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Sometimes Being Rushed Helps Productivity Evaluation

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Today I was planning a route on how to drop by this supermarket to check some prices while still making it on time to my destination. Now usually I would take my time in these kinds of visits as you never know what you can find. Today though I was in a rush. With only about 8 minutes of free time I went in and pretty just did a turbo scan of everything and found some great deals. The funny thing afterwards I was thinking on how I did what I would normally do in like 20 minutes but this was in 8 minutes.

It made me think if I am spending way too much time normally in doing this stuff as if I can do it that fast then maybe there is room for improvement. I think this can be true for other things as well. If you actually put some kind of pressure on yourself to do things more efficiently you may be surprised on all the time and money saving techniques you can come up with.

Although, I guess the main challenge is that if you are just artificially putting yourself on the clock as opposed to having a real need to speed things up I can see how many people won’t ever try to do things better as an example. I suppose in those cases it helps to have other people around you to try and encourage you to challenge yourself.

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