Simply Announcing Future Plans To Stifle The Competition

Simply Announcing Future Plans To Stifle The Competition

Today in the camera world the company canon announced that its long-awaited flagship camera called the Canon R1 is in development and will be rereleased year. It seems it has been years since the company released a flagship product where in that time other companies have gained a lot of market share. That’s something to think about as usually these kinds of announcements would be about an actual hardware release date. This one was simply an announcement that it is in development. That got me thinking, is this simply a way to take sales away from other companies?

Imagine you are someone looking to buy a new camera now. Especially for those who will be at the Olympics as companies would love all those moments to be captured by their products. Now that the company has announced this camera will be released this year I can imagine a lot of people holding off their purchases to see what this company has to offer first. They didn’t even need to release an actual product to have that effect due to fact that they are an industry leader.

For the most part I would say it works too as no one wants to buy a $5000 item only to have it be outdated within a few months. That’s the advantage bigger companies have I suppose as this wouldn’t really work for a small company that doesn’t have a proven hit on their hands. A lot of medium sized companies usually rush to get their products before the competition in hopes to lockdown people’s funds for equipment as the competition has no chance afterwards theoretically. But if you are on the same level as a competitor then I suppose this technique would work equally as well.

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