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The Imaginary Client Interest Pitch

I was at a seminar today and the person was telling this story about how in many cases when you are looking to find a good business to partner with in many cases they use scripted scenarios to make it seem like you are silly if you don’t take the deal with them. For example, going into a meeting with the intent of seeing if they can help you generate sales. Then all of a sudden they get this magical phone call and say things out loud as if they are talking to a potential company that is ready to buy thousands of dollars worth of products or services from you if you agree to a business deal. Ultimately, once the person signs the deal then they say the company dropped out.

As silly as it sounds it was expressed how this works on so many people and that you should watch out. It kind of reminds me of like some real estate agents where if they are trying to sell a home to a potential buyer who is wondering if there is any rush to buy the agent then magically takes out their cell phone and has an imaginary conversation about how the person they are talking with has just put an offer to sell. Again, just a tactic to get you to react emotionally.

Basically, don’t let this be an expensive lesson for you if a person or company uses this tactic on you.

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