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Sacrificing Executive Salary And Bonuses

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I was reading this rumour report for the company Sony today and how apparently its executives will potentially be taking a 50% paycut due to the company posting a $1.27 billion loss in 2013. That’s a pretty heft number for anyone to swallow. At the same time, this rumour made me think how one’s salary nowadays can sure be a PR statement. For example, if the “executive” is making so much then people become more critical of their work.

Kinds of reminds me of businesses that I have experience with where people on the top claim they can’t pay people more yet when it comes to other departments or themselves they have no issue opening up the bank account. I think nowadays too information is so much more readily available that it’s kind of hard to hide the fact if you are simply taking advantage of others financially or the company for your own gain. I guess that is a good thing in many ways as it helps to keep people accountable.

Almost reminds me of food where nowadays people tend to ask more questions such as where the item came from and under what conditions. Same thing with money, people are more inclined to find out what one did to get their money in the first place. More reason to be ethical with your business dealings.

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