Working For Benefits
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Working For Benefits

Someone was telling me how one of his strategies in order to save money is to work in industries that he normally spends a lot of money in order o save money. For example, it could be that someone buys a lot of electronics and so they work part time at a retail store to enable themselves to buy products for a lot cheaper.

In some ways when you think about it I suppose it can be a great way to save money. You are essentially getting paid to do something you are interested in anyways and at the same time you are saving money on things you were going to buy. The main drawback for some is that you are sometimes inclined to buy more than normal too since you figure that you are getting a discount to warrant purchasing more.

This concept isn’t just limited to materialistic items as people do it for things such as receiving specific service benefits too. One of those small extra things you can do assuming you have the time. I personally prefer to establish contacts to do so.

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