Businesses With A Reputation of Inflated Prices

Businesses With A Reputation of Inflated Prices

Today I saw some products on sale which seemed like it was advertised as a clearance price which should usually mean a heavy discount. This was kind of odd though I thought as one of the products was a G0Pro 12 action camera which is technically not even a year old yet. Was it just doing bad that they wanted to clear it? For the price though they listed the clearance deal at $549 which wasn’t that great I thought as the deal was better during Black Friday.

The first thing that came to mind actually was how this business in particular seems to have a habit of listing sale prices that have an inflated retail price. Sure enough when I looked elsewhere I quickly found the exact same product for the exact same price except there it is listed as the regular price. So, that was a good thing to check based on history.

It makes you wonder how many customers a business actually attracts to make a sale this way. Maybe in the past when everyone relied on flyers and TV adds this would work. But nowadays with the ease of looking up prices online I think it just makes companies look dishonest where you would only shop there if you had no other real choice.

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