Insisting To Stay As The Victim And Underdog Strategy

Insisting To Stay As The Victim And Underdog Strategy

Usually when people are having an issue in conducing business as usual such as a piece of equipment malfunctioning the challenge is trying to find someone to take care of it right away. It’s great when you just happen to have contacts for such an emergency. But I saw something odd recently where a person was having technical difficulties and was repeatedly posting publicly on how the world was out to get him per se. Normally the person seems to always have some kind of hardship which results in people wanting to donate him money. But in this case there were people that were open to helping him fix the problem.

Oddly enough, he just kept making excuses for people not to help him and just kept complaining about the situation. I was trying to wrap my head around that and honestly the only thing I could think of is staying as the victim and making it appear that he is fighting hard through adversity is fundamentally a business strategy. Similar to how reading touching stories of people fighting through extreme life conditions would all of a sudden garner thousands of dollars in crowdfunding support versus something who goes through a normal work grind per se.

While I’m sure it works for many people, it makes me think how if that is true like in this case you basically are limiting your growth. I’m sure getting that support because of it is probably great if one did not get it originally. But these things should be viewed as temporary, I think.

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