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Staying Healthy And Money

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I was listening to this audio today of a person who was essentially against any kind of prescription drug as his view for the most part was that pharmaceutical companies promote them as a way to make money. Therefore, he was promoting the natural ways to get healthy which in turn was a lot cheaper.

This then got into a topic of a person that was complaining about how his prescription meds were about $300 a month mainly because the foods he eats require some kind of medication to keep his body in check. The interesting thing was this was mostly fast food items that were making him sick too. The question was then raised isn’t it better to simply stop eating that fast food in general and as a result avoiding the need for drugs?

This is probably true for so many things where because there is an option out there we do it even though we know financially it makes no sense. It’s almost like one of those situations where it is bad to have money as it encourages you to do silly things that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Guess we all need to learn even as adults to resist temptation.

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