Financial Management

Is Debt Supposed To Be A Part of Life?

I heard from about two people this week who have accumulated a massive credit card debt which is well over the $5000 mark. They weren’t exactly too phased by it and mentioned that people normally have a credit card debt anyways and that you just need to learn to live with it as it will […]

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Business Financial Management

Working For Benefits

Someone was telling me how one of his strategies in order to save money is to work in industries that he normally spends a lot of money in order o save money. For example, it could be that someone buys a lot of electronics and so they work part time at a retail store to […]

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Working From Home or An Office Space

When it comes to a working space a lot of times people debate whether or not it is better to set something up at home or if one should simply go out and rent a space. Working from home is definitely more convenient while at the same time it can be more distracting. You can […]

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General Thoughts and Fun Topics

Poor But Rich Mentality

I was talking to a person today who mentioned that he didn’t exactly have a lot of money. When it came to his perspective in life though, he felt rich as he began to mention the more important things such as family and the people around them. He then tried to use an example of […]

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Making Money

Making Streams of Income To Sustain A Lifestyle

This is kind of a follow up to yesterday’s post about how some people see $100,000 as the magic number to enable them to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. Just to make sure we are on the same page, the previous post isn’t about “retiring” where you don’t have to do anything anymore, such as having […]

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Financial Management General Thoughts and Fun Topics

Lifestyle Changes

Today I was hearing about a person who wanted to quit smoking but would frequently give in to temptation. For example, the person would just be walking by a store and then would decide that they have money so why not buy a pack? When you think about, virtually in every situation where a person […]

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