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Wondering Why A Business Doesn’t Ship Through Local Sources First

It’s almost the new years and today I got a ton of shipping notifications from all the boxing day shopping I did from various stores online. One thing that surprised me was how for very simple items the company opted to ship it from a warehouse that is on the other side of the country. This isn’t a small business either where I would imagine they could easily just take the product from a destination that is closer to save so much time and money.

It reminded me of this example I did earlier this year where all I did was order a jar of peanut butter. A very common item you would find in a lot of local supermarkets right? To my surprise, they opted to take the item all the way from the province on Ontario to be shipped to here in British Columbia. As the picture shows, it took well over a week for the item to just arrive in the province and not the actual destination.


Of course the most logical explanation is that the company just runs separate divisions where all online orders are handled by one department that is independent from the stores. But it feels extremely costly and inefficient to do it this way doesn’t it? When I ordered the item I thought they would simply take the stock from a local store too.

I am hoping this is something businesses will actually take the time to think about. I would imagine it would help everyone save money while enabling faster deliveries too.

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