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Sometimes The Cheap Stuff Works Just Fine

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Today while attending my regular martial arts class a comment came up about the gloves I was using. I decided to buy one not too long ago as punching bags and targets wasn’t exactly a good thing for my knuckles. Worst case if I work too hard it starts to tear the skin and all. I bought this glove for about $7 which was a very good deal as they would normally cost about $30.

People were asking me how much I paid for them as they felt they needed one too now. I mentioned the price and they were all shocked. The first reaction was that it must have been a second-hand item or that the material was very bad. I mentioned it was brand new and it does the job which everyone else seemed to agree.

For many people they don’t want to make an investment as again these things can get expensive. But like here sometimes the cheap stuff is good enough. So many times a lot of the no-name stuff comes from the exact same factories that make the name brand items. In this case too, having something is better than nothing. You don’t always need the most expensive name brand items.

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