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Keeping Service Changes A Secret

What a risky tactic this was I thought for a company. Essentially there is a company that provided subscription based services and it was announced recently that various changes would be implemented in the services that they provided. This included adding and removing features where they provided customers a list of changes ahead of time.

Now the crazy thing is that on the actual launch date there was a whole load of changes that were not included in its notes to the public. Basically, the changes were so controversial that they knew a lot of people would have probably unsubscribed sooner if they knew about it. Therefore, they tried to monetize as many as possible before the uproar.

I never understood these tactics as the backlash will probably make things worst in the end if you did make a few extra dollars from keeping things a secret. I would think it would better to just try and make things look as positive as possible with some clever PR.

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