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The Crazy Costs That Doctors Prescribe You

This was kind of interesting today my mom was telling me how she was told to get this prescription which was supposed to help her rest before visiting the doctor at a later date. She seemed pretty shocked at how expensive the prescription was. As you can see here, it came out to about $10.80:


While the price isn’t that unusual for prescription drugs I suppose, what made it extremely hilarious to her to tell everyone was that there was literally one tiny pill in this bottle that is almost as small as a sprinkle I would say. Take a look at this:


Even I couldn’t help but find that amusing for this to cost over $10. That’s always one thing that always made me weary of visiting doctors at times as in many cases it seems like you are a stock market to them where they are making educated guesses as to what you need and they end up asking you to buy a ton of money worth of prescription drugs.

Of course I mean that in a general way and granted like here we have a healthcare system, but the price of stuff like that sure makes you think if you should simply find alternative and natural remedies.

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