Learning Full Time Once Versus Part Time Infrequently

Learning Full Time Once Versus Part Time Infrequently

One thing about learning a new skill is that you pretty much have to practice it consistently in the beginning in order to ingrain it as a natural skill. That can be a challenge if you have other commitments and very little time to learn other things. Now why this got me thinking is because recently there was a person I knew who had to work everyday which he would normally attend a class to learn this new skill he was hoping to add as part of his work resume. So even though at times he would study and progress fairly well he would take these long breaks where he would end up kind of forgetting everything he learned.

This has apparently been happening for years too. It made me think how if he dedicated let’s just say five months to specifically learn this skill that may be a better option then spending ten years infrequently learning it on and off. Kind of like the saying when it comes to learning a new language where if someone threw you in a foreign country for half a year where you pretty much have to use local language each day you will probably become proficient in it versus spending years trying to learn it part time in a continuing education class only as an example.

Once you actually become proficient in it then these part time days can be more beneficial as a way to maintain your skills while making it easier to learn. Something to think about from a financial investment too as you could be spending a lot more money and time wise by doing something part time versus trying to do it seriously in one time.

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