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The Urge To Pay Even Though It Is Free

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I was surprised today as I attended my regular martial arts class where each month I paid a small fee to the person training me. He is a retired person who in the beginning mentioned he isn’t running a business anymore and so whenever he teaches people it’s more because he would want to and such. Although I did pay a fee as he mentioned a rate before even though he constantly said that if money was ever an issue just say so as he didn’t really mind either way.

Today he specifically told me and another person that he didn’t want to take our money where he reiterated that this wasn’t like a business for him. Interestingly enough he was expressing how he only really accepts money from beginners as many times people quickly join classes in hopes to learn like everything in one day where eventually they just leave very quickly. So I guess in that sense the money is more about time investment where if the person leaves so fast then one has something from all that time invested.

In this case though we were say the serious people and so he was expressing how there is no need to pay any money. Myself and the other person though was mentioning how we are still inclined to give something as he is still investing his time to teach us. Funny how that works at times too huh where people that don’t want something end up getting it huh? It was an interesting topic too in terms of the mindset of charging people in the beginning as a way to help weed people out in a sense. Now we are trying to think of how to compensate the person.

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