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Spending A Lot To Stand Out On Halloween or Not

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It’s Halloween today where you bet there are a ton of people dressed up in costumes. There are some who simply wear things like a mask and those that go all out in replicating famous characters from head to toe. While usually this should be more meant for kids to get candy and all, adults usually have fun during the occasion as well. With that thought it’s kind of amazing how much money some people spend to hopefully stand out from the rest.

For example, I know a person who spent almost $300 for his whole costume just to stand out for fun. Or the funny examples are when parents actually spend a ton of money trying to make their kids the best costume ever even if it means spending the whole monthly entertainment budget on it. You know the kid probably doesn’t even care too much as long as they get a ton of treats.

You then see people with such simple costumes that still show the spirit of the occasion without breaking the bank. This year it seems like things such as butterfly wings were a popular choice for some reason. At times like this I think it would be better to just rent something if you wanted to go all out. I know as a kid I actually just used the same costumes throughout various years as I alternated them. Easy way to save money.

Sometime being too cheap gets you no candy though as I remember a friend who wore a paper bag over his head and most people wouldn’t give him candy.

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