Gambling With Clearance Prices Loss
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Gambling With Clearance Prices Loss

Well here was an example where I should have know better in terms of how low an item can get before deciding to buy it. The other day at the supermarket I saw some barbeque sauce for about $1.90 which was an okay price and I was thinking of buying some before. However, I wasn’t in any immediate need for it and the cheapest I have gotten it for was under 50 cents. For whatever reason I decided to buy it.

Well, today when walking through the same store that item was now 94 cents. If I was only more patient huh? You’d think with all the times I have held out for better deals surely these types of purchases would be the easiest to hold off. The only real reason I feel I was less patient actually is because it is so cheap in general where I would justify it in a sense that I didn’t lose that much if it goes on sale more.

But generally speaking it’s a bad habit similar to people just spending whatever few dollars they have on hand because they figure why not and it is so little. That’s usually when you add up all those times you did that for the month where you realize how costly it is in the long run.

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