Investing In Opportunities or Training
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Investing In Opportunities or Training

In the next few days I was planning to attend this free information session about a school that was trying to promote some courses and I thought I would take a look as it’s good to know what is available in your area. It got me to think though as I did land an unexpected job this year where I was debating how I should invest it. For example, should I use it to kickstart another project in hopes that it will eventually turn into an income generator? Or should I invest it in places like a school where learning a new skill could in-turn open up new opportunities as well?

I personally usually leaned towards trying to start up some kind of side project where the money would go towards purchasing the necessary resources to get it going. I almost treat it like a school at the same time because it’s a time where I can experiment and fail if necessary, in order to learn and get better. For example, if my side project was making films then I would use the money to buy a basic camera and then start to film and edit various work. This is versus just spending all my money for a part time education course as an example where at the end I may have the knowledge but not the equipment to actually pursue it.

I think the only times where I think continuing education in these ways would benefit me more is if I see it as a potential way just to meet new people who may have similar interests as myself. You could easily find potential business partners this way too. It’s a different story if we are talking about someone who just graduated from high school as the education fulltime will probably be more beneficial in almost everyway when you are starting out and have no networks or experience.

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