When A Hobby Skill Actually Pays Off Professionally

When A Hobby Skill Actually Pays Off Professionally

Today was one of those days where I got a call about doing a project professionally where time was tight and they needed someone who could literally do everything quickly in terms of producing a pitch video of sort. You literally would need to do all the creative and technically work. This is something I could and so I tried to improvise. As well, a few years ago I actually decided to start flying a drone for fun and here that skill came in handy as well as I was able to capture aerial footage for the final product. All in all, it went very well.

It’s a great example too on how you can actually build skills for use in your professional life by simply exploring new hobbies. This is versus having to always spend years in school and assuming the only valuable trade skill of sort you have is one where you were formally educated in. If you think about it too, there are actually a lot of teachers who never had formal education or training for the skill they have become proficient in. Especially if it is a fairly new category.

I guess in this case I am glad I continued to explore new tech while having gun with it. I suppose things like AI would be the next thing that may become essential and so similarly I am tinkering with it for fun at the moment.

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