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Still Buying On The Last Day If There Are No Great Deals

Seems like a wave of Target stores will be closing down in a few days around this area. From what I seen too most of the stores seem fairly cleaned out. Anything extremely worthy of buying seemed to have been purchased before any large discounts as well. I was then hearing how some people were going to go on the last day of these stores and simply buy what’s left even if the deal isn’t so hot.

It’s almost like the mindset of just having to buy something during big events like Boxing Day even if there are no real deals. In these cases it’s almost better to not even knowing that there was a sale event to begin with huh? If it’s money you wouldn’t have spent normally anyways where at the same time you don’t need the item then you aren’t really saving. Seems pretty straight forward but most of us have been conditioned to believe that buying something that is cheaper than normally automatically means you are saving money.

Of course when we look at it from a bird’s eye view of our financial situation that is not the case. Just takes a bit of practice to understand that so that you don’t end up buying things in these types of scenarios.

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