Products So Nice You Don’t Want To Use It

Products So Nice You Don’t Want To Use It

Today I was walking through a fair where as you would expect they had a lot of things to sell. Some items were designed to look like real food and boy are they hard to tell from first glance that it isn’t the real thing. There were a variety of products like this such as candles that are meant to be burnt for the aroma. That got me thinking how the item looks so well made I wouldn’t doubt there are many people who wouldn’t want to actually burn it as intended.

People often joke about that in restaurants with real food such as dessert items that look artistically stunning where they don’t want to break it. I have actually seen this happen with expensive items too like a piece of electronic gear where people don’t really want to use it since it looks so well-made which kind of defeats the purpose of buying it in the first place huh? That’s actually why some people buy less atheistically pleasing tools so that they won’t feel guilty getting it scraped and worn out.

I actually wonder if that type of marketing has ever been done where companies spend as less as possible on design intentionally so that people won’t ever have that conflict. Although it is a little silly of course. Clothing item is the same thing where if it is “ugly” you will probably wear it in al scenarios where you actually need it and just buy a new one when it wears out.

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