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Making Firings Public For Consumer Confidence

Interesting thing I saw today as in a restaurant there was a a bad booking apparently and the person in charge tried to jam a party of sixteen into one table. He kept insisting it would work out too but it was visibly obvious that wasn’t the case as the space was tight. This then lead to a lot of customer dissatisfaction. The customer then went to the washroom and coincidentally she was then venting out to the other person that was there who happened to be the owner of the restaurant. After explaining the story the owner agreed that was unacceptable.

The owner then she would fire the guy for it and made it pretty public as well. She even emphasized points such as the next time people visit the restaurant they won’t see him there again. I guess it was pretty obvious why she did it that way as she wanted to maintain consumer confidence as a situation like that would most likely result in people never wanting to do business with them again. It makes you wonder if doing it that way can be a negative too where it makes the problem more well known where it may attract negative attention.

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