Pricing Based On Customer Income or Market Rate

Pricing Based On Customer Income or Market Rate

When it comes to the business of coaching services it seems like most people follow the same type of business model and format in regards to selling e-courses with the main difference being each person is in a different industry. It’s almost like a template in some cases such as everyone having the same amount of pre-recorded videos for their courses. But one thing that got me thinking was the pricing. In some groups where the topic is geared more towards artist the programs would could under $800 or so it seems. Expensive, but I suppose it’s obtainable for many. Then there are other ones that focus on aspiring business owners and those courses are prices over $3000.

Again, it’s fundamentally the same type of offering too where you study pre-written material just like buying a book. There is no hands-on training or anything like that. It seems like the main difference in philosophy from what I asked was the person selling the business courses priced it based on what other professionals were charging for say consultation services. Those can get expensive and so the value proposition is their products are still way cheaper and you learn the same thing in their mind.

The other one focusing on artists priced it knowing that most artists don’t have huge disposable income if they never had a big break before. So the operator was conscious about not wanting to price people out but still wanting to make a decent income for their work. I would think overall pricing according to what people can actually afford would be the most realistic route as the other path would be an all or nothing type of direction. I don’t doubt there are a lot of people desperate for guidance too and would plunk down $10,000 as an example hoping to find an easy answer. Which route would you go with?

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