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Showing People Who Are Poor To Teach About Money

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This was interesting as today people were trying to teach my little niece about the concept of money because she seems to not care if she asks for something from the store only to waste it after. So, apparently people thought the best solution was to let her watch some videos of kids in poor countries and how they struggle to survive. The interesting part was apparently it was presented in a way where she will be very scared. So when she watched it she was just saying she wasn’t scared at all. Basically, she didn’t learn anything from watching videos about poor people.

I always found this method to be a little outdated. It’s one thing to show a person what it is like to be poor. It’s another thing to have them experience it in a sense. Obviously you wouldn’t put like your child on the street and have them learn that way as an example. As weird as it sounds, I think it’s more about just giving the child the responsibility of money so that they can get the feeling of loss and reward depending on how they manage it. Like for myself this came in the form of getting an allowance.

People often think video games are bad too. But for me it gave me an environment to essentially be dumb with money to the point where I just realized it’s better to be smart with it. There is no real reason otherwise for me to fear like say being broke if I knew that regardless of what my parents told me that at the end of the day they still could manage everything. Kind of like how many times positive reinforcements can be better than a negative one.

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