Loblaws Boycott Effectiveness Debate

Loblaws Boycott Effectiveness Debate

There was a lot of news here about unhappy consumers towards the company Loblaws which owns so many of the large supermarkets here in Canada to the point where you don’t have much choice if you want the best deals. Despite this, there are people calling for a boycott to its stores for this month of May in hopes to get the company to change its ways of what many would classify as corporate greed. They haven’t been making good PR decisions in recent times such as initially planning to just throw away expired food versus pricing them at a clearance discount in hopes to sell it before it expires.

With how big the company is most people are saying this probably won’t do much in the immediate future considering how much of a presence they have. This is one of those things where unless the company does something extremely bad it will take a few generations of consumer habit plus new competition to really put a dent into a company of this kind. It will be interesting to see if the company actually reacts by offering say sales to try and lure people in still.

Then again, maybe it’s something that a company would ignore since saying and doing the wrong thing could essentially give a movement more momentum. Let’s see if the company actually does anything about this.

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