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Trying To Keep The New Quality or Not

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Often when I buy new items like a piece of electronic item I am usually extremely careful with it in the beginning. In many ways the assumption would be if you take care of it very well then I will be just like the day you bought it. Often though for many things this doesn’t make sense. An example came up of a couch where a person bought a new one and therefore was afraid to wear it out. Therefore, at times it’s like they would purposely not sit on it and instead go to a chair.

That is a little extreme I think. Usually for these kinds of topics I would factor that in on the price where the item should have to in a sense be compatible with my anticipated usage. Isn’t that the whole point of spending a ton of money on something too where you would expect it to last for the amount of money you pay? If I ever have to worry about something being fragile and all it’s usually on lesser quality items.

Of course that doesn’t mean if you have like a car that you should just go crash it. But this is one of those things where I think the mindset should often be like the saying on how money should be working for you and not the other way around.

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