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The Act of Compromising

I was watching some live pre-trial court cases today where money was the dispute of course. I must say, it was so amazing to see so many people try and weasel their way out of paying someone back despite how obvious it was. Although, one thing that really got my attention was how some people have dragged on a situation for so many years over what is probably considered as too little to bother with for most business.

For example, there was this one case where apparently the issue has been dragging on for about 4 yeas and it was between two businesses. Interestingly enough, it was for $1000 only. The thing is too, the plaintiff went all out too to prove his case and even the judge was looking at both parties wondering how two businesses couldn’t find a way to settle it considering it has dragged on for four years.

The other amazing one was where the dispute was for about $600 between two people. The judge made them go outside to try and comprise as oppose to dragging it into an actual trial. Despite the person saying he would settle for about $400, the other guy was just stubborn and basically said no deal. As a side note, that wasn’t too smart I thought considering the guy being sued was clearly just making things up to cover himself I thought.

After watching everything, it kind of reminded me when it does and should doesn’t make sense to compromise with people when it comes to a financial dispute of some sort. If the amount is pretty small and only revolves around money like with the first example I would probably be more lenient to just work something out regardless of who is right or wrong.

However, if the situation involves the other person trying to intentionally mislead about the situation then I would personally lean towards the whole principle aspect of the situation. A lot of people would say why bother but I wouldn’t be surprised if the person tried something similar again in the future if you don’t do anything about it.

In my opinion, compromising when it comes to a business transaction of some sort makes sense if the dispute is the amount of money one person is claiming that the other owes. Basically, it would be where the other side agrees they owe something but not the amount that is being asked for. Makes way more sense than dragging it out and costing a lot of time which in hence translates to money too.

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