I saw today as in a restaurant there was a a bad booking apparently and the person in charge tried to jam a party of sixteen into one table. He kept insisting it would work out too but it was visibly obvious that wasn’t the case as the space was tight. This then lead to a lot of customer dissatisfaction. The customer then went to the washroom and coincidentally she was then venting out to the other person that was there who happened to be the owner of the restaurant. After explaining the story the owner agreed that was unacceptable.

The owner then she would fire the guy for it and made it pretty public as well. She even emphasized points such as the next time people visit the restaurant they won’t see him there again. I guess it was pretty obvious why she did it that way as she wanted to maintain consumer confidence as a situation like that would most likely result in people never wanting to do business with them again. It makes you wonder if doing it that way can be a negative too where it makes the problem more well known where it may attract negative attention.

Mcdonalds Hoax Picture

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 by

Today some of my friends started to send around this picture:

Yes, my first reaction was this has go to be a joke as there is no way a company that big would do something that ignorant. Sure enough it is a hoax and apparently last year this picture went extremely viral and the company had to react fast to confirm it as a hoax as there were a lot of people who thought it was real.

It was so interesting reading how this little hoax can create so much havoc to a company and how so many people don’t even try to think twice on its legitimacy. I was trying to see how with this example where I got it and why people would think it’s real. The main thing I thought of was that the person that sent it did so through their mobile device and like many of those devices it usually leaves a footer message such as those “Sent through my Blackberry”notes. Therefore, the assumption is the person took a picture of it while they were walking around at that moment. There actually were people commenting on it as if they believed it was real.

Guess the lesson is if you are the business you have to act fast to respond to things like that as it can get out of control fairly quickly.

Giving Free Gifts or Refunds When Prices Drop Too Fast

Thursday, July 28th, 2011 by

I was reading today about that Nintendo 3DS device as there is apparently a huge price drop as it didn’t come out too long ago while being priced at about $250. Apparently next month it is going to be about $170 only in comparison. The offer that the company gave to the people that bought the device early seemed interesting. Basically, as a way to keep people from feeling they been robbed for buying it so early they were offering those customers a a bunch of free downloadable games that are worth equal or better value of the new price difference.

That’s actually the first time I have seen something like that as usually it is just too bad if you were an early adopter. Not only that, but apparently some of the software that was being offered in the download is exclusive. I guess you can say they really thought this through to try and make people feel good about buying their products early. Interesting strategy overall I thought anyways from a business point of view.

Keeping Service Changes A Secret

Saturday, July 10th, 2010 by

What a risky tactic this was I thought for a company. Essentially there is a company that provided subscription based services and it was announced recently that various changes would be implemented in the services that they provided. This included adding and removing features where they provided customers a list of changes ahead of time.

Now the crazy thing is that on the actual launch date there was a whole load of changes that were not included in its notes to the public. Basically, the changes were so controversial that they knew a lot of people would have probably unsubscribed sooner if they knew about it. Therefore, they tried to monetize as many as possible before the uproar.

I never understood these tactics as the backlash will probably make things worst in the end if you did make a few extra dollars from keeping things a secret. I would think it would better to just try and make things look as positive as possible with some clever PR.