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Giving Free Gifts or Refunds When Prices Drop Too Fast

I was reading today about that Nintendo 3DS device as there is apparently a huge price drop as it didn’t come out too long ago while being priced at about $250. Apparently next month it is going to be about $170 only in comparison. The offer that the company gave to the people that bought the device early seemed interesting. Basically, as a way to keep people from feeling they been robbed for buying it so early they were offering those customers a a bunch of free downloadable games that are worth equal or better value of the new price difference.

That’s actually the first time I have seen something like that as usually it is just too bad if you were an early adopter. Not only that, but apparently some of the software that was being offered in the download is exclusive. I guess you can say they really thought this through to try and make people feel good about buying their products early. Interesting strategy overall I thought anyways from a business point of view.

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