The Gross But Cheaper Way
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The Gross But Cheaper Way

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I heard a person today complain about how he has caught this cold and that he was kind of annoyed that he had to then buy some medicine that would cost about $5. Another person then told him to just eat a raw garlic clove as that has worked for her and cost wise it is way less. He didn’t like the idea much as the thought of eating a raw clove of garlic sounds disgusting. So to him, it’s better to just pay more money.

These are one of those things that sound like once you get used to it you probably won’t be bothered much by it. In that case, saving a lot of money in the process may be a good motivator to try it. Other things I can think of along the same lines are things such as how I read you can simply use coconut oil as a sunscreen as opposed to paying for expensive retail products. Like that for some reason though most people would think that pitting like a food item on yourself would be too gross. If you can save a lot of money though and it’s more about the notion that the solutions seems “different” maybe you just simply need to give it a chance.

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