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Your Yearly Cashback Credit Reward Funds

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For some reason I completely forgot that for one credit card the annual cashback rewards would be added to the statement this month. While in total for this one it was only about $40, it kind of made me wonder if most people use this as motivation to try and become better at using credit cards. At the same time, it should help put into perspective if you are using the right rewards plan for your spending habits.

While like here $40 doesn’t seem much, I am actually happy with that amount because it is also a reflection on how well I did spending wise. Example, it wouldn`t really make financial sense to spend say another $5000 or whatever just to get another $50 bonus for the year. That would almost remind of a business gloating that it`s gross profits was like $10,000 only for the net profit to be like a negative figure. So at least that tells me my bargain hunting and spending habits are still good in general. Having a card with a high annual fee wouldn`t have worked too well in this situation too if you think about it.

So overall, I treat things like this as a nice little reward for being able to pay off your credit in full every month and such. Does your year-end reward balance motivate you to do better next year as well?

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