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Storing Portfolio Pieces On Your Local Phone Storage To Save Time And Money

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One common question that I often get when I meet people is that they are interested in seeing some of the latest projects I have worked on. Likewise, I usually ask for the same. The other day I was talking to a person who apparently did something he was excited about and wanted to show me it. Unfortunately, the piece was online and he didn’t have Internet access to grab it. Fortunately I had data so that wasn’t an issue.

What it did make me think about is how so many people don’t seem to store commonly requested portfolio pieces on their phone storage. Instead, they often rely on just going to a website to show people it. For myself I just learned to store it locally. Especially with how things like phone data can be expensive here, it just makes more sense to have your items ready to access in an instant as opposed to wasting your bandwidth and resources to download it all the time from the Internet.

In many ways this is one of those things I feel where the convenience of having wi-fi in a lot of places kind of makes us lazy in doing what should realistically be the more logical and resourceful thing to do to save time and money.

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